Thursday, December 31, 2009

My 2010 Goals

In less than 5 hours we'll say goodbye to 2009 and welcome 2010, the last year of the first 2K decade. I can't wait. Everyone seems to be excited moving forward. Facebook status messages say it all. Some friends can't even help but be mushy, crying over the last 2009 sunset, enjoying the last walk of 2009. Well, we all have our quirks.

Starting a New Year is always exciting because we get to start fresh. Last year's muddles would be forgotten or redeemed. It's the perfect time to be motivated and correct whatever we need to correct. This is where the so-called New Year's resolutions come in. To be frank, I have been a master of making resolutions, grand ones to simple ones. But I must admit that I'm not good at accomplishing them. In the middle of the year I just seem to forget or loose focus. When I feel it's too hard, I try to negotiate with some elemental force and in the end, cheat myself.

So for the past couple of years I do what I do best, I create goals, reasonable ones that I could possibly achieve. I find myself working better with goals, which I see differently and more seriously. With goals, there's a constant mental note for me to achieve something rather than change something for the sake of traditional resolutions. I've tried making goals since 2008 and so far, I've been a little bit successful though I still fall short. It's always a constant practice of disciplined execution. But I won't be discouraged. As long as I'm alive and as long as I'm facing New Years, I will still make goals to make me a better and more fulfilled person. If I become successful in one of my goals, consider me a happy girl. If I fail, I hope to see another year to achieve it.

Life isn't supposed to be complicated. We have another year to live right.

My 2010 Goals:

1. Read more

I've been a voracious reader. Voracious. My happy moments as a kid was being left alone for five hours in Powerbooks or National Bookstore. Consider me ecstatic whenever my mom bought me an 80 Pesos worth of R.L. Stine book every weekend, with Archie Comics if they're feeling more generous. When sick, instead of medicine, I get revived by new books. A trip to a bookstore is like a trip to the candy shop. But as an adult, certain things occupy my time. I don't get to read that often or finish the book in my normal pace. I am ashamed. For 2010 I will read more, buy books more, allot a chunk of my pay to books instead of unnecessary things. I will read various genres. For 2010, I will read again...voraciously.

2. Eat out less

One of my goals is a healthier lifestyle and I can't do that by eating too much and eating out more. I have to save; and fixing this certain aspect of my life would make me healthier, physically and financially. I have to control my cravings and be a more sensible eater.

3. Write my personal masterpiece.

Write. Writing is not a chore for me, but finishing one solid material is. I get lost and unfocused. I get easily discouraged. If I really want to create something out of writing, I have to burn my eyebrows and get to it. I have to be courageous, more creative and open-minded.

4. Be financially healthy

I mean this in the truest sense. My 2009 was a bit out of focus. My 2009 was one big credit card muddle that I always rush and dry up my resources just to pay for unnecessary things. I have to cut down on trips, on eating out and basically spending out of whim. I used to be good with money, now I'm merely fighting for survival. I know I can make it work, that's why I have to save more because God only knows when the rainy days would come.

5. Invest wisely

I'm done with my personal insurance this year. That was a major accomplishment on my part. Now I have to direct my financial attention to another possible venture. It's about time to invest on something for my future. I don't want to discuss this in full details lest I might jinx it (again). I have this full year to work some deals out and hopefully have another good and solid investment for 2010.

6. Train Harvey and Make him a Champion Dog

Yes, this is one of my goals for next year. I've checked out possible schools and narrowed down the expected expenses. Once I fix my financial mess, I'll pursue this. I can already feel eyebrows raised, but you have to understand that I see a great potential in him. He's really smart and agile. I don't want him ending up just a house dog. I don't think that is his end-all purpose. I want him to gain a name for himself, give him exposure and some stature. I'm not aiming a celebrity or a champion dog, but I want him to be more educated. Consider this my best gift to him.

7. Go up and Widen my Horizon

Get promoted. Go up the corporate ladder and hopefully be aware of other opportunities. I sincerely want to explore the world; and working in a foreign land may be able to open up my horizons. I will sit down and plan this thoroughly. By the end of January of this year, I would be able to know what to do. I would just have to wait for that promotion, strike the right opportunity and clear my mind and heart.

8. Lead a healthy lifestyle

Eat the right foods in the right quantity. No more junk. Sleep more and drink more water. Eliminate toxins and be in the right place at the right time. Being sports oriented is also desired.

9. More Meaningful Travels

I want to travel. But this time I would thoroughly plan it. I won't impulsively buy tickets and go to places just because they have cheap airfares. Traveling shouldn't be complicated in the wallet. It should be enjoyed without thinking of why I even booked this plane in the first place. It's time to visit more daring places.

10. Just be a more present daughter, friend, sibling and girflriend

I have to treasure relationships no matter what. These people, believe it or not, are here for me, so I have to be there for them. I have to strive to be more understanding and charitable to their needs. I have to be more sensitive. I have to obey and be a daughter who sacrifices. I have to be less judgmental and apathetic to a friend. I have to be generous and nurturing to siblings and I have to be more loving and understanding as a partner. I'm not perfect, but I'm willing to be someone closer to that. I have to realize that people and relationships are important. Without them, it's a great possibility that my world would crumble.

Less complicated goals. No specifics.

Cheers to 2010! May I follow through!

Pictures of 2009

In a few hours, 2009 will be gone. Closed. Drawn to memory. Everyone seems to be excited about this as we all rush to make grand preparations. As I'm eating Apple Pie for brunch, I browsed through my 2009 files. Lo and Behold, organized pictures of 2009 flash before my eyes.
It made me realize that 2009 was a good year. It wasn't grand. It wasn't extraordinary, but it was just right. Good times overwhelm the bad ones.

New Year 2009

MARCH - MAY (Birthday, Circles, Boracay, Cebu-Bohol Trip, CDO-Camiguin Trip)



December pictures are still to be processed.
Happy New Year Everyone. I hope your 2009 was good or better than mine. Hope 2010 will be better for all of us!