Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas Morning Realizations

Goodmorning and Merry Christmas, Bloggers. I've had one of the best sleeps last night and I feel energized and revitalized today. After all the shitload of stress had passed, I feel today would be steadier. Today, I am in a better position to appreciate Christmas.

Appreciating Christmas goes beyond the merrymaking aspects. It goes beyond the endless food fest and the Christmas movie marathons. Christmas should be about giving thanks, prayers and reflections. This is the perfect time to be quiet and to reassess our colorful lives. No matter how much we get inconvenienced and stressed during the holidays, there would always be certain things worth saying thanks for and it always goes beyond the material.


Like every Christmas, I thank God for my life and for the lives of people I hold dear. Thinking about it, a lot of bad, inflicting things can always happen. It could be something progressive or involving a dreaded accident. Finding ourselves alive, sane and very capable should be enough to thank for this Chrsitmas. This is the best Christmas gift we have, believe it or not. Even though we like to puke and dream of ending our sometimes miserable lives, there's always the thought that there are people out there who are suffering from fatal illnesses or that are involved in an accident. While I am here blogging about my life in a comfortable room with all the opportunities around me, there is no reason for me to take my life for granted. But I honestly do hate my life sometimes (don't we all at one point?), but I love it enough to still give thanks and make it better.


Like what Messenger said to Seth in the movie City of Angels, one of the best gifts we all have is Free Will. We should always use it for the good. I don't know about the murderers, rapists and cheaters out there, but they always have this choice to stop and correct their ways. They always have the free will to choose and do sacrifices just to make things right. They can never say they were forced especially if it involves killing the free will of an innocent person.

Free Will also exists in our day to day activities. Our choice to scream at the cashier for the long queues. Our choice to harbor hate and scorn on selective people. Our choice to spend lavishly. Our choice to be alone or be with friends. In certain unfortunate moments, we could be greatly affected or we could turn things around. Free Will is powerful. Wasting it would be a shame.


Introverted as I am, I still do appreciate priceless connections no matter how limited it is in my case. These are what we share with our loved ones, friends and even with pets. The comfort of other people's presence and time is so soothing that a mere hello and a phone call makes a difference. Trusted and cherished connections always warm the heart and soul. Quantity of connections isn't the point. It's the quality of those connections which really make it priceless.


The ability to attain material things with resources present is always something worth thanking for. Having personal wealth is always a good thing. There is truthfulness to the fact that we do live in a material world and we need material things to survive and be in a better position to be happy. But note that material things are not essentially evil. It enhances our lives and makes us feel better. It gives us goals and targets that make life worth living. However, what's bad is focusing too much on the material aspect and forgetting about the other gifts we have that are not quantifiable.


Peace is very delicate. One slight action could threaten it. That's why whenever you find peace to give thanks, forgive or reflect, you should grab it and never let it go. Peace has become an internal battle that we all hold when external forces continue to threaten it. Peace becomes water in one's palm. It trickles away and it fleets. Differences fuel the fire as well as close-mindedness and hate. Peace is something that we pray for, and when we have, something that we thank for.

These are the gifts that I have right now that overwhelm everything. It's nice to think that I still have a house that's not burnt nor destroyed. It's nice to think that our family is still complete despite the glaring differences and aches. It's always nice that I still enjoy and cherish certain connections with people and pets dear to me. I'm thankful that I can still find the peace to realize all this and blog. I hope you realize your own gifts soon.

Merry Christmas!

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