Friday, June 27, 2008

Incredible Hulk is Incredible

I know this post is so delayed when almost half of the viewing public has already seen the movie for the past two weeks. Whereas I had only gotten to view this last night.

Regardless of the long wait and series of attempts, I liked it! Hulk is Incredible

Plot-wise it is very engaging with a lot of chase and action scenes. It's more based on swift flashbacks and sequences not anchoring on lengthy conversations and dramatic innuendo. This movie didn't delve much on the development of the gamma effects, but it's more of the progress, the attempted control and the conflict faced by Dr. Bruce Banner. The story starts with Dr. Banner (Edward Norton) as a US fugitive riding the suspense to triple climax, starting at the first scene in a stunning and remarkable cultural visage set in Favelas of Brazil (Deadly, yet amazing, beats Tondo's architecture). The main plot of of the movie centers at Dr. Banner's fugitive life and his mountainous effort to control, eradicate and cure his "cellular disease" that makes him change into this destructive monster of a Hulk whenever he gets too excited, emotionally charged or angry. Not all secrets remain to be kept as the General of the US army, played by the firm William Hurt, hunts him down to gain control over his capabilities, aided by a Russian ambitious general named Blonsky. The endless chase and fight scenes led Bruce Banner back to Culver University in United States, where he accidentally reunites with Dr. Elizabeth Ross, who is his colleague and lover. Facing another chase and set of military of confrontations, they managed to escape; and together they tried to cure his sickness with the help of Mr. Blue or Dr. Sterns. At the climax, Banner and Ross being captured in the hands of the military, Blonsky then forced the enamored Dr. Sterns to inject him with a mixture of Banner's blood which made him into powerful, mutated, gory and boney version of Hulk. Imagine two big heavyweights capable of massive destruction fighting in the New York Streets exchanging billowing punches, marathons and building hopping scenes. Hulk at the end wona good fight and continued to isolate himself until he gains control of his condition, which is a decision he has made against eradicating it.

Hulk is indeed Incredible. With that gorged, powerful and molded muscles in every inch of his tout body. He has Lion-esque moments wherein he has to scream to let out steam, you'd better get used to that. Also forget about the moss green color of his skin, Hulk is indeed powerful and courageous. He forges like a fearless warrior always on attack, but in this movie, he is more geared towards defense and trying his best not make himself angry, which is kind of cute. Here, one could see the gravity of what Hulk can do. He has special skills completely resembling those of Spiderman's. Despite his weight and mass, he can lightly and quickly climb on walls and sway on pipes depending on his bare hands alone. Aside from his being acrobatic, he is also a fast runner, reminds you of achugging train gaining momentum. His strength and ability to withstand fire, gun shots and attacks would be an understatement. In this movie he displayed his newly discovered skills in creating earth shakes and sound waves. Also, aside from being a "weapon" or creature of destruction or defense, his human side was also seen shown, which predominantly makes him cute. With that extremely frowned face, he reminds me of a more powerful, manly version of Shrek.

Edward Norton playing Hulk is totally acceptable. Not really what everyone else had in mind initially, after Eric Bana portrayed it, but Norton may prove a better version since Eric Bana, by aura and projection is "hulk-like" already. It limits imagination and unpredictability. Edward Norton, even considering his newly fit form, more effectively transcends the human traits of Dr. Banner. Liv Tyler, playing Dr. Betty Ross, relies on her more calm and fairy like execution. ("Brhooosss"-Slow motion) She might be transitioning from her LOTR moments an may just serve as an dainty eyecandy, but I liked Jennifer Connelly better. William Hurt, who played the general, was surprising. I never thought he was that...old! I love William Hurt. He's like there on the top of my crush list of all times when he first starred in the Big Chill, One True Thing, Body Heat (Woah) and Children of a Lesser God. I never thought he was that grandpa-old, serves him right for a long movie hiatus. He is sorely missed! He still does his "turning-head-while-thinking-deeply" move. It's so William Hurt! He still possesses an aura of arrogance and sharpness, which make him perfect to be the general. Lastly, Blonsky, played by Tim Roth, has always been good in playing villains (Planet of the Apes). I think he's made for being that arrogant, ruthless and orgasmic when he feels power. He may not be the typical leader, but he's perfect for a wild right hand general.

It is a great must see movie on screen. You just have to prepare to get amused and a little bit queasy when you see Hulk engage in a "monster to monster" fight. It's kind of violent and too brutal on a certain level that I'm sure kids and men would enjoy. The movie would merit some laughs and compassion for the green mutant. (especially on the tender scene with Dr. Ross, kinda feel sorry for the guy for his forced celibacy, and his forced poverty after he changes back to human form). And I'm pretty sure most marvel fans are excited to know that the Avengers are slowly coming into view.

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