Monday, December 13, 2010

Transforming to a new leaf

I'm not blogging more than I wish to. This year, at least the last half of it, proved to be busier and nerve wracking that time robs me to blog. Thankfully, I picked up reading on the past 2 months. Unlike blogging, reading doesn't have to require me to log in and compose as I have seen myself always tired after work. I recently caught myself buying more books, hanging out more in bookstores and finding the comfort there when I was a kid. Probably I'm just so tired these days that reading quickly saved me from insanity. Blogging may have taken the backseat, but I'm still alive and trying to recuperate.

There's nothing more I can do now but to let let the last few weeks of this year slide. In fact, I'm looking forward for 2011. It's a year to redeem myself on taking care of my health and taking care of my finances, though 2010 has been good. 2011 it's time to get serious. Since I'm venturing on a new lifestyle and career, might as well change my blogging and reading for the better. For my literary pursuits, I still forge head on. As for blogging, I believe it's time to start a new life. I feel my life has changed so much that it's time to get a new documentation out of it. I'll work it out the past few weeks with the help of some key people. Hopefully by the start of 2011 I could get to use my new blog, be more aggressive, focused and balanced.

2010 is a very different year for me. A lot of things happened and took control. It was generally happy and opportunistic, but I peeked at the repercussions in case I lose track of my goals and myself. In 2011 I'll slash things that should be slashed, enhance the areas of my life that was temporarily neglected brought about the exciting changes, and be a better person, blogger, family member and friend.

2010 was awesome. It hurt sometimes, but I learned new and bigger things. I loved the experience. 2011 will be much better and renewed. I'm starting life anew. I'm transforming to a new leaf. Please standby.

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