Monday, June 30, 2008

That MOS Event

I went to the MOS (Ministry of Sound) event in A Venue in Makati last Saturday with the Sun Valley Group. I, in a way knew what to expect, but I thought that I could actually withstand it. It was drizzling when we got there and the line was devastating to look at. Yet we fell in line, which made me a little bit grouchy because my allergies came up. It's either because of the heat or the anxiety of being there. Cause remains unknown.

So to ease the burning itch, Mitch and I treaded towards Burger Avenue to find a cool spot. We ended up eating there as our friends already went inside the event. Mitch got the Garlic Cheese and I got the usual burger. It was good, especially their onion rings. Burgers are grilled and it reminds me of a better or same version of burgers in Carl's Junior. As we finished up, I realized that I just wanted to stay at Coffee Bean. But that's kind of stupid since we're there for the event. Encouraged and supported by Mitch, we went back to the line which already became longer and more devastating.

We were being dutiful as we fell in line; and I felt sorry for Mitch because I know he'd just want to get through and witness the event. Luckily there was this bouncer who went to our side and informed us to transfer to door number 2 where the line was shorter. We immediately sprinted there only to find out that the line in Door number 2 was worse! I immediately thought that there was no way I'd go through that snake of a line, and no room going back the previous line, which we have already forfeited due to misconstrued information.

The guy who is in charge of door number 2 wanted to shove us away as we were blocking the entrance. I politely asked if it was indeed the only DOOR number 2. Since we were guest listed, I'm hoping there's a smaller door number three to save us from lining up. But apparently he firmly said, that it was the only door number two and we had to fall in line. Magic words put the "pissed" cherry on my top.

I looked for the bouncer who told us to move like searching for evidence.

"Kuya, that guy, yun ang nagsabi sa amin to leave our line and go to Door number 2."
"Ma'am, this is door number two and you have to fall in line like everybody else."
"The thing is kuya we did. We were at Door number 1 falling in line, but he told us to transfer to door number two, which is unfortunately here as you said. And don't ask us to go back to door number 1 because we've already forfeited our spot." Do I sound like a logical game to you?

Then there's this girl who also complained that she was asked to transfer to door number 2.

The inevitable happened. We shattered the man's defenses. He was rattled. He scratched his head and asked me how many were we in the group. I said two. He cleared the way and allowed Mitch and I to go in. As we entered Mitch and I could hear the other girls, falling in line in door number 2, cussing at us. But at that point, I didn't care. Cuss at the bouncer who made us transfer here. We fell in line just like what you did. Do not blame us for anyone else's incompetencies. It would only take a minute, believe me. It's as if their make ups will turn to acid if they missed a minute or two from the event.

And so we entered, had a moment's conflict in the booth, eventually got our wrist pass, got stamped and went in. Inside, it was kind of chaotic for me, but I understand that it was the place where "heart thumping music, Darkness and partyphiles" thrive. I clutched Mitch's hand and forged on. I asked AJ to get me a drink and hoped to just get drunk and woozy in the process. Stress on optimal levels, the drink might prove helpful.

Again, for the 100th time, it wasn't my cup of tea, but it was bearable. People, who often go and judge these events, said that it was successful. I even liked the Nokia ring tone-song some dj made up, but I had to nurse my sore feat; and painful eyes from the smoke. But I'm in no position to complain. I went here on my own accord and I shall observe or suffer if I must.

At nearly 4 am I got home, washed my face, brushed my teeth, changed my clothes and collapsed on my bed. When I woke up, JD my younger brother, was staring at me and tried to treasure the moment. He said I perfectly fit well wearing my worn out pajamas with a white band encircled on my right wrist. He was pondering with the thought that I'd be actually taken away to a mental hospital as he prepared to faint for joy. But I woke up, tearing the band and giving it to him while I voluntarily ranted of what happened to my night. Sensing that I was in my perfectly normal self, he threw the wrist band out of frustration and dashed away. I grabbed the band and thought it would serve as a perfect reminder for my rare-experience survival, but then keeping memoirs is not my also my cup of tea, so I threw the band in the trashcan and prepared to live another day.

***One reason why I refuse to move....the pain!!!

To all Fish lovers, lament!

I was riding with my dad to work this morning as I faked sleep. I wanted to avoid any lengthy discussion we might have on women's proprieties. I'm 24 years old, have a job and practically an introvert, but he still has the 12 o'clock Cinderella law imposed on me. I let him indulge sometimes, but Monday mornings are crucial to me; and my engagement last night was purely for a pre-wedding business, which I will explain in my future posts.

While I was faking my sleep I was also listening to the morning AM radio show wherein they were talking about the chemicals still submerged in the seas of Romblon with the capsized Princess of the Stars vessel of Sulpicio Lines. The chemical inside the vessel has substantial amounts and the chemical is considered very very toxic, according to the Admiral being interviewed on the show. Upon hearing this I remembered the conversation I had with Anton, Mitch and yaya while I was having lunch at their house last Saturday. Anton was pretty hesitant to eat fish in the event that he would be in a way poisoned by the chemicals. According to his hypothesis, once the fishes get contaminated, eat the remains of any small particular fiber of chemicals stuck on the dead bodies, the living upon eating those contaminated fishes will suffer the consequences. I'd hate to think that. I'm not a marine biologist or a "scientific" food expert, but I really hope that the hypothesis will just stay as a hypothesis. I listened to the conversation as I munched on the succulent, garlicky tuna belly for lunch. You may never know, it might be my last, better enjoy the remaining parts of it.

After I listened to the radio show, I googled the news here at the office to get the facts. The vessel is at this point, still capsized with hundreds of bodies still trapped inside. Retrieval efforts of the bodies were moving in a slow pace due to some technical and insurance reasons of Sulpicio lines. Yet, last friday, they found another reason for a crucial delay. They found out that the vessel carried a toxic chemical, used as a main component in Fertilizer and Pesticides, called ENDOSULFAN. It's so toxic that it will cause hazardous effects to the environment and humans. The vessel is apparently carrying 10 metric tons or 10,000 kilograms of Endosulfan imported by Del Monte Philippines to be used in its pineapple plantation in Bukidnon, according to Manila Times. Unfortunately, carrying this toxic chemical in a passenger ship was not declared by the Lines' officials, which is another law breaking in itself. Another whammy for the Sulpicio Lines.

Endosulfan, according to the report, has been banned in many countries because of its highly toxic contents. The Senate, headed by Sen. Pia Cayetano, now investigates the records of Endosulfan trading that has been happening in this country for the past two years. The chemical can travel for lengthy periods of time. It commonly contaminates air, water, plants and fish. According to Wikipedia, most of the US national parks were exposed to Endosulfan, yet they were very far from where the chemical is being used. Wikipedia has again put Philippines as reference to point out another crucial case of the use and illegal transportation of toxic chemicals.

Another set of hearings and another issue that merits probing. It's bad enough that few dead bodies were only retrieved for the past days. Now they have complications. According to officials, they are still formulating the best ways to take out the chemicals from the vessel without contaminating the waters, which according to them is still clean. Divers are constantly being monitored and the waters are currently being tested. The local officials of nearby villages barred fishermen from the seas until the chemical has been retrieved and water tests administered. Government in the mean time urged Sulpicio Lines and Del Monte Philippines to shoulder the costs of the retrieval operation.

Gosh, what a pity! The incompetencies befriended by self-interests can really kill! Aside from the frustrated relatives of the ill-fated passengers, the fishermen will be the ones to suffer greatly as they are barred from their livelihood. This is so unfortunate indeed. I do love fish! I'm a fish fanatic, I can live without meat, but not without FISH. Blast you, incompetent fools, for threatening one of my culinary happiness! I hope they get the toxins out, and test the waters immediately and regularly! Let the Sulpicio administration and Del Monte Philippines be accountable for the lives of the fishermen and the security of the environment. May they pray that this hypothesis would just remain a hypothesis.

Sources: Manilatimes

Sunday, June 29, 2008

SUKATAN (Fitting)

I have to tread my big butt to BF today to have a first fitting of my dress.

Apparently the bride reminded me to not be "pasaway" as she alloted this day to have an exclusive fitting for Hassle-hoff people like me (I refuse to think I'm the only one).


Why do I feel scared anyways? I'll tell you why. Because every inch of that zipper is like a slow upward climb to confirming my added fatness. If the zipper is lucky enough to reach the end point, I'm sure I would be suffocating like a human pastel colored suman. My skin, out of stress and undesired material, could itch like hell itself. Therefore forcing the bride to just easily replace me as her Maid of Honor. Oh no, that means I would have to find my own dress within a month's time. And that is 10 times worse! No way!

That's why I have to chill. Accept my fears and suck it in!

Face it like how a woman should. Then after that I'm going to get a latte for comfort, but I'll make sure it's non-fat.

The truth Shall Prevail: The "It" Girl

What goes around comes around.

Before I recount what happened last night during the MOS event, can I just mention that a "girl" who made a DOODY in so many backyards, has her shit creeping up her legs. Apparently I woke up with an anonymous message to check out this certain information. I checked and I absorbed. The "girl," that "it" who tried to mess up my life apparently has a record. With all that flawless and pa-cute image that she projects, the truth indeed prevailed.

I would only recount the times that she tried to "lecture" me with her foolish anecdotes! Why, because she thought I'll back off and just stay "chill" forever? When I'm provoked, my darling wherever you are, you have chosen your doom. But of course I have the truth, that's the only thing I have against her and it always works. Apparently, the day came when I blew her cover. Naturally, she got pissed and never failed to make it so evident in her blog, more of like a girlish diary to me. She even tried to tick me off with some of her "enumerated" posts. The thing is, she tried and she got herself into a heap of trouble. To you woman, eat your words, eat your enumeration and shit it out. There was no competition in the first place. You, woman, tried to squeeze your puny little self (Bless Ateneo) into my life, then you suffer the consequences. And...Correction, my dear, I don't have to win anything back. I'm always at my rightful position since the day you showed your smelly ass in the picture. Please. Do not make other lives complicated. If you want complication, look at yourself in the mirror.

I may not know what relationship woes that go on with your life or whatever foundation your insecurity thrives on, but you are jus pathetic. Sometimes I even have to slap myself to realize that there are some nasty girls lurking around, and you're reigning supreme. You're the subtle and deadly kind, who tries to win everyone with your supposed "purity" "smile" and "golden heart," but please what you did is beyond comprehension. Good luck surviving the world, bitch.

And to you again, yes you whom I know is just around the packets of technology, I cannot help agreeing to every word that anonymous blog about you conveys. I can't help but say I find it so true. And this would be my last bolt, without even trying that much. You are such a closed book and I hope to just forget about your existence. But I just want you to know that I hope we may never cross paths because a girl like you just disgusts me, and surprisingly almost everyone. Now I can see beneath those pretty dresses that you wear, lady. I could even be able to smell you a few feet away; and it smells of fish market mixed with menstrual wastes. I really hope we may never meet in this lifetime or else I would be forced to puke on the spot.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Saturday Night Variety

Mitch told me sometime last week that I had to block off my Saturday because we were invited to an MOS event somewhere in Makati. MOS? Ah, Ministry of Sound. It took me at least a minute to register what MOS means and what the event entails. Excuse the ignorance, but this is practically an uncharted territory for me. I was only duly exposed to these events by Mitch, but that just usually happens once or twice a year. I do have my limits.

I first asked if it's free because I'm just a cheapskate when it comes to these things. It's not something I would shell out a couple of hundred bucks for. A Ganache, dark chocolate cake made from Exotic cocoa beans from Brazil that could shoot up to a thousand bucks, I would, in a snap, buy. But a ticket to these things that costs too much, I'll make a raincheck.

But since a partyphile-friend source of ours confirmed that it's free, courtesy of a chica they met in bora last summer, I conceded. This means another rummaging session through my cabinet for something to wear because flipflops, an artwork shirt and jeans just won't do. I don't dress flashy, but I do tend to keep it appropriate...somehow. So, I got an old purple cotton dress that I got for 50% off and a flat semi-flip flop sandals with a ruby. Problem solved, onto life. Then they told me that the party has a theme and everyone should be dressed in white. Okay, what's the worst thing that they can do? Forbid me to enter and witness the sensation of MOS? But fine, for the sense of much needed "conformity", I bought a white CHUK CHAK I saw at the mall this afternoon; and borrowed a white comfortable shoes from my sister. But I still kept the dark purple dress. I don't need the added stress.

Now here I am blogging before we actually depart for MOS at Avenue A. No expectations, just clean fun with friends and Mitch. And did I mention that it's drizzling outside? I could've been at home watching Death Note series or just watching WANTED and "observe" Angelina Jolie. But then again, there's nothing wrong with trying other stuff once in a while, as long as I know what I'm getting myself into.

Another Hike

Goodness. What more can I say? As if they haven't stopped.

Oil treaded 142 USD per barrel, which means oil companies will be forced to hike up 1.50 pesos per litter today. This will transcend to higher costs of goods. You get the picture. We're being killed slowly here, but forge on we must.

Read the full story here.

A Promising Weekend Starts now

Yesterday I sprinted off from work on the dot, went to Mitch's office and went home to Sun Valley to prepare for a reunion of sorts. At home I made my infamous venetian ala Kaye sandwich, which is a sandwich with same salient ingredients but with more improvisation than sticking to the rules. It hasn't let me down yet based on a couple of tries.

Last night my best friend Je de la Cruz MD and my soon to be MD good friend Tin Lucero, all from high school, went to my house to hang out. Gosh, we rarely...rarely and I mean..RARELY get to do this. We're practically neighbors in the south yet it's as if we live planets apart! It's a good cause for a reunion though. Since Je is getting married this August, we felt the need to somehow relive the bonding moments we've had when we're younger and so much time in hands. With all the work, the practice, the pressures and respective love lives, we have put our "moments" together on the shelf. But yesterday it's as if we just graduated highschool.

I can still vividly remember snatching Je from her bus service and asking her to ride home with me. Weekends and especially summers were spent in either my house or hers. We'd eat, take a nap, fumble with the guitar and talk about the future like it's been laid in our hands. With Tin, I'd always remember going to United Paranaque trudging my badminton gear to exercise. Yet after the exercise, we'd go to her house and make specialized cookies following her mom's cookbook. Wala rin ang effort! Sometimes the three of us would hang out in my place. Tin, being the homey and best cook, will make things work and come up with something great while Je and I just get mesmerized as if we have just seen a Discovery Channel Breakthrough. But now, I've learned a few things about cooking, I can say Tin will be proud of that. Je in the meantime has the best cook for a future husband anyways! Everything turned out well in that regard.

Anyways, last night we decided to go out and to have a chill, legitimate fun. It's too quiet at home and felt adventurous, since the three of us are really not what you would consider "party people." We are more of "dinner-coffee people." I got the remaining leftover sandwiches, dropped by Mitch's house to give him his favorite, while Je tries to schedule a meeting with him regarding the prenup. After all's been set, the three of us headed towards Central and had the rarest funnest time of our lives.

Everything was discussed, raw and straight to the point. There were times wherein I just have to realign my planets to accept that we're talking about censored, difficult "adult" stuff that we squirmed about when we were in high school! I believe we've become more mature about stuff and when we tend to look back, we only envision sweet memories. We've changed, most definitely. But I know, we have changed for the better, that's for sure.

As we cheered on to various people and various incidents in our lives it really hit us that we missed each other! We intend to do a better and longer version of that night! And I'm hearing a SPA-RTY!

Friday, June 27, 2008

Fat my Ass

If she is called fat....then maybe I should be called a planet.

Fine. The modeling industry might really demand for ultra skinny and fit bods (which are sometimes unappealing taken to extremes..and i'm not being bitter here). Call it objective or relative reasoning, but calling this body fat is downright ridiculous. Someone please invent another word for FAT.

Modeling should be able to connect with people through modern day art like clothes or products, and not to be alienated and put on an irrational pedestal.

One of the highest paid models, Karolina Kurkova is called fat because of her "back fat" and "cellulites?"

The world is screwed indeed. Wait till I grace that same runway and be the sole cause of a massive fashion heart attack. Glad to be of service.

Read the full story here:

Incredible Hulk is Incredible

I know this post is so delayed when almost half of the viewing public has already seen the movie for the past two weeks. Whereas I had only gotten to view this last night.

Regardless of the long wait and series of attempts, I liked it! Hulk is Incredible

Plot-wise it is very engaging with a lot of chase and action scenes. It's more based on swift flashbacks and sequences not anchoring on lengthy conversations and dramatic innuendo. This movie didn't delve much on the development of the gamma effects, but it's more of the progress, the attempted control and the conflict faced by Dr. Bruce Banner. The story starts with Dr. Banner (Edward Norton) as a US fugitive riding the suspense to triple climax, starting at the first scene in a stunning and remarkable cultural visage set in Favelas of Brazil (Deadly, yet amazing, beats Tondo's architecture). The main plot of of the movie centers at Dr. Banner's fugitive life and his mountainous effort to control, eradicate and cure his "cellular disease" that makes him change into this destructive monster of a Hulk whenever he gets too excited, emotionally charged or angry. Not all secrets remain to be kept as the General of the US army, played by the firm William Hurt, hunts him down to gain control over his capabilities, aided by a Russian ambitious general named Blonsky. The endless chase and fight scenes led Bruce Banner back to Culver University in United States, where he accidentally reunites with Dr. Elizabeth Ross, who is his colleague and lover. Facing another chase and set of military of confrontations, they managed to escape; and together they tried to cure his sickness with the help of Mr. Blue or Dr. Sterns. At the climax, Banner and Ross being captured in the hands of the military, Blonsky then forced the enamored Dr. Sterns to inject him with a mixture of Banner's blood which made him into powerful, mutated, gory and boney version of Hulk. Imagine two big heavyweights capable of massive destruction fighting in the New York Streets exchanging billowing punches, marathons and building hopping scenes. Hulk at the end wona good fight and continued to isolate himself until he gains control of his condition, which is a decision he has made against eradicating it.

Hulk is indeed Incredible. With that gorged, powerful and molded muscles in every inch of his tout body. He has Lion-esque moments wherein he has to scream to let out steam, you'd better get used to that. Also forget about the moss green color of his skin, Hulk is indeed powerful and courageous. He forges like a fearless warrior always on attack, but in this movie, he is more geared towards defense and trying his best not make himself angry, which is kind of cute. Here, one could see the gravity of what Hulk can do. He has special skills completely resembling those of Spiderman's. Despite his weight and mass, he can lightly and quickly climb on walls and sway on pipes depending on his bare hands alone. Aside from his being acrobatic, he is also a fast runner, reminds you of achugging train gaining momentum. His strength and ability to withstand fire, gun shots and attacks would be an understatement. In this movie he displayed his newly discovered skills in creating earth shakes and sound waves. Also, aside from being a "weapon" or creature of destruction or defense, his human side was also seen shown, which predominantly makes him cute. With that extremely frowned face, he reminds me of a more powerful, manly version of Shrek.

Edward Norton playing Hulk is totally acceptable. Not really what everyone else had in mind initially, after Eric Bana portrayed it, but Norton may prove a better version since Eric Bana, by aura and projection is "hulk-like" already. It limits imagination and unpredictability. Edward Norton, even considering his newly fit form, more effectively transcends the human traits of Dr. Banner. Liv Tyler, playing Dr. Betty Ross, relies on her more calm and fairy like execution. ("Brhooosss"-Slow motion) She might be transitioning from her LOTR moments an may just serve as an dainty eyecandy, but I liked Jennifer Connelly better. William Hurt, who played the general, was surprising. I never thought he was that...old! I love William Hurt. He's like there on the top of my crush list of all times when he first starred in the Big Chill, One True Thing, Body Heat (Woah) and Children of a Lesser God. I never thought he was that grandpa-old, serves him right for a long movie hiatus. He is sorely missed! He still does his "turning-head-while-thinking-deeply" move. It's so William Hurt! He still possesses an aura of arrogance and sharpness, which make him perfect to be the general. Lastly, Blonsky, played by Tim Roth, has always been good in playing villains (Planet of the Apes). I think he's made for being that arrogant, ruthless and orgasmic when he feels power. He may not be the typical leader, but he's perfect for a wild right hand general.

It is a great must see movie on screen. You just have to prepare to get amused and a little bit queasy when you see Hulk engage in a "monster to monster" fight. It's kind of violent and too brutal on a certain level that I'm sure kids and men would enjoy. The movie would merit some laughs and compassion for the green mutant. (especially on the tender scene with Dr. Ross, kinda feel sorry for the guy for his forced celibacy, and his forced poverty after he changes back to human form). And I'm pretty sure most marvel fans are excited to know that the Avengers are slowly coming into view.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Filipinos and Malls

Working within the heart of business center Makati, it's just a quick taxi ride or a sprint(if you're a fan of walking) to the mall for lunch. Of course after lunch a little window shopping could be spared. After work it's not a surprise if people pass by main malls, which serve as the main thoroughfares towards their commuting stations. That may involve a quick dinner, possibly another round of window shopping or emergency shopping. Mall could be a daily part in the life of most Filipinos.

Weekends offer a different story. On a weekend, malls are often bustling with people. The crowd measurement would just vary, but every mall has its potential clients. Expect the crowd to be even thicker at this time. Friends meet up in malls for brunch, lunch, merienda or dinner. Families go to the mall as a default place to spend time together and shop. Individuals with various businesses go to certain functions and stores to window shop, and most importantly some people just go there to unwind, cool down and relax.

Did I mention that malls here have legs too? No wonder that in any town with a feasible amount of square meter of land with thriving residents, a mall would often enshrine its development and progress. Take for example the Mall magnet SM (Shoemart). They are like mushrooms offering the same shops and conveniences to people, but they do not let people come to them. They come where the people are, no matter how small the distance. For example, we have SM Muntinlupa which is roughly 5 Kms away from SM Sucat and SM Sucat is roughly 5-10 kms from SM Bicutan. These three strategic points in the south (Muntinlupa, Sucat, Bicutan) have small distances from each other. They're practically neighbors with just a toll station separating them. I'm not even counting SM Las Pinas and SM Makati where predominantly most professionals can pass by before going home to the south. Wherever you are in the metro, if you've forgotten to buy something, I'm sure there's a mall nearby. For provinces, well expect the province to host at least one mall, and be happy if it does because it means the province is developed or on the road to development.

Come to think of it, we may not wow the global community in various areas, but we somehow have a knack at building BIGGER, BETTER and CLOSER PROXIMITY MALLS every single year. You thought Filipinos are "poor," but malls flourish here than any parts of the world compared to China, who hosts the biggest mall in the world, but also hosts the biggest flop in the mall market. Imagine a mall bigger than Mall of Asia (SM), with only 12 tenants. Bring that mall here, place it in the metro and sure enough it would create a following.

Stores Year Square Feet (meters) Stores Comments

South China Mall Dongguan, China
The world's largest shopping mall in early 2006 arrayed six separate themed areas. Recent visitors report that many retail spaces are vacant. Official site.
Jin Yuan
(Golden Resources Shopping Mall)
Beijing, China
1,000+ Also known as the "Great Mall of China," this mega-mall has 6 floors and is located near the Fourth Ring Road, west of Beijing.
SM Mall of Asia
Pasay City, Philippines

The largest mall in the Philippines is four buildings connected by walkways. It features several cinemas and movie theaters, an ice skating rink, and Science Discovery Center. Official Site.
West Edmonton Mall
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
1981 3.8-million
800 Largest shopping mall in North America; includes indoor wave pool, amusement areas, hotel, restaurants; 20,000 parking spaces. Official site.
Cevahir Istanbul
Istanbul, Turkey
Apparently the largest shopping mall in Europe; has six floors, cinemas, roller coaster, and theater. Official site
SM City North Edsa
Quezon City, Philippines

Has five floors, 12 digital movies theaters, and a 200-shop Cyberzone; an IMAX theater planned to open in early 2009. Official site.
SM Megamall
Mandaluyong City


Has a bowling center, ice skating rink, 12 movie theaters, and convention halls. One source credits the mall with 200 restaurants. Official site.
Berjaya Times Square
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Includes 45 restaurants, a theme park, and 3D Digi IMAX theater. Official site.
Beijing Mall
Beijing, China
600 Has 4 levels of shopping with interior residences; located near Fifth Ring Road, southeast of Beijing.
Zhengjia Plaza
(Grandview Mall)
Guangzhou, China

Enclosed in a complex that includes a 48-story hotel and 30-story office building. Official Site.
SM City Cebu
Cebu City, Philippines

Official Site.
King of Prussia Mall
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

Created by connecting together three adjacent malls, managed by a single company. Official site.
South Coast Plaza
Costa Mesa, California, USA

280 Official site.
Central World Plaza
Bangkok, Thailand

21-screen cinemas, bowling lanes, and restaurants; also a convention center (not included in the GLA). Official site.
Aricanduva Mall
Sao Paulo, Brazil

Largest mall in Brazil; part of a complex of 3 shopping malls with a total area of 11.8-million sq ft. Official site.
Chia Tai Square
Shanghai, Jiangsu, China

News releases in late 2005 touted it as "Asia's biggest shopping mall," but several other Asian malls appear to be considerably larger.
Dongfang Xin Tiandi
(Oriental Plaza)
Foshan, Guangdong, China


No details available.
Mall of America
Bloomington, Minnesota,
1992 2.5-million

Largest shopping mall in the United States (by total area); includes a theme park, entertainment district on the 4th floor, and aquarium. Official site.
Sawgrass Mills
Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, USA
2.5-million (230,000) 4.2-million
This sprawling, open-air mall, contains mainly discount outlets, along with restaurants, cinemas and other entertainments. Official site.
Siam Paragon
Bangkok, Thailand

Official site. Additional site.
Panda Mall
Chengdu, Sichuan, China


Part of a mixed-use complex. Official site.
Del Amo Fashion Center
Los Angeles, California, USA
2.5-million (230,000)

Del Amo straddles several blocks in the city of Torrence, part of the Los Angeles metropolitan area. Official site.
Mall of the Emirates
Dubai, United Arab
350 One complex in a vast entertainment and consumer-oriented district; encloses a 400-meter indoor ski slope. Official site.

*Philippines have 4 upper tier posts in the world's biggest mall. But I bet they are the most successful.


This morning apparently I'm busybusyhan with a lot of things, with halo-halong agenda!

I feel that I'm busy in the head, yet I haven't actually mastered and internalized the news this morning. I can't even post a decent entry, and my morning routine was screwed!

So much for planning. I sigh.

This must be serious.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

The Astoria Experience

Are you familiar with this type of marketing?

They invite you to a buffet dinner at a lavish place. Inform you to spare around 30-45 minutes of your time after dinner for a presentation. In return, you get free certificates. They always say that it's a no commitment event. They just want you to hear their presentation, do a little consultation and sales talk with you and make you buy, without imposing a commitment. Granting this fact, they wouldn't let you off the hook easily, well at least that's what my colleague Carlo said.

Club Astoria, one of the leisure companies, here in the Philippines invited me and Mitch to join them for a buffet dinner in Cafe Astoria, Ortigas (15 mins-40 mins drive from Makati, depends on the traffic). Upon saying yes and confirming, we were like babies being checked every single period of the day. They kept on calling me and texting me at lunch to thank me for accepting the invitation. They even offered their services just in case I get lost. Thankfully, Mitch knew the way perfectly fine.

He picked me up at the office and we faced the grueling EDSA traffic. Being southerners, we rarely pass by EDSA, and boy we know why. It was hell! We took a shortcut in Pioneer and onto Astoria we went. On the way there, I received a couple of calls from Club Astoria to know if we're still fine...alive that is. I was on the verge of irritation, when Mitch informed me that we just had arrived.

Inside Cafe Astoria the seats were packed. Looks like we didn't actually "win" anything, Mitch would mutter. "It's a scam" we would assume at the back of our heads. Nevertheless, we filled up the registration form, hopped to the next available table for two and started to devour the sumptuous buffet. Since this will be my first time to attend this kind of marketing event, I pondered if the food actually has "gayuma" or charm to entice me to buy their product. But what the heck, eat we must.

After nearly an hour of packing ourselves with food, my colleague would remind me through text to be firm. He had been victimized by one of these events wherein he had to suffer an agonizing hour to listen to an agent who wanted to sell him some hotel shares. No matter how Carlo would say no and reason out, the agent seemed to have all the perfect answers. My colleague prepared me on what to expect. Expect the worst he said. Imagine yourself being plagued by a suitor who does not know what "no" means.

As we tried to built our strategy to squirm out, a certain marketing dude dressed in black and a cheery personality approached our table and directed us to a large conference room. He offered us a seat in his mini-desk and started to flip some magazines while exchanging pleasantries. At this point, I wanted to barf from too much food consumption and I signaled Mitch to take over. Apparently, this weird real estate agent looked at us, smiled and beat us to the punch.

Real Estate agent: "You guys have somewhere else to go, right?"
Mitch: "Yes in fact we do. If we could make this fast--"
Agent: "No, this is actually quick. We'd just like to entice you to pay a membership fee at Club Astoria to avail all of the free perks of hotels, affiliated with Astoria, all over the world. You could pay as low as 9 thousand pesos for a whole week's stay in a luxury hotel in Turkey."
Mitch: "Ah, really? That's cool, but we're not really travelers. (Semi Lie)
How would this benefit us? This is not transferable, right?"
Agent: "Well, but you will never know when you're expected to travel, sir. This is a great investment. You can use it the whole year."

Okay at that point, the Marketing Agent was at loss. I kept on looking at other tables and some of the agents are acting out already, and I can see it in their veins. And there I was with an agent who didn't seem to offer any challenges? It's either he got his quota already, or he just smelled right from the start that we're just in for the free dinner and certificates. Soon enough...

Agent: "Actually sir, would you want to have the gift certificates? I'm sure you do."
Mitch: "Um, yeah sure."
Agent: "Great, I'll just go get it, sir, can you wait for a moment."

After 5 minutes, a lady approached us and gave us the certificate for a 3 days 2 nights stay in a Boracay resort, valid only for this year. We got the certificate, validated the parking lot, and ran as fast as we could from the conference center. We didn't see the real estate agent again. By this time, Mitch was laughing hard and I was feeling sorry for the guy because with that tactic, he certainly wouldn't sell anything, not even Ice Candy.

That was too quick and too easy. I've never been to any marketing functions like that, but I do know how sales people work. They would really clinch you, sport a laugh at something not quite funny, make the mood lighter and really twist your mind into buying. They have one of the quickest minds, best charms and pleasing personalities to nudge and politely eliminate any form of rejection. That is an art and a skill.

The offer was good, but if I tend to analyze it, we're not really the ideal market. We love traveling, but not to the point of being regular jet setters. We're both busy bodies at work that buying a membership fee would be similar to just giving it to charity, which is better.

So thank you for the dinner. Thank you for the certificates. And I hope the agent meets his sales quota, because most people now would love the free dinner buffet, but not the added travel expenses.

Anesthesia must not fail

No one wants to have an actual reason for an operation. Despite the technical and medical advancement, operations are often dreaded since it is the last course to eliminate certain diseases plaguing the human body. Some operations are quick. Some operations are long, but most operations are life threatening to some extent. I never had a major one. If a 5 minute operation, to pop out a planet of a blister, while the doctor laughed and ate an apple can be considered, then put it on the list. But I did it without anesthesia.

I'm not waving the flag of courage here. I can be a pliant patient, but most of the times I'm a demanding one. I wanted to have the best anesthesia there is when I had that puny "operation". God knows how the doctor wanted to plug his ears with cotton while I sit there yacking and enumerating my researched facts from wikipedia. I even tried to tell him that I had a primary complex syndrome when I was a child and any sudden outburst of pain might make my heart seize its operations. Obviously, it was a lame lie, and I knew it was. Primary complex? Come on! But I was that desperate. Give me anesthesia, anything! But as the doctor ate his apple, frowned and prepared his materials (a small blade and a gauze pad), he swiftly explained to me that he cannot inject any type of anesthesia in any part of the blister because it would just mix up with the fluid and make the effort pointless. In short he's telling me that "this is a chicken procedure, and just endure the pain. And no, you don't need any wheelchair."

Anesthesia is probably next to the best things that happened to medicine following medical cures and breakthroughs. Anesthesia is created and developed to spare the patient from torturous pain and trauma. It also helps surgeons to perform the operations efficiently. Same as their knowledge and materials, anesthesia ranks in one of the priorities.

Naturally what we think of anesthesia is that it is applied in various dosages (injected or topically applied), depending on the gravity of the operation. The patient would then feel drugged and oblivious to the pain. The patient ideally sleeps through the operation without the knowledge of anything. That's how an anesthesia should be, but it's more complex than it seems.

According to,
"Anesthesiologists have to find a delicate balance between three types of drugs: paralytics to prevent movement, analgesics to dull pain, and narcotics to induce unconsciousness"
Just like what I remember in one of my favorite episodes in Discovery Health Special, Anesthesia should make you oblivious of the pain, make you in a way "paralyzed" or relaxed and make you unconscious. Certain mixtures of drugs will achieve this, that's why Anesthesiologists are careful in concocting to achieve all the desired effects at the right amount. Too much of any of of anesthesia's components will leave any patient with adverse and life changing effects. However, a study and documentary presented by Discovery Health Special recounted the traumatic stories of unfortunate patients who suffered from an "anesthesia failure"As a viewer, it's worse than any horror stories;l and to the survivors it's a very traumatic and most horrifying experience in their lives.

--->The Apollo Anesthesia Machine

A lady in the documentary, as I can vividly recall, underwent a very critical operation that involved her undergoing General Anesthesia (the major anesthesia). She was medically prepared, injected and slowly welcomed the effect. As the operation started, little by little, she began to step back into reality. She is gaining consciousness. She slowly heard the doctors' voices. She practically knew the details of where she is. She can comprehend her environment. She started to feel uneasy. She knew she shouldn't be in a way, awake.

Next thing that happened, she felt a tingling sensation all over her body. She felt icy cold from the instruments. She smelled everything. Uh-oh, she thought. She shouldn't feel anything at all. She wanted to warn the doctors to check what's wrong. She wanted to break free and move. But apparently she can't. It seemed her Anesthesia lacked in analgesics and narcotics to dull the pain and consciousness respectively, but her paralytic drug seemed to be doing all the work. She couldn't break free to tell the doctors what's happening. She screamed her brains out at every incision in her flesh. She endured the pain, every single sensation of it, fully awake. Doctors, looking at her, saw calmness. But they failed to interpret the monitoring machines and failed to take action. The patient, poor patient, endured the operation awake and fully aware of the pain, and now traumatized to undergo the knife again.

According to reports, she only belongs to the3% statistic of failed anesthesia procedures during operations. But hers is a story that moved hundreds of professionals, doctors and patients. According to the article, half of the importance of what goes in giving anesthesia, is the monitoring part. Anesthesiologists should be able to follow meticulous checklists, perform background medical research of the patient, and should be present in any operations. They are expected to take note of any pertinent signs given away by the patient, not only seen through machines.

A movie I watched this year, starring Jessica Alba (You will hate her here) and Lena Olin entitled Awake, perfectly reenacts the failure of anesthesia. The patient in the movie underwent preparations and even submitted himself from a very invasive heart surgery. He then felt the slow signs of anesthetic failure when he heard doctors talking. He felt the liquid being poured on his chest. He felt and heard the instruments. He was shaken, like any patient would, and wanted to scream and point out the malfunction. But apparently he is paralyzed due to one components done by anesthesia. He endured the unbelievable and inhumane pain of cutting his ribs, ripping flesh and pulling out his heart. He endured the whole heart transplant operation...Awake.

But there's a certain scene in the movie that showed the importance of monitoring the patient's activities aside from monitoring him/her through the machines. The actor who played the unfortunate patient, released a tear from his closed eye. He was conscious of it and he wanted someone to see it, but the anesthesiologist was busy and didn't see the tear that was released. From that moment, the doctor could've made necessary precautions and ensured necessary changes in the dosage.

Things like these unfortunately happen. It doesn't primary seek to frighten us and ride the commercial storytelling. It just makes the doctors aware of the possibility of these errors. It just denotes how patients should be knowledgeable about every aspect that may happen in anything done to their bodies. It aims to educate people that anesthesia is not a simple and faultless drug that we perceive to be. At the end of the day, to err is human ika nga. But if these things ever happened to me, I wouldn't know what I'd do. I wouldn't even know if I'd survive the operation. I got to hand it those who survived this ordeal. The word pain may never be the same for them. And wishing Anesthesia must not fail is truly an understatement.


Fears from the Sea, confirmed

Worst fears into reality.

Dead bodies are found floating inside the capsized Princess of the Stars Ship of Sulpicio Lines in the seas of Central island in Sibuyan. The solutions for the best ways to pull out the bodies are now being formulated by the joint officials of USA, Local Coast Guard and the Disaster Relief operations.

Sen. Gordon and the Sulpicio lines reiterated that amidst the rumor of their rust laded ships, the particular Princess of the Stars was seaworthy. Another angle is the the go-signal given by the Sea Coast Officials to initiate the travel of the vessel from Manila to Cebu with the knowledge of the presence of Frank in the Philippine Territory. Lastly the competencies of the captain and officers, masters of the seas, to come up with a decision to carry on with the trip. There are factors that need to be considered and there will be answers.

There are various lessons to be learned from this incident. There are different heightened levels of compassion for the families' victims on how each and every day they live in anxiety until the fated news reach them. There is a new light and opportunity seized by the less than 60 survivors who manage to hold the memories of that ill-fated event. There must be a full room of understanding and objective thinking to reach the core problem. There must be swift actions to prevent this from happening again. With this, I deeply feel sorry for those families who are affected by this tragedy. I hope they should be very well compensated for their loss, and be able to hold people, who are accountable, to supreme justice.

Prelude to the FREEBIES Dinner Invitation

Blast!!! Our USB is malfunctioning...or manipulated to malfunction...hmm...

I just have to recount the unexpected weird dinner event I had last night. Club Astoria, a leisure company, invited Mitch and I to a dinner buffet at Cafe Astoria to present their recent leisure offerings of discounted international and local resort rate accommodations for all Club Astoria resort affiliates. As my colleague Carlo would put it, this is one of those "Fatten-us-up-to-write-that-cheque" kind of invitations. But nevertheless we went.

That sumptuous buffet dinner at Astoria

The singer that up to know we're not sure if he or she is a man or a woman? (which means she's that good performing and interpreting female-male genre songs)

The pathetically described "fluffy" after dinner talk at the smoking lounge

And of course the agent, the weirdest real estate agent, who surrendered to the intimidating conversation with Mr. Mitch Bautista? We came duly prepared (mind you!) for that expected "relentless courting" as my colleague Carlo had briefed us. But it wasn't even a challenge.

Thank you for the dinner and the certificates nalang!

I can't stop laughing, my gulay!!

Details soon to follow with "enticing" images.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Maid of Horror

I'm not plugging the movie Made of Honor if that's what you're thinking. Although I would certainly excuse the chic flick genre and watch it anyways just to see Patrick Dempsey. But I have to say, he has to be careful being "typecasted" as the suave, middle-aged guy who is perfect for a modern day romantico usually dressed in crisp Armani. Actually he already is typecasted in a way. He couldn't complain. His career bloomed again and he's proven to swoon the hearts of girls out there. But unfortunately he should stay in the modern era. Any other historic inspired movies will make him a fish out of water. I regress, since he's good with that type of casting, and certainly it wouldn't seem right seeing him in a horse, leading an army sporting a British accent, I think he'll be fine in a couple of years giving justice to these kinds of roles until we all get sick of it.

Anyways, back to the real topic.

I was just recently asked by a common friend on what are my plans for the bridal shower of my bestfriend, Je. Let's see, what did I answer?
Long of the moment. Thank you for reminding me. I'll get back to you, bye bye!

Just so anyone's concerned why this matter "concerns" me, well believe it or not I'll be her Maid of Horror...I mean Honor. Not exactly the ideal one. Yikes, there you go, that's the problem, as my mom would always hum. My mom even managed to brainwash Je to find another girl to take up the most coveted place in the wedding. (Thank you for the blatant support of my wedding related incompetencies, mother.) You don't need to rub it in.

The real truth is, I'm really not the Maid of Honor type. I never was, and I think I never will be. I have accepted that inability ever since puberty hit. I am not practically good with formal events, any formal events. Something bad always seems to happen. It's like a guaranteed event. That's why PROMS and other DEBUT stuff, I tend to avoid. Come to think of it, it was only JE, my bestfriend and I, in our batch who didn't attend the PROM. We've never attended any prom. Believe it. We made a pact not to be overly stressed with prom and just cash in the money that's supposed to buy us that 'perfect' dress; and buy us an expensive dinner to treat some guy who would take us to the prom. And so we did, we went to the lobby and greeted all our batchmates who magically transformed into the night, being anxious with so many men around (got to understand, we came from an all girls' school); and trying to enjoy the moment. What did Je and I do? We critiqued, had enough of prom at the lobby and spent our money buying us good dinner, Starbucks and a perfect conversation. Couldn't think of a better night.

But apparently this August she's getting married. How-time-flies-by-speech is recited a dozen times. Obviously, she cannot just diss the whole ceremony part complete with dresses and formalities. Hence, I became the Maid of Honor. It's not exactly the most brilliant decision in the world, but nevertheless, it was a heartfelt one. She knows I'll get stressed the whole day with the formalities and attire. She'll know that I might eventually throw in a curse or two if I trip; and smudge some lipstick on my dress. She knows that I'll get stressed and maybe she knows she will get stressed along the way. But she also knows that for anything, even being a Maid of Honor, I would gladly do or be for her. No one could just easily come up and assume the position. It's my duty to swallow it up maintain the post the best way I can. (Sounding like going to battle, Not exactly the tone I was looking for)

One of the deliverables of assuming the post is to throw a fantastic bridal shower, something that commemorates her last day being a 'single woman.' Assuming that is the case, strippers, kinky stories and kinky artifacts will be displayed while drinking liquor. This is the milder or wilder (it depends) version of girl's gone wild. Um...I get the point, but I don't buy it. I don't necessarily think that the "supposed" concept of what a bridal shower should be is the way to go. If I had the resources and the way, I would whisk her off to Bali again, just like we did in 2006. We'll go beach hopping minus the monkey trekking. We'd stay in Singapore during the Tech Week Sale. We'll shop in Hongkong and go to Macau and gamble like crazy. By the time she realizes it, she wouldn't want to marry anymore. Just kidding, of course. (Love you, Ingko! he-he).

Right now as the attention was brought to me, about the bridal shower, you don't have to worry.I have tons of ideas in my head and the worst thing that could happen is faulty execution by yours truly. Well, I have to start somewhere and crazy ideas are always promising. I may never replicate the Bali Summer nights I had with her, but I'll sure damn try my best to make a bridal shower she will never forget.

PS: suggestions for bridal showers are welcome. ")

Sulpicio Lines Tragedy

I seriously thought Sulpicio Lines only carried cargo and some necessary crews and free loaders. I thought they were already banned somehow for being a commercial passenger ship since time immemorial Sulpicio has been notorious for the "abandon-ship" incidents. I'm imagining a rusty hunk of metal begging for retirement. A ship in its given condition, shouldn't have traversed the deadly seas as long as Frank was still present. They felt invisible and seniority played a large part in gaining their confidence.

Now, they're grounded.

I don't know but they've stayed in the business for so long making them one of the pioneers. People still patronize them somehow and I bet they have at least a handful of competent people on board. How come they always manage to gain popularity through their SINKING VESSELS? Are they just notoriously strong headed to not even heed warning signs? Are they blanketed by seniority to double check their facilities and operations? Something is definitely wrong.

It's so wrong that with all the O peso fares roaming about, not one would get a 0 peso fare all expense paid Cruise trip via Sulpicio lines.

It's unfortunate. I hope they fix whatever needs to be fixed; and be accountable to the lives of nearly 800 people still missing at sea.

It's a shame, they've got a good enticing website, pa naman.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Bills. Bills. Bills.

I will just share that I've paid three major bills all in one day. That in itself will leave me paralyzed for months...well, not exactly, but you get the picture. In short, this will be my feel good blog to soothe my financial unrest.

Mind you, all those bills are for a good cause.

The first bill that I had to settle comes in twice a year. This bill requires a sufficient amount of money(well, this particular insurance it is). It's a special Quantum insurance which I started when I was 20 years old. This is my fourth year and I can't wait to finish it on the fifth year. After that, I would gladly scratch it off my list and just pray I won't have any incidents to use it. If I'm that lucky, I could just completely forget about it and get surprised when I reach 40. To tell you the truth, at first I didn't give an F about insurances. I have my own savings. I have a job. I have benefits from work, why would I need another set of insurance? Why would I allot a large chunk of my money for something I couldn't actually see or benefit from for years to come. What's the use anyways? Answer is, PATIENCE and THINK LONG TERM.

Nowadays security in any form is a treasure in itself. Yes, you may have a steady source of income and you're practically happy and healthy, but you will never know the future. It's best that you prepare for every possible scenario, and this doesn't mean that to maximize it, something should happen to you. Think of it as a great investment. My dad would always commend me for starting a personal insurance this young. As long as I'm earning for myself and really didn't have any burdensome responsibilities, like supporting a family, might as well put my money to good use. It's kind of weird and hard to let go of that large chunk of cash most especially if you can be able to use that to host a party, to shop non stop, pay for a much needed vacation or a plane ticket! But those are temporary highs anyways, and those could be saved to a minimum. But the Insurance's security makes you protected and empowered. It's money put to good use.

Second liability is of course the whopping Credit Card Bills. Where do I start? Don't get me wrong, I'm not a compulsive shopper. I don't shop, actually. I just shop for major things such as plane tickets and art books. I use it sometimes for dining out and eating out for easy accounting. Practically, that's it. My dad actually could easily point out my credit card bills against my sister's. My sister's purchases are far too many, but with minimum amounts. But mine just includes a couple of items with big amounts. Have mercy! But one thing that I can say I'm proud of is that I never shop or purchase an item I cannot actually pay in the future. So what's the problem? Credits cards are meant to be like that anyways! Well, It's just the thought of having a credit card gives you a swift amnesia, until the bill arrives. What happens is, you enjoy the purchase immediately, the happy hormones make you high, you tend to forget the purchase, your resources remain untouched...UNTIL the BILL ARRIVES. It's a loud thud in the ground.

Third major liability is the monthly phone bill. I like the convenience of texting, but I'm more of a caller. So you could just imagine how I squeeze my Sun Load to a maximum and abuse my Globe phone, nevertheless everything is handled and totally in control. It's painful, but I'm still in control.

So, there you go, three major bills for one day and I'm feeling quite good. Quirky, but good. I've settled what I needed to settle (thank God). I've accomplished my responsibilities on time and I've managed to settle on BILLS. BILLS. BILLS, which are modern spirits with unfinished business on paper.

Auf wedersen

I love The Sound of MUSIC, just glimpsed the movie a few minutes ago, and I am especially taken with song CUCKOO! (literally)

So long, farewell auf wedersen, goodbye!

Amusing little twit that you are!

Finally, some sense into your veins.

You're not hopeless after all.

Different Types of Affluence

I read this interesting article last week in Manila Times. It's about the different types of Affluence.
Affluence, which means the abundance of money, property and other material goods, riches or wealth.

These people are the movers and shakers of personal consumption in the market. They make the money go round and round, economies thrive and opportunities bloom. However, they cannot be categorized in one umbrella alone. It's more complex now. According to the article, a study done by McCann Worldgroup Philippines, there are 3 groups of affluent markets that have different views on success or richness.

Group 1: THOSE Who work to IMPRESS

They are the ones who like to reach the top and stay on top, ahead from anyone else.
They measure their success on how society may perceive them, with their cars, with their associations, with their friends, with their girlfriend/s, with their companies and position.
They are BRAND conscious ones. They use brands to depict status and wealth.

Group 2: THOSE who LIVE to WORK

They are the milder type of group 1. They are more goal oriented and love to accomplish set goals and targets.
They measure success by every opportunity sought and success through hard work.
They are more pragmatic buyers than GROUP 1. They only use brands to achieve their desired output, and not to show off. They view certain products with brands as tools to achieve the end goal, and not the end goal in itself.

(Ex: GROUP 1: Concentrates on brands for people to know they are successful etc.)
GROUP 2: Uses trusted brands to gain leverage in the business and have a chance to be successsful)

Group 3: THOSE with JOIE de VIVRE

They are the more ideal group.
Success and affluence cannot be measured or gained by social perceptions and business success. It is more about enjoying life to the fullest.
They aim to make their money work for them so they can live without having to worry about work. (Manilatimes)

It's a bit complex I know.

Personally, who wouldn't want to belong to Group number 3, right? I mean, ideally that should be the case if you have resources. But I think I'm more into Group number 2. Group number 1 is just too freaky for me, and personally I'm not like that. Although, I know people who perfectly fit Group number 1, (three names are coming up) and there's nothing wrong with that, it just leaves you with a better understanding on their perspectives and how they view success.

Some traits that initially belong to group 1 may be adapted by group 2 or vice versa. But it's more of the collective assessment, which is the key. I bet with so many questions and observations, you'll know which group you belong to.

How is sweet it is to be affluent, noh?

Perspectives! Perspectives. Perspectives?!

Referencing the words from a blog of my dear friend Christine Gomez "Shitface" "Kaasar!"(With the gurgling tone)

Some people just lose or don't have perspectives whether it may be on career, love or practically life!

According to her, there are two types of people.

1. Pitiful people who really are created into a world where they are forced to live in. They are the Siddharta Gautamas trying to submit themselves to gain perspective in a harder, unnatural way.

2. And there are plain stupid ones, who think they are everything, educate people and project someone who is entirely not. They lose perspective amidst the facade of fame, social status and emotions.

Read on if you must. (by Xtin)

*Rant* I have to post another insight later.

So for now, I'm still trying to ease the stormy weathers.

The True Affirmation

I had lunch in Glorietta and pondered on a topic that might prove to be quite helpful for some who are led astray and really blinded on how their lives turned out.

One pertinent lesson

It's quite necessary to double check yourself sometimes.

Check your emotions.

Check your effects.

Check your goals.

and Most Certainly Check your position.

The truth might have two ways of getting to you. It may be interpreted in various versions and before you know it, your position leaves you compromised. Do not fall into the dream and then educate or blame people if someone should burst that bubble.

Do not act as if you're an expert to fix things, when you yourself is aimed to destroy.

Do not think you know everything there is to know when the foundation of how you developed your perspective of what's right is wavering.

Never force yourself, that is true. Cherish the things and people that make you happy, help them grow and stay with them even if there's a muddle in the way. And in event the challenges will be thwarted and your world will fall into place. It's also good to double check the people who surround you, who really matter to you right from the start. It's liberating.

I did. And I got my answer.

Nothing matters anymore just the real truth against the adversaries who think they know better.

And all I can say is, the "I", the "we" and the "us" couldn't have been happier.