Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Anne Curtis' Slip

My boyfriend told me that Anne Curtis' boobs were exposed as soon as he picked me up last Monday night. As if that particular news would affect the state of the nation and that I had to be aware of it at that moment. I was so sick and my head throbbed with unimaginable pain that I didn't even get to react. I just wanted to go home.

A couple of days later, tonight, I had dinner with my friends in Alabang. And just passing in conversation, one of my friends who just gave birth and enjoying her free time surfing and watching TV, told me that she saw Anne Curtis' boob slip from a forwarded link in a social networking site. Since my friend is a woman, and has amazingly full breasts of her own, the news really didn't excite her. It was just stated as a matter of fact. My other friend, who happens to be a guy, just smiled and added that boobs exposure or no boobs exposure, it doesn't change the fact that Anne Curtis is hot. We all agree.

As soon as I went home, I browsed through online newsites and a philippine entertainment portal and saw a picture of Anne Curtis apparently dancing with a blurred patch on her right breast. Frankly, I don't understand what the fuss is all about.

First of all, it was a downright accident. Shit happens and most especially in the circumstance of wearing skimpy clothing. Plus it was a dance number, there were lots of flexible movements and I'm sure the placement of the bikini top was at danger with constant contact. It even happens to those who are not that mobile. It happened to me when I was frolicking in the beach, much more if it was in a dance number with lifting and contact involved. Anne Curtis wasn't teasing. She was working. I don't think the situation calls for fantasizing unless the person is such a sexually deluded stalker fan.

Second, it's just a breast. Why do we all have to fuss for a breast? Yes, it might be from a popular person, but it's just a breast no matter how you look at it. I mean, sorry but there isn't anything new with that picture. It's a normal part of human anatomy. Anne Curtis is sexy as it is and people would want to destroy that sense of mystery just because of a breast exposure that we know half of the population has? I really don't get it.

I hope people don't start glamorizing this sort of accident because there is really nothing to it. I may not really be an outright fan of Anne Curtis but I admire her courage and coolness. She, of all people, knows that we are not born yesterday and with technology, these things get passed around around as sick entertainment. But it is upsetting especially for the person involved. We have to give Anne Curtis the right to feel upset, to be hurt. She should spread the guilt around for those malicious people to step back. But I admire her being level-headed to also understand the fact that some people are just born shallow and pathetic. She knows that she is a public figure and things like this cannot be avoided sometimes. What she should do is to swallow the experience, learn from it and turn the tables around. She has nothing to be ashamed of and this is a learning experience for all of us.

Yes, I saw the link and I saw the picture. But then I didn't get what the fuss was all about. I watched Anne's interview in ANC instead and I hope that's the one that gets spread around. I didn't find the link to the video anymore and seriously I didn't try to look for it. What for? It's just a waste of time.

Sick Leave

My village friends and I had an impromptu drinking session last Sunday night. It lasted until 3 in the morning and I had to go to work in less than 6 hours. But only with a couple of hours of sleep, I managed to get my stuff together and go to work. But I knew then my morning will be exceptionally slow and uncomfortable. I had bloated stomach, my head hurt and I felt like I was nursing an impending fever. That just showed how weak I am with alcohol. Come to think of it, I was not even halfway drunk. My sister, who is much more of an alcohol expert than I am, tried to laugh off the fact that my hangover lasts after two nights when all I had were couple of glasses of cheap fruity vodka, some chips and coffee.

After work last Monday, I asked Mitch to pick me up at the office really early and asked the house to cook me some soup for dinner. After dinner, I went to bed early to catch up on sleep, but ended up waking in the wee hours because of some silly cold. I felt a lot worse and had no choice but to text my colleagues that I won't be coming to work. Good thing they easily understood. But right now I'm trying to stretch their mercy and understanding by filing for another rest day for ultimate recuperation. I plan to take a massage, a facial and some sumptuous meal. I plan to do a lot of relaxing things today. This opportunity in my case is rare. So let me be. Guilt has no room here.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

My Retail Therapy for Summer

Had a retail therapy yesterday and now my room, specifically the space below my once-pristine-desk, is now full of shopping bags, luggage and some other things I didn't bother to identify. When I shop, I just do it in one major execution and hope for the best that I don't find any other reasons to go to the mall and end up buying things that I think I might use.

Yesterday was such a fulfilling day and a quick turn from spending my Saturdays in the office. I decided to have my retail therapy yesterday and gear up for the summer. God knows that I might not have the same opportunity for this. I may not be a shopper, but I shop when it's needed and starting summer in full gear is something that I really take seriously.

I'm not a fashionista beachgoer. In fact I don't like the beach that much. I'm more inclined to relax by the pool than wade in beach water, which I've tried once, and suffered skin allergies. Sea breeze is welcome, but not really my thing. But in two more weeks I would find myself again in the sandy and popular Boracay Island where I think almost everyone ticks off as part of their must-trips this summer. If not for the beach, I just go there for the accessible food by the beach and 300 pesos worth of massages in open air with people who are careless of what other people would be wearing. A place where we could socially survive wearing shorts, shirt and flip flops, with my not-so-beach-body, is an alternative paradise for me.

So I went with my mom to Makati and did a systematic sweep of the place where literally I could find everything. In terms of malls, I like going to Glorietta or the Ayala Center area because there are three major department stores, individual stores and wide selection of coffee shops and restaurants to rest. Upon going there, I did a systematic scheme on how I would go about my retail therapy in 5 hours, but before leaving the house, I already made a list just so I won't get distracted.



I would be staying in Boracay for three full days and that means I have to bring three swimwears. The reason why I don't recycle one suit there it's because it's unhygenic. I treat swimsuits as main clothing apparels and wearing the same swimsuit you wore the previous day, unless it's properly cleaned, is like wearing your underwear all over again. Since I don't have the energy nor the time to visit the laundromat, I just bring three, one for each day.

But that is not to say that I must buy three new swimsuits for this year. I recycle past year's swimsuits because I don't think there's something wrong with it. I buy swimsuits because of the fit and design. I don't buy it because of trend. And I make sure that whenever I buy a piece, I would find it wearable for ten more years, assuming of course that my body type will not balloon into a universe.

So, I went to department stores first to look at their designs and materials. Then I went to specialty stores for swimwear. After trying on sets of swimwear, I always have a problem with size on certain parts of my body. My tummy is a known problem, but my boobs size isn't so if I get a much larger size to accommodate my mid-flabs, my top would look ridiculously oversized. In some severe cases, they just don't have a much larger size to accommodate people like me. So swimwear shopping is always a pain and needs my full time and attention. Just as I was down to my last shop, I went to a retail store that specializes in ladies wear fit for different body types. Just like any other brand of clothing, they also have a swimwear collection for summer. Since I had nothing to lose, I picked two designs in their displays and tried it on. In the span of ten minutes, I found what I was looking for. It took me almost three hours to search for a swimwear that would fit me and it just took me ten minutes to decide the right one. Both swimsuits that I've tried on were fantastic. It fits me well and the material is classy enough. The only possible setback would be that I might have an identical encounter in Boracay. I wouldn't be surprised if people would buy similar designs that I bought because the swimwears have forgiving fit. There was a slight hesitation there, but I'd rather go have a good looking swimwear than go naked and make the world suffer from my pride and paranoia. So instead of one, I bought two pieces for a reasonable price.


Moving on to my next list are cover ups. I knew that once I accomplished buying a swimsuit everything else will go smoothly. Unless I have a body of a Sports Illustrated model, I could do without coverups and walk around with only wearing my swimsuit the whole day. Though I may be confident, but I'm not THAT confident and sadistic. I need to at least feel that I'm still wearing something over my swimsuit which is a glorified version of an underwear.

There are lots of loose pieces and accessible dresses with amazingly varied materials. It could be sheer, cotton or silk. An old tube dress could be transformed into a cover up. I had already made lots of choices found in department stores but I bought my coverups in a specialty swimwear store on 50% off. For 700 bucks I was able to buy a sheer and airy pink tunic and a loose gray shirt dress with pockets. And one more thing. The color and design go well with my new swimwear.


I have two pairs of good flipflops both from Havaianas. One is already worn out and one I bought last year. Technically, I don't need to buy anymore. One good pair is enough, but I admit that at least I need one new pair for the year. Flipflops is always a favorite anyways.

I went to Havaianas and Sanuk and realized that I have to stick to a budget. I can never get used to paying 800 bucks for flipflops. As I browsed through, still undecided to buy a pair, I figured to give it a rest and focus on buying something else that I might need. I went to SM Department store for my last stop and just like an automatic reflex, I went to the shoe section and found myself staring into a wild rack of colorful and funky flipflops. There are no Havaianas there, just brands like Planet, Banana Peel, IPanema and Toeberries, which produce stylish and comfortable flipflops for a very cheap price. I quickly went to the whole wall of Toeberries Flipflops and fell in love with two pairs. I bought a Toeberries flipflops before and it's still with me. I use it whenever I visit the gym and it hasn't failed me in terms of comfort and durability. With much conviction and personal experience, I bought two flipflops for less than 200 bucks.

You see, I have no problems buying branded flipflops because they're known for comfort, style and durability. But if a much cheaper alternative comes into view and delivers almost the same if not equal experience, then I'd rather be practical and sensible. Because the almost 800 pesos worth of difference does not do justice anymore.


On my way to SM Department store to meet my mom, I passed by the I2I stall that sells funky eyeglasses. I tried on a couple of pairs and particularly liked the one that accentuates the bridge of my nose. I bought the matte version instead of the usual glossy ones; and I'd like to think that aside from the added eye protection, I looked like a rockstar. I wish. The pair was instantly sold for 350 pesos and I got to choose the color of the case.


Meeting my mom in Watsons where the wonderland of care products are found, I bought my summer protection set. Ever since I got hooked to SPAs I found a new joy in going to Watsons. They have almost everything there to pamper every part of your body. I buy my nailpolish there, my total care shampoo, facial wash and other fruity selections I can sink my teeth into.

For summer I bought a large bottle of Nivea Lotion Sun Block to share with Mitch. I like Nivea more than Coppertone. It locks in more moisture and the consistency's better than the watery alternative. I also bought a cool After Sun Spray by Nivea, Petroleum Jelly, Elseve Royal Jelly Hair leave on, which works wonders. I bought a scented, relief gel and easily racked up 1100 bucks. As much as body care products are important, they could be very expensive too.

We went home at 5 pm just right on schedule. Though my wallet was empty of crisp cash, I was able to accomplish everything that I came out for. My trip and money were not in vain. In roughly four thousand bucks I bought:

2 swimsuits
2 coverups
2 flipflops
1 pair of sunglasses
1 Summer Protection kit

That was my retail therapy. Systematic. Swift and hopefully my last for the year.

Boracay here I come.

Monday, March 15, 2010

My childhood summers

On my way out of the house this morning I saw my brother hunched in front of a computer playing online games at 8 am. It's a surprising sight that I have to get used to. Obviously I'm a little bit jealous of his summer vacation. I went up to him and asked him his plans for the next two months before he officially steps into High School. I was a bit surprised with his answer though. He said he just wanted to relax and play with his computer. Apparently there was no need to elaborate. I was waiting for something else, but all I got was silence.

I ended up comparing my childhood summers to his and noted the glaring differences. Our gap is more than a decade but it seems I existed in a totally different era, an era he wouldn't appreciate or understand. Back then, in my grade school years, summer was the time to be out on the streets with neighbors. At 3 pm, I would go to my friends' houses on our street and rouse them from their naps. We would go from house to house eating merienda, watching Laser discs and just when the sun becomes kinder, we'd go out in the streets to play street games such as piko, langit lupa and cops and robbers. At those times, mountain bikes were so popular that everyone of us had our own. It was the must-have Ferrari's of kids. We would roam around the village and visit other friends' houses. We'd eventually get dirty and get bruised sometimes, but early on we exercised strategies and we developed a certain understanding of democracy. Also, during those summers of the Ramos administration, we'd have brownouts from night till dawn. The streets were safer then and our parents would let us play at a dark street while sporting our rechargeable lamps with radios. Everyday it had always been like that, but we would never tire.

Now, kids don't go out in the streets anymore. My brother doesn't even know our neighbors. Everything's gone online and practically the kids' thinking these days are so modern and jaded. Guitar lessons or any kinds of summer lessons are easily brushed off. Kids these days have become more materialistic. A decade ago, it was totally different.

When I was also a kid, I would accompany my aunt in FTI where I would spend the whole day in her office day dreaming. I'd talk to engineers working there and buy bread and softdrinks for merienda. I could imagine it was essentially boring, but in those days I was having the time of my life. I would never think of staying at home and play Mario Brothers. That was reserved for bedtime.

As I briefly shared these with my brother, he looked at me perplexed. He could never understand how I find those times fun and meaningful. As far as he is concerned, having a kick-ass internet connection, gadgets and 24/7 access to cable TV are enough to create for a smashing summer. I smiled and realized that he has no idea.


Had a busy and anxious week. Honestly, I have no mood nor creativity to write something.

Will get back shortly.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Another Book Steal

A colleague and I were busy talking about our possible summer team building. We were surfing the net to look for resorts up north when we got really hungry. Usually we'd go to our canteen for lunch, but both of us were craving for something delectable and in the canteen, it's always a hit and miss, mostly passable but nothing extraordinary. Since we wanted Italian, we decided to hit the road to Glorietta 5 and eat at Sbarro's. It will be payday tomorrow so we were extra bold.

When we got to Glorietta 5 it was practically deserted. If I had the money and time, it would be the perfect place to shop. Summer clothes are marketed and I began to worry about my summer outfits. It's not that I want to buy something new, but I fear that my old suits will be my destruction. I doubt if I could still fit in those and not look like a human sausage. But first we just had to eat.

After grabbing a carbo-loaded lunch, we still had time to window shop. Unfortunately, we were too lazy to fit clothes and found some pieces expensive for the poor material until we were led to a boxed up section at the ground floor of the mall where National BookStore is having a "Book sale." We instantly forgot to window shop for clothes and headed to the books. I recently read in Jessica Zafra's blog about her 99 pesos finds in National Bookstore Glorietta 5, and you know me, I never shy from book purchases especially if they're on sale.

True enough the selections are hardbound and extensive. There are coffee table books, general fiction, autobiographies and self-help, majority are all for 99 bucks. The books may be used but the condition, for the price, is phenomenal. I knew then I would be spending my remaining allowance for tomorrow. In a span of 30 minutes, I found my treasures.

I already made choices before I saw a Susan Howatch book. For those who have been following my blog, I am a Susan Howatch fan. I didn't even bother to read the summary of her book The Heartbreaker. I immediately took it and guarded it with my life.

The next book I've purchased is written by Sarah Dunant. I have read one of her works, The Transgressions, and it was an interesting book. I was mildly entertained so I gave her classically based novel In the Company of a Courtesan a positive try. Besides, I'm also craving from a Classically-inspired novel.

Lastly, I bought a risk book, Sitting Practice by Caroline Adderson. I've never heard of the title nor the author, but I've read a paragraph or two to establish that certain connection. The premise of the story was enough to keep me hooked. It's a story about a husband and wife whose love completely clashed against the hard reality of tragedy. It's a story about how their relationship changes towards each other and how they would cope. The story is narrated in a witty and satirical language. It's a kind of book that might make me laugh.

After exhausting the place I realized that I ran out of cash, but I told myself not to withdraw. So, like an obedient girl, I returned the four other books I had been carrying along and left me with these three. Anyways, I could still come back sometime this weekend.

I left the airconditioned mall unto the heat of the scorching sun still feeling ecstatic. Buying books always puts me in a good mood no matter what. I was proud of myself for another successful book shopping that ended up to be a steal. Not bad for spending my last 300 bucks.

Break from Work

Consider this as my break from work. I've just recently transferred my files from laptop to a more updated desktop. It took me a week and a couple of days to accomplish. You see, I was supposed to be glued to my laptop, but it's already considered ancient by technology standards. The model is a hand-me-down-, the keyboards are faulty and most importantly, the power cord or adapter isn't working so I had to borrow (beg) from other laptop users who have compatible specs with mine, which is rare to none. I've suffered that my laptop's dying on me and I had to be squatter enough to use someone else's workstation. I would not allow further inconvenience so I decided to switch back to a new desktop and forgo the "benefits" of working mobile (if there are any). After sticking through nomadic work days, I was finally issued a huge LCD monitor, got the IT guys round the clock and here I am with a big and brighter world. With that I also took the opportunity to clean my desk and reorganize my workstation.

This week is just like any other week in my 2010 calendar. Busy. Although busy, I'm not feeling wiser or more significant. Everything that I've been doing is a daily task which are only required by work. There is nothing to publish and nothing to be really proud of. As much as I try to rethink things, I know that I'm falling behind my goals and March is the time for me to pick up. I know I can do this, but lately, I've been wanting to do something more substantial.

I have a couple of projects in my head. I'm currently being contacted by a friend who would refer me to an NGO to do some volunteer work for them. I'm excited, but a little hesitant on when I could fully commit. I'm currently in the middle of a heavy work cycle and I would not allow myself to deliver mediocre work especially in something that I really love. I have to be realistic and honest with myself on when I would be able to accept volunteer work without compromising my other responsibilities. This volunteer opportunity is something that I know I would love because it's the perfect opportunity for me to give back. This is a creative and meaningful boost that I'm looking for. Who knows, I might even go full time? But for now, being responsible, I have to assess my schedule and prepare. Volunteering is not like hot rice you spit out. It's a commitment.

Aside from working with an NGO, I'm thinking of doing something for my community, but this is more of a back-end. There were days that I looked for specific stores or service centers, but had the difficulty of locating one because the information isn't present. The establishments in my community are not advertised and people like me are not empowered to take advantage of businesses situated near us. People or consumers need information. To eliminate further costs and environment degradation, there is only one way to do this effectively and that is going online. Our community has wide access to the internet. In our street alone, 70% of the households are on wi-fi and I believe every house has at least an access to the internet. Our community houses educated and middle class families who have the capability and the knowledge to surf online. With the project I'm cooking up in my head, I would be able to supply them information of the establishments in our community to empower them as consumers. I would also give opportunity for small time businesses to market their goods or services. Of course a project like this isn't easy. It would never happen overnight. This needs minimal amount of resources, but a lot of planning to do. I will be tapping my busy sister, who is a multimedia graduate, to help me with this. I can also use Boyfriend to set up the site for me. The rest of the interviews and contents are something that I have to do on my own. This is a lot of work, but meaningful.

Lately, I want to reward myself with more nurturing purchases and escapes. Traveling too much is expensive and I'm currently recovering from it right now. Eating great food is already a given. Now, I would also have to give room for SPA treatments that I'm gradually trying to explore and love. I have never imagined that going to SPAs would really make a difference after a busy and loaded weak. I've tried doing SPAs a couple of weeks ago and I just felt heavenly after. I knew then that this will be my newest passion aside from traveling. There's more reason to save.

With regards to Traveling, it still is the best way to relax, have fun and soul search, but unlike before, this would have to be planned accordingly. I don't want to make myself poorer than a pauper that's why I'm keeping this slow and sweet. I've already had one domestic and one international travel escape in the First Quarter while another set is coming up in the second quarter in Boracay and Bangkok. Third Quarter, I've decided would be dedicated to saving. If I need to travel, I can always go to local spots that are just a couple of hours away from the metro.

Lastly, I stayed late last night at the office to attend some conference calls. In between, I browsed through top Bookstores online to see their new and recommended titles. I've been having a good reading pace and I don't want to break the momentum. I surfed and took notes of the titles that I would buy this month for the summer; and little did I know I already racked 13 thousand pesos in my excel sheet. I tried to prioritize other titles and forced to work on a minimal budget. Besides my office is a few steps away from a "Books for Less Shop", I could mix up buying new and old books and my craving would be soothed all the same.

So far, I've listed down all my idealistic activities for March. I hope these would be accomplished without fuss. Now it's time to end my break, read the news, react and work. Lord, I can't wait for the weekend.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Introduction to March

It's March and I'm feeling anxious.

March is always the month to close the first quarter of the year, which is the perfect time to assess my life's performance so far. At this rate, three months have passed and a lot of things should have happened based on what I planned, certain life changing moments for a better year. I should have applied and received progress on my job applications. I should have at least worked out and lost weight for the summer. I should have achieved something I'm genuinely proud of. January is for transitioning and baby steps. February is supposed to be the follow-through. March should already provide certain results.

Let me see. I did take some baby steps in January. More or less I've figured out what I want to achieve for this year. There were missteps along the way, but fixable. For February, the follow through wasn't that solid and now that I'm on the first day of March I've yet to sit down and think if I'm on the right track.

For now, March makes me feel such an under-achiever. Yes, I might have taken the necessary baby steps, but the follow through wasn't as aggressive. I had a lot on my plate, a lot of it was contributed by office stress. As far as I'm concerned I've been busy, but my achievement folder isn't buffed. I've nothing to publish and nothing to be extremely proud of except for occasional moments of resisting powerful temptations. My first quarter so far is in a slow pace.

But I'd like to think there is still hope. I still have 31 days of March starting to day and it's not even lunch time. I have to work extra hard to reach my desired pace. Hopefully by 31, I have more positive things to report.


Speaking of March, it's my father's birthday. Well...technically.

My father is born on February 29, which serves as an explanation for his sometimes irrational behavior and thinking. Since it isn't leap year, he celebrated his birthday on the 27th. Guessing his age always requires a more challenging mathematical computation. As his felicitations extends in two days and they're both technically correct, my family greeted him on the 28th whereas I'd like to greet him on March 1.

We're lucky to have a father like him. But he's far from perfect. He's irrational, hot tempered and very harsh. He has expectations high above the ceiling. He is over protective and he is prejudiced. But he tries extra hard to mend his ways when he's too much. I can always see his retribution and effort. He is a caring father who always assumes the role of a solid provider even if it kills him with work sometimes. He is a man born from the slumps and eased his way unto this world. Like any story of a heroic father, he provided his family a good shelter, his kids great education and people around him a sustainable lifestyle. To others he is a miracle businessman, always on the battle field of business relationships and transactions. To others he is a charmer and a true friend. To us, he is a father, the only father that we see, admire and respect.

I have to say that I'm very thankful that he is still with us despite his complications and challenges. I've said this before, and I'll say it again, I thank him for giving us life. He gives us a good a life and without him I believe our structure would crumble. At this rate, I'd like to think he's still strong, powerful and my protector, but there are days when I realize that he's only human who can grow tired and weak. There are times that as children, we know we have to assume his multiple roles. But the question of succeeding remains a question.

My father is an unbelievable man. No president, business tycoon or any father could match him for me. He will always set the bar. I may not understand him all the time. There are days that we clash and most certainly we're not affectionate. But he should know that he is appreciated. I'm his non-traditional daddy's girl and I thank him for being here. I thank god for giving him to us.

Happy Birthday, Pa. Your life has been colorful and I hope it stays that way.

Cramps versus Cravings

Women are naturally very enduring. Just imagine having your period every month, practically altering whatever plans you might have and not to mention the emotional and physical burden we have to go through for that three to five days. I may not know scientifically if PMS is indeed true and a valid scientific excuse for bitching, but I've experienced it and it's best for men not to contest the unconfirmed.

Luckily though I'm one of those few who don't suffer from menstrual cramps. I just feel bloated than usual, but thank god no cramps. When I was studying in an all-girls school, I've had classmates that required bed rest for a couple of hours because of menstruation. At first I thought it was a legit excuse to skip classes. It has always been effective. Our female teachers understood immediately while our male teachers were so helpless that they would prompt us to go out before we even utter a graphic detail of the pain. Whereas I couldn't relate. I thought it was just an exaggeration to achieve that best laid plan. But once when I checked in at the nurses' station due to fever, I saw at least five girls with hot compress on top of their lower abdomen, with eyes shut and faces of utter discomfort. They weren't having a party. I knew then that it wasn't a joke. I felt in fact, lucky.

But most girls have, if not menstrual rituals, have menstrual quirks. Getting highly emotional and irritable are expected. But for me when I'm three days away from my first day of cycle, I get extremely hungry. It always seems that I'm craving for something all the time. I usually crave for sinful food, which is the bad part. I'd end up eating all the time without feeling full. My capacity just balloons like that of the appetite of a pregnant lady. I may not have the pain cravings and appetite could be intense and I have to endure it the whole cycle.

In terms of craving, I most especially crave for desserts. Chocolate Fudge cake, Banana Vanilla Crepe, Starbucks Frappucinno, Fruit shakes, anything soothing and creamy. I sometimes crave for steaks and garlic fish fillet with pasta. I crave for Palabok, hot Cafe Vanilla and gelatto. Basically, I'm very specific during these trying feminine moments.

Yesterday morning, right after I woke up at 9:30 am because of a sudden "first day flow," I craved for dessert, chocolate to be specific. Automatically, I went downstairs to look for any dessert leftovers from the party. My dessert radar led me to a delectable Swiss Chocolate cake from Becky's Kitchen waiting to be devoured. Like a child, I took a slice, salivated in between, went to my room and ate it while watching Jack. I remembeder my highschool days when I would make a stopover at Becky's to buy a slice of this cake for recess, and now as an adult it's soothing my menstrual cravings. It didn't stop there though. I ate Palabok, accepted a lunch invitation and ate pizza, then went back to my house to eat a slice of cake again. With all that food hype, I didn't feel full. No wonder I work extra hard at the gym after every menstrual cycle. I require that extra effort.

I can't help it. This always happens every month when my craving goes haywire and that I get crazy and extremely bitchy if I don't get what I want. I end up destroying people's mood for dessert sometimes. Now, is this a rational excuse for pigging out and for occasional bitching? Of course not. But is this understandable and valid? From my experience, yes. Don't ask me why, but it is. If you ask me, I'd deal with the cravings and bitching anytime for as long as there are no cramps involved.