Monday, March 14, 2011


Hello Blogger Readers!

Last time I wrote was last Dec. 13. Yikes. I'm so sorry. A lot of things happened, obviously. But I'm writing this post only to inform you that:

I'm now in

You see, I'm starting to get back on my blogging tracks and I felt a new blogsite is needed. I have to be more organized and reinvent myself in some way.

Blogger has been fun. Blogger's been great all these years, but it's time to move on. Life.

Go ahead and feel free to view a piece of my life in my new home.

It's been fun here!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Transforming to a new leaf

I'm not blogging more than I wish to. This year, at least the last half of it, proved to be busier and nerve wracking that time robs me to blog. Thankfully, I picked up reading on the past 2 months. Unlike blogging, reading doesn't have to require me to log in and compose as I have seen myself always tired after work. I recently caught myself buying more books, hanging out more in bookstores and finding the comfort there when I was a kid. Probably I'm just so tired these days that reading quickly saved me from insanity. Blogging may have taken the backseat, but I'm still alive and trying to recuperate.

There's nothing more I can do now but to let let the last few weeks of this year slide. In fact, I'm looking forward for 2011. It's a year to redeem myself on taking care of my health and taking care of my finances, though 2010 has been good. 2011 it's time to get serious. Since I'm venturing on a new lifestyle and career, might as well change my blogging and reading for the better. For my literary pursuits, I still forge head on. As for blogging, I believe it's time to start a new life. I feel my life has changed so much that it's time to get a new documentation out of it. I'll work it out the past few weeks with the help of some key people. Hopefully by the start of 2011 I could get to use my new blog, be more aggressive, focused and balanced.

2010 is a very different year for me. A lot of things happened and took control. It was generally happy and opportunistic, but I peeked at the repercussions in case I lose track of my goals and myself. In 2011 I'll slash things that should be slashed, enhance the areas of my life that was temporarily neglected brought about the exciting changes, and be a better person, blogger, family member and friend.

2010 was awesome. It hurt sometimes, but I learned new and bigger things. I loved the experience. 2011 will be much better and renewed. I'm starting life anew. I'm transforming to a new leaf. Please standby.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving

Being a Filipino I wouldn't have normally cared about Thanksgiving. But in a global setting that I work in, I believe I've never been happier. Thanksgiving in the US easily means that the stock market that I trade in is closed. If there are no trades to settle, there's no need for me to work. Amen.

So let the Americans do what they do at Thanksgiving. I'm happy for them as well. I'll do my own reflection at home since I have so many things to be thankful for. No matter the hardships, this year has been good. I think Thanksgiving reminded me of that.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

New Books Acquisition

Last Sunday, I enjoyed myself in Fully Booked too much. In less than an hour, I bought 6 books. 2 of which were for my bestfriend's baby, whose christening I shamefully missed. Anyways, I added interesting titles to my library. The last time I was giddy like this was when I bought three new titles before I left for the States. I finished Ayn Rand's Atlas Shrugged during my States' visit, Markus Zusak's I am the Messenger on my flight back home and I have 2 more pending from that batch. The Persuasion, a classic and the Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell which is currently being borrowed by a colleague.

Last Sunday, with my initial goal to buy books for the baby, I got four new titles for me as well.

I'm currently finishing the Stieg's Larrson's Millennium Trilogy. I'm currently liking it. I would say that suspense-crime novels are not my most favorite genre, but I can very handle it. I have a penchant for those once in a while. I always get reliable fixes from Grisham, Crichton and Deaver. Of course I would venture out and discover good titles of suspense authors from time to time. For light modern drama I rely on N. Evans and A. Shreve. For contemporary there are J. Ferris, M. Atwood, J. Coetzee, H. Murakami on my favorite list. Fantasy-graphics include J. Gaarder, C. Barker, N. Gaiman and J. Tolkien. Romance novels I rely on J. McNaught and J. Litton. Not that I don't venture out. I love other authors and titles as well. I've always been adventurous when it comes to books. I'm just pointing out that some authors especially those that I have mentioned above have never failed me with their works. Surprisingly to note, I'm not much of a fan of Nicholas Sparks no matter how many books I've read that he has written, nor I am much of a fan of the acclaimed Sue Grafton, Anne Rice and some other popular authors. There are just books that are hits and misses for me.

Last month just before the major storm hit the metro, on the day I got my haircut, I also got two titles from two of my favorite authors in BookSale, a thrift book store. I always have an extra doze of excitement when I find out of print books in second hand book stores. Other people's trash is someone else's treasure. I found Arabat by Clive Barker and The Robber Bride by Margaret Atwood both in good condition. You cannot find these in print in major bookstores nowadays. These are no brainers when I saw them. I immediately bought it.

The prospect of good books waiting to be read is so sweet. The feeling of going inside a bookstore is heavenly. I could stay there for the entire day. So little time so many books to read. For now I'm just finishing Stieg Larsson's Millennium Trilogy after which it depends if I'll jump into classics by Austen, fantasy by Clive Barker or contemporary by Junot Diaz. The world is vast and the possibilities are endless when it comes to books.

Comfort Food: With Anyone. Anywhere.

Everyone who knows me that well...or even not that much...know that I like food. I like eating out. Sometimes I do love to cook but it mostly requires a crazy mood and my cooking abilities aren't that reliable sometimes. I'm a certified eater. Sky's the limit when it comes to food.

That's why after a grueling battle at work, good food keeps me sane especially during the weekends. I look forward to the weekends because I get to eat out without a time limit. I go with Mitch mostly on dates of course. I remember him telling me once that when I left for the States, he got cut off eating at fabulous restaurants. When I came back, he had to allot a portion of his budget for eating out because of me, but admittedly he missed good food while I wasn't around. Good food is a requirement. I don't care if it's dirt cheap or served in a carinderia. I don't really care if it's somewhere far, I'll drive for it as long as it's that good.

But unfortunately, I haven't seen Mitch for two weeks now because he got Chicken Pox courtesy of his brother. Apparently his is a worse case. He had intense fever for days and now he has spots all over, more on his face. You see, I've never had chicken pox before. My sister had already and my mother locked me with her so that we could have had it together one summer when we were kids, but apparently my immune system was too strong. I doubt if it is the case now that I'm always stressed and I'm not a vitamin-gulping kid anymore. It would be depressing if I would have Chicken Pox now with all my work laying at my feet. I also have a Palawan trip in a few weeks. Plus, it's the Christmas season. I dare not go out with Chicken Pox scars on my face. I may not be shallow, but I draw the line sometimes. Also, how will I enjoy my weekends if I have to quarantine myself? I had to be honest and cautious even though it could come off as cruel. It was an intense decision of not seeing Mitch at all for two weeks. He understood perfectly well. This means my regular eating-partner and date will be MIA until further notice.

But I have backups. Thanks to my siblings, they have been my dates for the past few weekends. I also thank some colleagues who went with my on my spontaneous adventure, like a friend-colleague who joined my for lunch in Le-ching Greenhills last sunday, and of course our Persian Sunday late night dinner at Miraj with siblings and Nikkon after a defeat in Left4Dead2 in BF Paranaque. Friends have offered for night outs, but I'm more of a restaurant-coffee gal. I'm not much into drinking. Thankfully, my sister has a penchant for free gourmet food since she spends her money on gas and fashion. While my brother is young and still easy to bribe. Though I may be the one paying for it, it's fun treating them to a hobby that I love. It's time they get gastronomically cultured as well. I appreciate their simple company more than ever.

PS: Get well, Mitch. You missed this I'm sure.

I'm still here

To end my work week, my colleagues and I, drove to Salcedo Park in Makati to eat and have our so-called "dinner" at 7 am. We latch on the weekend as if it's our last and what better way to start it off but with good feats on dimsum and the million dollar authentic paella. The paella was good, but expensive. PHP 280 per order in one styro foam is equivalent to 2 meals already, but I guess the owner, who served with her designer outfit, charged for her service. It was fun anyways. We get to talk and rant about work of course, but the food was yummy and it had to compensate.

As soon as dinner-breakfast was over, I drove home via skyway and crashed at my bed at 10 am. I let my phone go on silent and slept for 11 hours. I woke up at 9 pm on a Saturday night, energized. 11 hours of sleep is something I wouldn't normally do, but I guess my body really needed to recharge. I woke up with messages on my phone. Some people were asking regarding night out plans, Mitch still has chicken pox and sent miss-me-texts while some friends from work were looking for a drinking session. Though I miss Mitch and a few things went through my mind, nothing permanently registered. What I needed then was good food. I know I couldn't function well. I was so hungry and no...I do not want something that can be pulled from the pantry like canned goods.

I dressed, without taking a bath, bribed my brother to accompany me for dinner over Starbucks. Originally, we intended to go to Magallanes, but I was craving for good Italian food. We went to Bonifacio High Street instead much to my brother's dismay since he has a television show to watch.

We got desserts at Miss Desserts for a loved one who is sick. I got an oreo cheesecake as well. We passed by Fully Booked and couldn't get over my recent book adventure last week. I have three new titles egging at my bedside table and I'm currently hooked to Stieg Larsson's first book in his Millennium series. 4 books if you count the book, which I also bought for my brother, which I intend to read after he finishes. It was written by Neil Gaiman of course. After a quick trip to Fully Booked and Miss Desserts, we went to Italianni's where Italian food never fails.

Thank heavens for Bonifacio High Street restaurants. The whole place is lively and relaxing. What's nice about this place is the restaurants close late, perfect for night owls like me. We ordered my favorite Salmon Cream Cheese Pizza, which my father introduced. JD ordered his Chicken Parmigiana and I ordered my Seafood Cioppino pasta. Bill was 1,500 pesos, pretty steep but it was all worth it. My brother and I went back to Fully Booked after to get coffee. I have stickets to get for my sister. I don't have much care for planners anyway.

When I got home at 12, my brother slept immediately while I find myself fully recharged. I read a few chapters until the intense sugar from the sumptuous dinner took a hold on me. I slept for another hour until I woke up at 2 in the morning and read the rest of the morning away. At around 5:30 my brother and I met downstairs and off we went to look for his tennis lesson only to find out that the court was wet. We transferred to another tennis court within the village and the office was closed. We were informed that it will open at 8. So I'm back here at home having my oreo cheesecake breakfast in an early Sunday Morning. I feel recharged and still positive on what good things that could happen today. I don't know what it is, but I learned that it pays to be positive. I intend to go to Fort and visit Fully Booked again, which is reliving my long lost obsession or I might just be engulfed in my room finishing this book that I'm currently reading. It doesn't matter. Constant access to good food, good company and good hobbies make this often times busily-jaded life still enjoyable.

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Just passing by

It was hell week indeed last week. I'm looking for a better week. Work is beginning to consume me. A lot of things are piling up. My weekends become my sanctuary and I'm losing my blogging and reading because of it. I really need to regroup, find a new hobby and secure my old ones. Work is getting the best of me.

Just got home from a sumptuous dinner with siblings, an entertaining movie and a quick stop at Limbo for a Halloween costume party. Tomorrow may be a better day to blog and narrate my weekly stories and opinions. For now, I just need to let go.