Sunday, June 29, 2008

The truth Shall Prevail: The "It" Girl

What goes around comes around.

Before I recount what happened last night during the MOS event, can I just mention that a "girl" who made a DOODY in so many backyards, has her shit creeping up her legs. Apparently I woke up with an anonymous message to check out this certain information. I checked and I absorbed. The "girl," that "it" who tried to mess up my life apparently has a record. With all that flawless and pa-cute image that she projects, the truth indeed prevailed.

I would only recount the times that she tried to "lecture" me with her foolish anecdotes! Why, because she thought I'll back off and just stay "chill" forever? When I'm provoked, my darling wherever you are, you have chosen your doom. But of course I have the truth, that's the only thing I have against her and it always works. Apparently, the day came when I blew her cover. Naturally, she got pissed and never failed to make it so evident in her blog, more of like a girlish diary to me. She even tried to tick me off with some of her "enumerated" posts. The thing is, she tried and she got herself into a heap of trouble. To you woman, eat your words, eat your enumeration and shit it out. There was no competition in the first place. You, woman, tried to squeeze your puny little self (Bless Ateneo) into my life, then you suffer the consequences. And...Correction, my dear, I don't have to win anything back. I'm always at my rightful position since the day you showed your smelly ass in the picture. Please. Do not make other lives complicated. If you want complication, look at yourself in the mirror.

I may not know what relationship woes that go on with your life or whatever foundation your insecurity thrives on, but you are jus pathetic. Sometimes I even have to slap myself to realize that there are some nasty girls lurking around, and you're reigning supreme. You're the subtle and deadly kind, who tries to win everyone with your supposed "purity" "smile" and "golden heart," but please what you did is beyond comprehension. Good luck surviving the world, bitch.

And to you again, yes you whom I know is just around the packets of technology, I cannot help agreeing to every word that anonymous blog about you conveys. I can't help but say I find it so true. And this would be my last bolt, without even trying that much. You are such a closed book and I hope to just forget about your existence. But I just want you to know that I hope we may never cross paths because a girl like you just disgusts me, and surprisingly almost everyone. Now I can see beneath those pretty dresses that you wear, lady. I could even be able to smell you a few feet away; and it smells of fish market mixed with menstrual wastes. I really hope we may never meet in this lifetime or else I would be forced to puke on the spot.

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