Thursday, March 4, 2010

Break from Work

Consider this as my break from work. I've just recently transferred my files from laptop to a more updated desktop. It took me a week and a couple of days to accomplish. You see, I was supposed to be glued to my laptop, but it's already considered ancient by technology standards. The model is a hand-me-down-, the keyboards are faulty and most importantly, the power cord or adapter isn't working so I had to borrow (beg) from other laptop users who have compatible specs with mine, which is rare to none. I've suffered that my laptop's dying on me and I had to be squatter enough to use someone else's workstation. I would not allow further inconvenience so I decided to switch back to a new desktop and forgo the "benefits" of working mobile (if there are any). After sticking through nomadic work days, I was finally issued a huge LCD monitor, got the IT guys round the clock and here I am with a big and brighter world. With that I also took the opportunity to clean my desk and reorganize my workstation.

This week is just like any other week in my 2010 calendar. Busy. Although busy, I'm not feeling wiser or more significant. Everything that I've been doing is a daily task which are only required by work. There is nothing to publish and nothing to be really proud of. As much as I try to rethink things, I know that I'm falling behind my goals and March is the time for me to pick up. I know I can do this, but lately, I've been wanting to do something more substantial.

I have a couple of projects in my head. I'm currently being contacted by a friend who would refer me to an NGO to do some volunteer work for them. I'm excited, but a little hesitant on when I could fully commit. I'm currently in the middle of a heavy work cycle and I would not allow myself to deliver mediocre work especially in something that I really love. I have to be realistic and honest with myself on when I would be able to accept volunteer work without compromising my other responsibilities. This volunteer opportunity is something that I know I would love because it's the perfect opportunity for me to give back. This is a creative and meaningful boost that I'm looking for. Who knows, I might even go full time? But for now, being responsible, I have to assess my schedule and prepare. Volunteering is not like hot rice you spit out. It's a commitment.

Aside from working with an NGO, I'm thinking of doing something for my community, but this is more of a back-end. There were days that I looked for specific stores or service centers, but had the difficulty of locating one because the information isn't present. The establishments in my community are not advertised and people like me are not empowered to take advantage of businesses situated near us. People or consumers need information. To eliminate further costs and environment degradation, there is only one way to do this effectively and that is going online. Our community has wide access to the internet. In our street alone, 70% of the households are on wi-fi and I believe every house has at least an access to the internet. Our community houses educated and middle class families who have the capability and the knowledge to surf online. With the project I'm cooking up in my head, I would be able to supply them information of the establishments in our community to empower them as consumers. I would also give opportunity for small time businesses to market their goods or services. Of course a project like this isn't easy. It would never happen overnight. This needs minimal amount of resources, but a lot of planning to do. I will be tapping my busy sister, who is a multimedia graduate, to help me with this. I can also use Boyfriend to set up the site for me. The rest of the interviews and contents are something that I have to do on my own. This is a lot of work, but meaningful.

Lately, I want to reward myself with more nurturing purchases and escapes. Traveling too much is expensive and I'm currently recovering from it right now. Eating great food is already a given. Now, I would also have to give room for SPA treatments that I'm gradually trying to explore and love. I have never imagined that going to SPAs would really make a difference after a busy and loaded weak. I've tried doing SPAs a couple of weeks ago and I just felt heavenly after. I knew then that this will be my newest passion aside from traveling. There's more reason to save.

With regards to Traveling, it still is the best way to relax, have fun and soul search, but unlike before, this would have to be planned accordingly. I don't want to make myself poorer than a pauper that's why I'm keeping this slow and sweet. I've already had one domestic and one international travel escape in the First Quarter while another set is coming up in the second quarter in Boracay and Bangkok. Third Quarter, I've decided would be dedicated to saving. If I need to travel, I can always go to local spots that are just a couple of hours away from the metro.

Lastly, I stayed late last night at the office to attend some conference calls. In between, I browsed through top Bookstores online to see their new and recommended titles. I've been having a good reading pace and I don't want to break the momentum. I surfed and took notes of the titles that I would buy this month for the summer; and little did I know I already racked 13 thousand pesos in my excel sheet. I tried to prioritize other titles and forced to work on a minimal budget. Besides my office is a few steps away from a "Books for Less Shop", I could mix up buying new and old books and my craving would be soothed all the same.

So far, I've listed down all my idealistic activities for March. I hope these would be accomplished without fuss. Now it's time to end my break, read the news, react and work. Lord, I can't wait for the weekend.

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