Thursday, July 31, 2008

Random Day

What a day!

Nope. I didn't go to the office as you might think, but I didn't stay at home and become a slob either. Out of "word of honor" I woke up at 6 in the morning to accompany Nikkon to this Venture Capital Seminar in AIM, which I'm responsible for. Because last week out of boredom at AJ's house I manipulated, the already manipulative Nikkon, to skip his one class to save him the agony of weighing his options and some transportation money. He already knew his decision anyways, but being the manipulative me at that time, I took the ax. Fine. I just had to go with him to this 7 am seminar in AIM to clear out his already piling record of absences. Since I liked new learnings, seminars and missing the AIM campus as well, I greatly obliged.

We were having problems getting a ride to Makati this morning at the time when all of the cars that could have been used were not available. Good thing my brother's brain cells had too much mind-boggling things to think about that he forgot his precious ID. A perfectionist and true to his role as a class "marhsall," he asked my mother to send his precious ID to Makati, knowing perfectly well that we're 45 minutes away from his school basing it in the usual Morning traffic. I grabbed the opportunity and capitalized on the already concerned face of my mother, and presto, we got ourselves a ride.

We arrived at the school and entered an already jampacked classroom full of oldies and evident venture capitalists. Can I say, that because of the set up and the annoying registration system, the trip was useless. We endured roughly two hours of it and escaped. Nikkon being entirely sleepy went home as I enjoyed my breakfast at Seattles. Seattles Best, by the way, has excellent breakfast selections and it's cheaper compared to other coffee-breakfast joints. I took my time in reading the newspaper and wanted to nip a certain page of Inquirer, which features the 20 best cake-desserts commercially sold in the Philippines. It was damn mouthwatering and it gave me a new dessert source for my party. For a person who follows the rules and for being extremely pragmatic, I just noted the details painstakingly in my phone.

Nearing lunch, I grabbed a nearby taxi and went to RCBC and met some of my classic High School friends for lunch. My fabulous Frenchie friend, Leslie, will be married to her loving Christophe this weekend, which instantly means that I would be the designated driver for the whole trip to romantic Tagaytay, while my friends Caan will contribute to the overnight stay and Rosella, well, will contribute her precious company. As everything got settled in an hour's time,(surprisingly) everyone went back to their respective offices and I turned to the streets again, the bum's life. By this time rain was pouring freakingly hard as I just resulted to the covered walkway all the way from RCBC to Greenbelt because hailing a cab at that time was simply hopeless.

While I was walking and with no agenda at all, I simply accounted my finances for the day and I realized that I've splurged more than I should, correction, most definitely more than what a "bum" should. Since there is no particular agenda, the time is not consumed by specific activities. The time alloted would be spent at own whim or accord, which often leads to spending, spending, spending. No matter how you look at it, simply "making tambay" or loitering around would still cost you in Makati. As much as you'd want to be comfortable and pass the time, your options are fairly limited especially when you have delicate moods like me. It's either I go to the coffee shop and spend for their fantastically priced coffees or desserts, or window shop, which I really don't do. I could always rely on going to an internet shop and surf, but it would still cost me per hour and the thought of free wifi internet instantly eliminates it in my option (I'm not that desperate). The only thing that's passable for an option is to go to powerbooks and just claim any spot in the carpeted floor (when there are no more seats).

At this rate, being on vacation is totally a rewarding thing, but it cannot always be about spending, especially if the resources are, at the moment, stagnant. It's quite advisable to just embrace "house arrest" and just result to those Nestle flavored coffee sachets if you want a more sophisticated and flavored caffeine fix. As much as I'd want to stretch my day and invite Mitch for dinner, I mentally slapped myself and invited my brother to pick me up instead, for a dinner date at home.

PS: Special thanks to my 39 pesos Steno notebook and 9 Pesos BIC pen, recently acquired, for keeping me company. I missed writing, literally.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Magazines Galore

I'm presently here in Rogue Studios in Peninsula Court Makati making my time productive as Mitch is doing his photo shoot with his new photo buds. He was here last Saturday, while I nearly froze to death in the nearby Starbucks. After devouring my yummy Jollibee meal, I continued reading on various magazines in the lobby rack. For a moment, I thought that I'd result to a nearby trip to Starbucks again, but seeing the various magazines I decided to stay.

You see, I don't buy magazines. I rarely get to read them and I only do so when I'm visiting a trusted parlor (twice a year the most) or find myself in a medical or professional appointment. I don't know what's happening in the whole magazine and fashion world, so don't expect me to be updated. But I knew from the moment I saw the glossy rack source in the studio, I'd be keeping myself occupied. It's fun to enjoy magazine galore even for non-magazine readers like me. See you later, Iain Pears.

FHM was in abundance. I've been reading FHM from cover to cover, got some unnecessary tips with highest level of kinkiness. Some where highly informative while other articles are really bluffing with a capital B, you'd wonder why it cracks you up in the first place. I've learned about various' celebrities lives, learned their histories and what not. Seriously, I was entertained, but it's something that I'd probably forget in a few hours. The thing is it served its purpose, entertaining and time consuming.

A Very Special Love..Blog

My sister, mother and I were talking about catering services this morning when we saw this trailer of the upcoming movie of a certified matinee idol with a budding singer-actress princess. Yes, it's called A VERY SPECIAL LOVE, just like how other Pinoy romantic movies acquire its soundtrack and movie title from a love song. Usually, we'd just flip the channels and display the couldn't-care-less drama since we don't really find strength in the concept of what local movies develop, especially the mainstream ones (just make that me). I've slightly brainwashed my sister and mother that these movies just showcase the same hullaballoo only pertaining in difference with the character personalities and backgrounds. At some rate, they even use the same love teams over and over again. We've assumed that the usual Pinoy romantic movies are only there to satiate the dreaming fans rather than to exhibit good acting and plot displays.

However, this specific movie made us stop what we're doing and literally we got glued to the trailer. Aside of course the proven acting prowess of John Lloyd Cruz, that developed through time (not to mention he's a very clean-cute-matinee-Aga Muhlachish type), it's surprising for us to see Sarah Geronimino in a lead movie role. We only know her as this powerful singer that's often cheeky and humble. When their tandem was publicized, we were interested. We instantly felt that they would offer something different. And you know what, based on the trailer, she is damn funny! Excuse me Mr. John Lloyd Cruz, but probably in this movie, I'd be more interested to watch it because of Sarah Geronimo. She seems funny enough to know what she's doing and let's face it, they look cute together. She's not the type to mess up like some wanna be actress with only a pretty face to boot (And no, I'm not talking about Bea Alonzo, geez. Some startlet probably). Sarah's natural; and on screen they really complement each other.

After the trailer we voiced out our opinions and it seemed all of us wanted to watch the movie. It is definitely a smashing sign, but we won't definitely watch it together, lest we jinx it. The last Pinoy movie we saw together, out of boredom, was Aga Muhlach's A Love story with Angelica Panganiban and Maricel Soriano; and it teaches us a hard lesson never to go on a movie impulse ever again. Excuse the language, but it kind of sucked. Well in this case, I'm expecting something good with A VERY SPECIAL LOVE.

A Very Special Love needs a Very Special bribing with Mitch, for a movie date that is.

Just Promoting, A Very Special Love shows toda. And just in case you're wondering, I'm humming the theme song as I type. Yikes. Give me the antidote!

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Not-So-Cheeky day

I'm really not feeling cheeky today, which made me skip work in the morning. As I read the usual news and blogs online, the topics and letters just flew to my mental black hole. I couldn't find that spark to get excited for the day. Maybe this is just one of those days that you just have to get by. I know them so well. It usually happens when I've had a couple of good, exciting and loving days spent when out of nowhere, POOF, KAPOW, something or someone makes it all go wrong. I used to think it was unfair, but being mature about it, I kind of accepted that it might fulfill the Yin and Yang of life. As crazy as it seems, there are times that I'd actually worry about an impending BAD DAY, when I'm experiencing too many happy days. Or if I laugh and crack like crazy, I wouldn't be surprised if I would be pissed or howling the next.

That's why I feel that there's a legitimate excuse when one's pissed off because there's an explanation to it. "It's just one of those bad days." There are times when I rub people the wrong way and I feel that I couldn't bear seeing anyone at that moment. I couldn't write, read nor think straight. I couldn't sit still and there's a need for a change of scenery. It might be caused by the alignment of planets, the events that had transpired a day ago or whether I woke up in the wrong side of the bed. I've accepted early on that there are days that aren't mine to enjoy with. But once you've experienced it, it's hell and the bad part is there's really nothing you could do about it. It's not something methodologically explained, but there's a certain level of understanding when one says "I'm just having a bad day." It's a good cue to back off. Just like having an excuse for appeasing a cranky girlfriend because of her PMS (pre-menstrual syndrome), I guess this "one of those days explanation" has some merit of truth to it. I just know, and it's not some explanation to be taken for granted.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Company Royals on Eggshells

No one wants to get sacked, fired or terminated in any organization. It's an unfortunate professional situation, almost synonymous to "breaking up" with someone. It destroys the morale and it robs the person of professional and financial security. Not everyone goes through it and it's something unimagined until you're already experiencing it. Here in the Philippines at least, firing people is not a common practice compared to our Western counterparts. In this country, the usual factors that involve termination are: (I believe according to order)

1. Company Shut downs, which means that the company might have closed shop, assets being liquidated, or the organization has trimmed down to cut costs (it's unfortunate if that includes, you), which inevitably forces management to cut people who they think of "no value" or doing "repetitive" functions. Ouch

2. Legal and Personal Matters, which incorporate various illegalities in the workplace. It might be a form of harassment, fraud or plain corporate corruption. Personal Matters are often minimal that's usually fueled by physical health or psychological reasons.

3. Poor Performance of the employee. In the Western setting, it's more cutthroat than what we experience here. Corporations in the Philippines do not just fire people instantaneously. It might be because of the business culture here that we look after people more than just partners in an organization. What corporations usually do is to conduct assessments and adjustments to give the person a chance to redeem himself. It's only in the outsourcing business where local organizations try to pattern their culture to the westerners wherein "sacking" actually becomes a hushed possibility.

But it's entirely different if the CEO or the head of the company suffers the boot. It seems amidst the glory, fame and glamor of their expensive and important lives, one shouldn't forget that the performance of the company is weighing on their shoulders. They have constant clocks ticking to produce results in a months time and if that does not happen, they would inevitably face a more public and painful termination. Who says sacking just occurs in mere employees? All is fair here, somehow.

According to AOL;s business buzz, here is the list of CEOs facing troubled waters:

1. Ron Snyder - Whenever you wear your specialty and overpriced sandal/shoes Crocs, remember him as the CEO. Buzz details he might be replaced by a Nike executive to release them from stagnation.

2. Jerry Yang - Remember his organization, Yahoo, and Microsoft's continuous courting stage that ended up with no offer at all? Some say he is responsible.

3. Johnathan Schwartz - Cute, Long-haired and capable CEO of Sun Microsystems needs to get his company diversified from its server business.

4. Mel Karmazin - CEO of Sirius Satellite needs to clean up debt of recently merged companies.

5. Les Moonves - CEO of CBS, who has done some prominent firing himself, needs to produce something better for the unsatisfied shareholders.

6. Philippe Dauman - CEO of Viacom needs to turn around the company's falling shares

7. Rick Wagoner - Ah, the CEO of the still-surviving General Motors, the last CEO of Detroit's Big Three. Let's see what GM will do next.

8. Richard Fuld - CEO Of Lehman Brothers, company's performance is top priority after all. They might need a change amidst the crisis.

9. Ed Mueller - CEO of Qwest, a big landline phone company, might be fairly taken over to pump up substantial broadband and cellular services.

Who says being CEO is all about fun, glaring prestige and money? These guys have the whole company's future on their shoulders and they are expected to perform or excel in it. A misstep or a slight malfunction might make the unfortunate and hushed professional possibility into a reality.
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Reading. Period.

I read a very interesting article written by Motoko Rich in New York Times about the topic of Reading. The article points out that reading nowadays cannot be limited only to the traditional and more recommended medium through books when the fast changing times have taken reading on a new medium, which is on the internet. The article gave examples of traditional point of views when it comes reading through books and the modern alternative thinking when it comes to reading online.

It's not an uncommon sentiment or knowledge that "reading" is not a common or desired hobby or interest. Most people, especially those who lead very modern and busy lives, cannot relate to the joys of sitting down with a book, allotting hours and hours of in depth reading and internalizing. And at this certain age, who isn't busy? Reading often spurs the thought of academics, boredom and inconvenience. We might think that adults with so many areas of technology, professions, bills and extra curricular activities are the only busy individuals who find it hard to read even if they want to, but the truth is, children are more susceptible and adaptable to reading online that they rely on complex, fast and upbeat literary forms in Online social networks, ebooks and blogs.

Most traditionalists, academes or those who just love books find it hard to accept that the reading popularity (through books), if not gone stagnant, are dipping due to the emergence of Online access and material. This difficulty in acceptance might have stemmed from uneasiness due to this modern alternative's unreliability and ineffectiveness.It is not effective in a sense that most online literary works are done informally through social networks with less importance in the disciplines of grammar and overall literary strength. The message is often chopped to pieces for online readers who have the power to skip, scan and understand information in a few minutes' time frame. That is why reading through Internet's been made popular because you could get information, entertainment and insights in a few minutes' time. The format is very convenient, interesting and accessible to some. But in terms of literary effectiveness, it is often questioned.

However, readers online, who are not interested in books, feel that they are not being left behind in any way. They feel that reading blogs, engaging in forums, reading online reviews and news are more profitable and beneficial than going through the traditional method. For them, their time is maximized; and more knowledge are exchanged and uncovered versus the linear and time-grueling method through books. Some vowed that they have never harbored interests in going through libraries, entering bookstores or even found the entertainment and benefit from books, yet some are even voracious readers online. The usual examples of these alternative believers are children who have access on the net. A Professor in the University of Michigan, Elizabeth Moje, noted that:

One early study showed that giving home Internet access to low-income students appeared to improve standardized reading test scores and school grades. “These were kids who would typically not be reading in their free time,” said Linda A. Jackson, a psychology professor at Michigan State who led the research. “Once they’re on the Internet, they’re reading.

Neurological experts even noted that there is a difference in the method of "learning" that could change the brain's circuitry. Experts believe that the "Internet may also affect the brain’s hard wiring in a way that is different from book reading" It's not necessarily negative, it's just different from the normal effects on depending on books. Since the brain is very powerful and malleable, it naturally adapts to the demands and pressure of any method of learning available. Information processing in various medium is still a form of information processing. Traditionalists may not entirely advocate for this method, but they're just lenient and happy that people are still reading.

In my opinion, I've always been an advocate in reading. I may adore and love books, but I've also known that few share this interest in varying levels. There's ultimately nothing wrong with that. I believe every individual has different sets of interests that inevitably help them grow. The beauty of this age is that alternatives are present to suit everyone's needs and specifications, and there's a freedom of choice. Just like for those who feel that they are not "traditional readers," they have somehow found interest in engaging their literacy skills online. Some may not agree with its effectiveness, but seriously, who cares? It's good enough that everyone's literacy skills have greater chances to be enhanced through this medium, compared to having no exposure to reading at all. It's true that the manner of reading and the way we think are slowly being changed, but the fact that we have become more aware of these changes brought by alternatives, should leave every single expert, academe, writer and online reader more responsible to promote not just effective, increased and beneficial reading but Responsible reading as well. Another area to consider is the integration of medium. It's hopeless and stupid to stop the birth of various mediums that only aim to suit everyone's needs. Writers and voracious readers have learned how to integrate alternative methods such as blogging, social networking and online publishing of works and reviews to their traditional method. It's a shame if we do not responsibly maximize and challenge the medium presented to us.

I love reading. I advocate books above anything else out there and I still think books are the best. But it's also untrue to deny that I also do maximize alternative reading sources online. I am fully aware of its own benefits and it helps most people, especially those whom I know find immense difficulty in traditional reading. There is absolutely nothing wrong reading online. It's a case of different strokes for different folks. As long as everyone gets the chance and interest to read, maximize and get a fair chance to enhance their literacy, then I'd be happy to equally promote it.

Batman Update...AGAIN

Christopher Nolan's version of Batman: The Dark Knight has taken a new record!

According to NY Times: “
The Dark Knight” has sold $314.2 million in tickets domestically in its first 10 days of release, a record. The film is still rolling out internationally.

We're not talking about other merchandise or promo sales. These are only for tickets in the US market.

Most of the hype of course was led by the acclaimed performance of the late Heath Ledger. Christopher' Nolan's version also had a major impact on how Batman was repackaged, taking cue from Batman Begins; and the believable intensity of Christian Bale.

Throw in our love for superhero flicks and the beaten down, depressed public amidst the global crisis; we've got ourselves an effective diversion.

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Monday, July 28, 2008

Shopping Attitude in Books

I love books. Period.

I'm not entirely being idealist with this. It's the truth. I've come across books that are poorly written to the point that it's too difficult to read. I've also come across literary pieces, which plots are really not my cup of tea, and I'm not talking about just weird, twisted and out of the blue topics. But nevertheless, I love them for their existence. That is how I love and advocate books. It's like how the world sees a child. Not all children are born geniuses, kindhearted or promising, but all children are special one way or another.

My relationship with books seem sacred and OC to some, but sometimes I just see them animated and brought to life. I see them as a sort of company, a savior and an anchor to course through life aside from the usual agents of friends and family. Some may not agree with this as most fail to harbor the interest in reading. But any hobby or interests would be fine, as long as you get the picture.

Before I developed a relationship and attitude with anyone else, I relied on my relationship with books. Most of the times I buy books out of random. I walk into a bookstore, a thrift bookstore or a chic one, it doesn't matter. I browse and get immersed in hours finding that perfect connection. I remember a TV show I've watched in Lifestyle Channel wherein this shopping expert advised shoppers that if one cannot find a certain thing to buy in a store, in 10-15 minutes, then one should move on and go to the next establishment. Obviously, it doesn't work with me, with books that is. I stay there for hours if I can to find that book that I would be hooked with. It occurs in levels, actually. I first get enticed by the cover. I look at the author if he or she is familiar so that I may have an idea of his/her writing styles. Then I move on to the plot summary at the back. If I get interested enough I read 1-2 chapters (depending of the length of course). If by the 2nd chapter I'd still want to continue, I'd bring it along with me for a while and continue exploring the available book selections following the same chronological procedure.

Since I'm in a certain trance, most of the times I wouldn't know how many books I might end up with. If there's still time, I would sit and continue reading a few lines and find that strong gut feel and connection. If my overstretched budget would allow it, I'd go for a book splurge, but if not, I do the process of elimination taking note of other titles that I might have a chance to buy in the future. I return the books at their rightful place, request for a sealed copy (if available), savor the transaction process, and go out of the store feeling more rejuvenated than any spa trip I've ever been to. It's a priceless feeling.

The titles also do vary depending on the gravity of desire. There was a time that I wanted to learn more about Greek Mythology, I bought a couple of Greek Mythology art books and compilations such as Bulfinch's version and Edith Hamilton's. I've bought also series of inspirational books like Khalil Gibran's the Prophet and Sun Tzu's Art of War. Usually, I go for non-fiction titles in different genres, again depending on the current interest. There was a time that I felt vintage so I searched for the Great Gatsby. From medieval period to the usual modern court setting. I've been reading the novels from JR Tolkien to modern-fantasy of Neil Gaiman and Clive Barker. I am comfortable reading Youth by Coetzee and shift to Judith McNaught's or Josie Littman's intricate romance stories. I've also bought a compilation of Filipino essays on a giant book fair, and enjoying for the second time since High School, the stories of Sionil F. Jose, Manuel Arguilla, Nick Joaquin etc. I've managed to gracefully switch reading Maxwell's Blink and Greene's Laws of Power to managing through old yellow pages of the disturbing 1970's adapted true story of Sybil. With books, I can say that I've always been comfortable with variety.

Finding my connection with books before purchasing follows that certain procedure and attitude. I give time and effort to it, but mostly I rely on a few lines, current interest and gut feel. I'm not overly particular if the author is new, reliable or not. I go for the connection. But there are a couple of times wherein I bought a book based on hyped reviews. I've benefited from it sometimes, but I'm not the type who would usually rely on it. One particular example is Dan Brown's Da Vinci Code. Before I left for the states in 2004, it's already been hyped up in the Philippines. Since I'm not the type who instantly conforms, I waited for the perfect urge and timing to buy it albeit I kept on reading and hearing reviews. But when I was already in the in the States, particularly in the BART (train) station in San Francisco, I saw 4 individuals actually reading the book. That's where I felt the urge. I immediately skipped the train, went to Borders and finally faced the hype. I'm happy to say I liked it, it tickled my beliefs. It was a good sign. But in some cases of hype-purchasing, most titles, I felt, were overrated.

In other special cases, I've been keeping notes on titles that I've been longing to read, waiting for the opportune time to buy them. Whereas in second hand books, the attitude and procedure of selection are almost the same, but more emotions are involved. Most of the times, I've been duped by vintage looking books. I buy them out of "awa" or sympathy. I feel I have this self-imposed obligation to restore them. Half of the books in my shelf aren't read yet, and some books are "mood specific" unfortunately. But I'm catching up always catching up, I'm in no rush in experiencing the literary party.

Recently, I've also added a new method in acquiring books. I've been doing it online. I'm not talking about ebay here. I'm referring to the brilliant business sense of MULTIPLY sites. I have a regular business contact in Multiply where she sells old to mainstream second hand books. She posts the pictures, summary and prices and from there you could message her your orders. Payment is made through bank deposits, and some through G-Cash to make everything more convenient. It saves you the time of traveling to bookstores, although the bad part is the limited connection-assessment with the book. It's a hit or miss thing. The gut would only depend on the cover, author and book summary. In this part, I suffer the usual shopping syndrome when you're faced on an establishment sale. "Quantity over Quality," but then again with PHP 500 pesos I can easily buy 10 titles, either hardbound or paperback copies, there might be a new found treasure there.

In conclusion, I am not really particular on how I would buy the book. I'm even less critical about it's condition. I buy the book out of connection and interest. Books, aside from food, have been the only retail commodity that could overwhelmingly stretch my budget or make my budget non-existent. Purchasing is an attitude, a method or a sentiment that can be applied in various situations. In my case, it deserved more practice and familiarity than usual, but once I've started to be comfortable and attuned to it, the treasures just keep on coming.

FIC and 80's cartoons

Last night was a family day, a birthday celebration and a heavenly ice cream treat sponsored by Paolo Aguenza of DT Photography. It was unfortunate for me that I wasn't able to join them for the Red Crab dinner special in Greenhills, but I was especially delighted on the dessert segment, at where else, FIC Bar in Rockwell. Upon seeing Mitch, I was immediately excited since he's been craving for that customized FIC sugarfree Mango Ice Cream with Suman. I cannot begin to thank establishments that continue to revolutionize the world of Desserts especially for those who are medically advised to refrain from sugar. The world has been more accommodating.

Before reaching there, I vowed that I would try something new since it would be my third time, twice with Tracy and Gigi. On our first FIC Bar experience, Mitch and I only got a Rootbeer float whereas Tracy and Gigi got the Grasshopper concoction. ON the second visit, I wanted it to be guilt-free, so I ordered their frozen yogurt while Mitch experimented on Mango Suman, and loved it. ON this third visit, I'm going for a creamy fruity overload. I got the mouthwatering Peach Melba Parfait, not really a big fan of peach (yikes), so I gave the slices to my ever-reliable friend and food lover, Tracy. I was just after the peach syrup, strawberry, vanilla and mango mix.

Our conversations veered towards the usual photography subjects, to Batman (with emphasis to Christian Bale for Tracy and I) and to the wacky 80's cartoons. Tracy and I kept on cracking up when we confirmed to the more "80's teevo experts" that there was a show called MANIMAL. WTF? I am personally an 80's shows lover, but my lack of MANIMAL knowledge may be either a direct effect of its premature extinction or it was just so lame that it didn't register in my memory. Well whatever it is, I'm not expecting any movie remake soon. Some other cartoons worth mentioning on our discussion were those of Thundercats, Tiger Sharks, Karate Cat, Alvin and the Chipmunks, Dungeons and Dragons, The three versions of Voltron (which introduction's still memorized by Paolo), and She-Ra and He-man. Now those are the movie versions I'm hoping to watch in this lifetime.

80's cartoons ROCK! memories...good ones!

Morning Road Obstruction

I'm at the office right now. Talk about life after death. This is not life actually, this is limbo. I'm just clearing up my desk while I maximize my full blast internet especially if the internet at home is quirky and being hoarded by my brother. Lucky dork whose classes were suspended, better make a report on SONA.

Anyways, this post is dedicated to Mitch whom should know that I, out of meticulously driving MNA, was the source of irritability from a couple of metropolitan drivers in Makati. It started when I woke up, slightly late, and realized that my car is coding and I couldn't borrow my sister's since she has class. I resulted in asking Mitch for a ride to Fort. Out of his goodwill and concern, he offered me to use his car. I would just have to drop him off at his office and pick him up after work. Do you smell joyride? Hell no. As much as his car's smooth and automatic, it's also a certified gas guzzler, a Corona that for a moment you'd want to trade in for a two door Chery. After arranging my seat and feeling the reigns, I looked at Mitch who was having a slight separation anxiety from his car, even if he's not aware with it. He might be at a moment, more concerned with the car than the driver, well make that the two of us. This is not just a wi-fi card I'm borrowing. It's a car. His other expensive beloved.

After successfully driving off, I went out to accomplish my first goal, which was to feed its breakfast. I passed by Dasmarinas and couldn't help but cruise around and view the magnificent houses that one day would pattern my own...wishfully. While I was appreciating the gloomy, tranquil and magnificent structures, I was suddenly jolted back to reality by a small orange dot in the gas meter. The engine tank was not yet empty, but already close to it. Demanding unit of transportation, I say. Regardless, I felt a little bit uneasy. I increased my speed and hoped to get to Petron on time, although that was my paranoia side taking over. After the Petron transaction, I penetrated central Makati and this was where the irritation started.

Well, I follow traffic rules. This might be an uncommon revelation to you, since it's always been required that we all follow traffic rules, but unfortunately some people think they're above all and feel that they only answer to their own time and needs. Some might feel that following the rules actually robs you of "diskarte." Lecture me all you want, but my life strategies cannot be deduced to that of false pretext of "diskarte" on the road, when my life and others' maybe on the line. I'm not one of those who find the adventure in swerving a form of "diskarte", cramping in small places a "diskarte" and actually risking my license for a quick turn on a red signal a "diskarte". I also do follow LANES, which means I don't swerve. I don't also take the right most lane, intended for those who will make that turn, just so that I could be ahead of the pack as if I'm in a drag racing contest, again a form of "diskarte" or "pa-effect." It's irritating when cars block that specific lane when in the first place, they shouldn't be there. Their Stupidity membrane somehow blocked their road logic that the specific lane that they were obstructing was intended for cars who would make the turn. Save your beeping, most of them have deaf ears and high level of inconsideration.

Another irritating exhibit of a driver's magnificent display of traffic mess is actually blocking the intersection. A driver should be conscientious enough to know whether crossing the interesection would be profitable for various exits. If the driver feels that the other side is already jammed, he should be courteous enough to wait and allow the other side to clear up. Otherwise, he would be inevitably blocking other intersection points. What good with that do? Nothing, but... Ah yes, his inclusion to the Stupid Driver Hall of Fame.

I've experienced 2 freak driving stylistics all in one morning and it's really irritating. The road cultprits might think of it as "diskarte" or "getting ahead," but it just makes them a complete and utter public disgrace. Aside from the time, it's the gas consumption that they're trying to murder you with. If I had my way, I'd give them my house address and let them wash my car for a week, with TABO and a pail that they would have to fill up a few meters away. Good thing, I'm the type who follows rules or else, we'd both end up in road rage heaven.

PS: MNA is heavily sedated with gas right now, Mitch. We're both good.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Relationships Volume 1

I'm currently here freezing to death in Starbucks Chinabank, just across my future professional home. My boyfriend is now busy with his photo shoot which allowed me to have precious hours for blogging because I was semi-interrupted awhile ago when Nikkon invited us for a cruise, which ended up in a new Persian lunch discovery. To keep my extremities moving, I'm going to shoot a couple of shelved opinions about certain issues that might be helpful to some. These issues were brought up to me yesterday while I was enjoying a conversation with a friend (whom for his benefit, I'm not going to mention) while walking home from our friend's house.

These are just my mere opinions either based from personal experiences or experiences I have witnessed first hand. Interpret it and object with it, it's up to you. Or if you're tired of reading sappy life-love related posts, then just skip this for your benefit.


Geez. "Falling in love" is not really a phrase I am comfortable in using all the time, well because for all my adolescent years it wasn't something that I allot any attention or importance to. If I was to be graded, I'd surely get a negative in it. Let's just say I started really...really...late.

A. SPEED: The speed of a person falling in love varies. We all have different paces. Some fall in love easily, some need time to gradually dissect and work through it, while some need to be get bitten with an unfortunate event to realize that it has or it's already happening. A person who falls in love cannot expect his or her object of love to reciprocate with the same intensity and speed. It's always the person who fell in love first who has to adjust. It might take months and years, but it really doesn't matter because falling in love is quite different that infatuation or love-lust that ends up to be "fluffy" or "foofy" like a heated pastry. Every person's reception to love varies, so there should be greater assessment and understanding in this part. It's quite useless to compare other people in this genre. It's as good as saying that there is no point of discussion here or else we entertain the ideas of coercion and frustration, and love I believe should never be like that.

B. The difference between the RIGHT person and the IDEAL Person

Well, for me they are different.

RIGHT PERSON: I can't believe that I'm saying this, but falling in love is not always directed at the "right" person. Unfortunately I have been a witness to this. It's granted that falling in love is more complicated than any other mind boggling science. It's also accepted that falling in love is a random thing that cannot be controlled nor planned. A lot of spillovers and effects of the intensity of falling in love is that it cannot distinguish between right or wrong. A person's subject of "love" might already be happily attached (always seems to be the problem), belonging to a totally different spectrum (perceptions, beliefs and religion), or the love blooms out of wrong pretexts. It's an unfortunate situation and most people who neglect this understanding can directly cause problems or damage to others. The usual situation is that because of the random and powerful force of falling in love, irrationality often follows. Before one acts upon it, the bliss or damage has already been caused. Whoever says that falling in love doesn't need any "moral" and "mental" thinking, then he or she will continue to scar people or get scarred repeatedly. It happens, but before the love's grown deep, one has to assess (even for a certain percent) if love is directed at the "right" person.

IDEAL PERSON: Falling in love with a right person is totally different from an "ideal" person in my opinion. Loving the "right person" is loving with pure intentions, without impediments on the other part or either based on sick-twisted pretext. But falling in love with an "ideal" person is not as important as considering falling for the "right" person. In dealing with the question of the "right" person, there are various factors that should be considered outside the realms of emotions. Whereas falling in love with an "ideal" person it's not something bound by right or wrong. The ideals are only applicable to yourself. Everyone has specific ideals or "wants" in a person or relationship, but everyone has to consider the facts that not everyone could meet these ideals when falling in love. When a person falls in love it doesn't happen after one has completed the ideal checklist. "He has to be this, that." When one falls in love, whether we like it or not, ideals are often thwarted or not met 100%. It's not wrong, it's just how love works. This is a perfect situation of "opposites do attract." I have to admit, based on my experience, not everyone thinks that my boyfriend and I would last. We totally live in the opposite side of the world based on "interests," "personalities" and "strengths." Yet we managed to understand each other and most importantly "complement" each other. WE may not live 100% of our ideals whether it may be physical or mental, but it really doesn't matter when it comes to love. That's how powerful love is that ideals are easily thwarted and the truth comes to life. That's why it's practically useless to get discouraged based on the couple's superficial qualities. In this realm of falling in love, ideals and familiarity are not as important. Finding your "ideal" partner does not guarantee a foolproof relationship.


A. RELATIONSHIP that doesn't involve the WORLD

I know some people who are in a relationship, but it's as if they're on a 24/7 reality show. These couples want to always do the right thing based on what they think the public would want them to do. Unless they chose their relationship to be as open as a company's annual report, then I don't think that it should involve the world. As much as we'd want to incorporate friends and family in our lives, being in a relationship, the priority is the couple, not the world. If there's a problem that should e sorted out, the initiative should be coming from the couple and not from someone else. As bad as it seems, it's not entirely healthy to involve people in your relationship. It wouldn't help the parties and the world has enough drama, thank you.

B. RELATIONSHIPS is not a point of comparison

Do not expect the "machination" of your relationship would mirror how your friend's relationship works. Just because you're friends with someone and you perfectly know each other, it doesn't instantly mean your relationships would be identical. A person would always be unique especially in varying situations. Do not also expect your girlfriend to be the same as your friend. Do not compare your relationship to be better or ideal than other relationships, because people have different ways of coping and enjoying. The more you tend to compare the more unsure you are of your relationship. Couples who allow this to happen may end up in deep confusion until they wouldn't know why they're in a relationship in the first place. Relationships are not a form of race or a competition.

C. RELATIONSHIP is stressful but should be blissful still

A good relationship, for me, will never be a walk in the park. Every couple encounters twisted and compromising situations, obstacles if you may. If your relationship matters to you and something you hold dear, then prepare to ENJOY the stress that comes with it. Relationships are susceptible to tests, and these tests often lead to minimal or gigantic source of stress. It's normal, believe me. The first year is usually more traumatic than the succeeding years, but it doesn't matter even if you're in a relationship for more than 10 years. New situations, good or bad, will still come and it might involve exerting more effort and understanding especially if the situation is new. It's important to know that stress do occur, but the bliss and love should still be the overwhelming factors. It's more normal to be stressed, than not to care of what happens at all. But stress above anything else, should make everything sweeter.

So far this is it. IN between coffee breaks and YM chats, this is what I have come up with. It's not yet finished, but a lot of weight in opinions are already disposed in this post. Again, everything is based on my opinions. Make some sense with it or don't. Everything is free here, it's up to you.

Political Commercial Ads

Philippine Senators and big Political figures who appear in commercials (a handful of them already), are not banned from doing so. They're just "subtly" gaining popularity in preparation for the Presidential race (uh-huh!). It's true that the Constitution bans politicians or civilians for doing premature campaigns, but the senators and political figures that are currently appearing in "skin whitening" "Weight Loss" "Advocacy ads"and other commercials are not considered official candidates yet since they haven't actually filed for their candidacy papers.

It's funny but it's as if we're "new and ignorant" to the game and stylistics of Political campaigning. Maybe the role has slightly reversed. There has been a study and a trend that celebrities who are running for office have an equal or better chance of getting a certain post despite their lack of formal exposure because they are in a truest sense, "famous." The culture of Philippine politics have slowly changed when actors, with just a genuine feel of service, are slowly gaining post, even the highest post in the nation, which is the Presidency. The theory of commercial popularity may be ludicrous and frustrating to some, but it's quite ignorant to deny this fact. It's true that mass have learned from past mistakes. It's always positive to assume that most assess the candidates beyond their popularity, glitter and glam, but a little casual exposure through commercials that have a wider and casual reach to the public may help.

Skin whitening and weight loss commercials showcase products that are very relevant and popular in this day and age. They may be reaching out to people in a more casual and human method. Eventhough they're not subject to atrocious physical demands, appearing in these products make them feel more human since they can opt to endorse a personal choice many of us "normal people" have identified ourselves making. The busy and hectic demands of politics still usher to beautification aspects that all of us at some point can relate to. Not everyone can understand and appreciate politics, but health, wellness and beautification may hit the jackpot.

It's true at some point when passing by Edsa, one may feel quirky seeing Sen. Panfilo Lacson in a Whitening Ad. The two images may not be reconciling well on the spot, but wasn't this the same case when you first heard Mr. Estrada running for presidency, and he actually won? The two areas are slowly integrating and being maximized by the others' use. Now, it's the Politicians entering the field celebrities know best. That's Philippine Politics for you. Just like actors who are not discouraged to run, politicians too may have a take on the world of endorsements.

In legal terms and practice there is really nothing wrong with it. It's a form of freedom of expression and it's the way politics and the entertainment industry are slowly integrating in the Filipino Culture. We have to face the "ads." But the real question and assessment of "motives," "noble act" of these ads are left for our own judgment. Just like freedom of expression, we also have the freedom to form our opinions and observations with it. My opinion would be almost half or all of the politicians you see on these ads will run in the next elections. If that opinion remains true, then what they're doing would be a form of premature campaigning; unfortunately we cannot backtrack and file cases against them. And third, it's funny to think but, just give them what they want. Ibigay ang hilig. As long as we can form opinions about this and are aware of the political revolution, we may be shielded. Revising the constitution may be another answer to account for these subtle forms of 'premature' campaigning. Welcome to Philippine Politics. But saving the technical and political aspects aside, now that I'm aware of this certain "integration" and have become cynical about this, i wish they'd just stop because it's damn irritating.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Minute By Minute Reporting

What I'm currently, by the moment, up to lately.

Well a few hours ago I've been surfing and was able to finish A Detroit Blog and A Christian Bale Fanatic blog.

Then 15 minutes ago my neighbor-friend Nikkon buzzed me to get ready while waiting for AJ. He desperately wants to go to Rockwell to spend his GC at Topman. Such a mind boggling situation, isn't it?

I got ready. Finished a chapter of Human Bondage by W. Somerset Maugham, which I'm still trying to find a connection with; and replied to some emails. The plan is to go to Makati and from there probably wait for Mitch from his Subic training. Not really a detailed and organized plan, but a plan nevertheless.

I heard the movie Mama Mia's good, but I doubt it if I could get these two masculados to watch it with me. Coffee is always nice, but Nikkon has a kiti-kiti syndrome. He won't be able to bear the torture. I guess we'll just result to malling or a few card games wherever.

Now this is the perfect time to realize why bumming around opens up more possibilities. Does joining an organization with Vanessa So ring a bell?

One thing about being on "vacation mode" you rarely are aware of the exact day or dates. I almost forgot that today's Friday. Shame on me.

Excuse the added residue

Excuse this additional residue care of Christian Bale.

I'm still recovering from major infatuation by the Batman male cast. I am specifically smitten over Cillian Murphy, whom appeared in less than a minute. Gary Oldman, as early as Bram Stocker's Dracula and Scarlet Letter, I am his fan. He might NOT know this (Duh, of course he doesn't), but I keep a picture of him walking in Universal Studios LA with his son. Vanessa So, my friend and host in LA, took a picture of him while I hid behind her petite frame. I still keep that photo in my cabinet by the way. And of course, Christian Bale, need I say more? Who would have ever thought he would take on Batman? Take on he did with more justice and edge, and more successful than ever.

Brilliant. Beautiful. Beaming.

Jim Graham. Empire of the Sun. First noticed his acting Prowess. Directed by Spielberg.

I love this socio-political movie, Swing Kids. Thanks HBO. Here he plays Thomas Berger.

He plays Laurie to this remarkable Film, Little Women. I think I might have watched this movie a hundred times. Wanted to slap Jo, played by Winona Ryder, for declining him. Never!!

Played Chris Lloyd in this artistic British Movie.

With all that make up, he's still amazing!

Walter Wade in the Shaft

Played Cleric John Preston in the action movie with Taye Diggs, Equilibrium. This is Batman in the making, people. His cute Gun-Kata stance.

Who could forget this dashing, American Psycho?

Um..hello there!

Watched this on DVD, found it disturbing. Gosh, he's still on my list. He would be my perfect icon for weight loss!
Batman Begins, after Machinist...look at that Bod!

3:10 to Yuma, a must see country Film!

And of course Batman!

I've seen more of his films like The Prestige, The New world, Pocahontas (Voiced Thomas), Portrait of a Lady, Treasure Island, Mary Mother of Jesus where he played Jesus etc. He is that damn versatile! I "crush" him! I adore his works!'s all simple admiration, "lust" and eye candy from here on...

More power to Mr. Bale!

Thank you for the brilliant sources for the pictures:

Two points on Detroit

This blog is dedicated to Detroit, which fueled my inspiration to write today.

One of the benefits of managing your time and being on vacation mode is that you'd get to relive some couch potato moments. Being an HBO kid ever since cable crept into our household, I am familiar with some movies that get to be repeatedly shown randomly. So, it was at around brunch the other day and I was getting ready to go to Makati. HBO was on and I heard and saw the start up credits of a very familiar movie. I stopped whatever I was doing and confirmed it was DETROIT ROCK CITY. I've watched this in my early years in college and this movie never failed to crack me up. Since I'm a fan of cult films and 80's teenage films like Dazed and Confused, Fast Times at Ridgemont High, Heathers, Lucas etc. it was no wonder why I liked this film.

The film's about four teenage boys-rock band wannabees in Cleveland in the time when Disco's slowly dying and Rock was slowly booming. They're major Kiss Band Fanatics and they geared up to watch Kiss' Major concert in, where else, Detroit Michigan, hence the title of the film. But it wasn't that easy. The do-gooder Jeremiah (Jam) played by the crushable Sam Huntington is the only child of a freakish religious-power tripping mom who is vocally and aggressively against the devil's music (Kiss). She accidentally found four Kiss Concert Tickets and burned them in front of the helpless Jam. She then whisked her son to a catholic boarding school as a punishment while his three friends Trip, Lex and Hawk tried to rescue him. It was a roadtrip that ended in misery when they arrived at the busy Detroit, an hour and 45 minutes before the concert, ticket less and Lex's Volvo car stolen.
My mom's going to ground me for a year. We have to go to the police
Man, do you really think that the police in this city, that makes American cars, would care less about a stolen Swedish car.
*GOOD POINT there.

The four of them separated to look for possible sources of tickets and had four individual adventures of their lives. Trip being the always stoned dude had a nerve wracking stand off at some convenience store where he was robbed by a punk ass kid and a quarterback brother, but later on rescued the convenience store from a shotgun robber. Lex, whose mom owns the Volvo, sneaked and was chased backstage only to be thrown off in an isolated junk garage where he was chased by Guard dogs. He soon found out that his car was inside a warehouse in preparation for 'reconstruction' by some mechanic goons. He got the dogs' assistance somehow and managed to rescue the girl hostage and his car. Hawk, out of desperation, danced in a Strip club, to get money to pay the scalper for the tickets. Unfortunate for him, he puked a pitcher-full on stage and lost the competition, but good thing he was the apple of a hot mama's eye played by Shannon Tweed. Jam in the meantime was caught by his Mother in a MATMOK (Mother against the Music of Kiss) rally and forced him to attend confession in a nearby church. He was secretly joined by Beth, his long time crush and classmate and lost his virginity in the confessional booth. After which, he faced his fear and confronted his mother in front of all MATMOK followers. In the end, they met up, still ticket-less and frustrated. Their last hope was to beat each other up to gain the concert authorities' sympathy. It just so happened that while they were appealing, the guys who robbed Trip of his wallet were seen entering the concert premises. Trip, with fast thinking, turned the tables around and accused those guys of robbing them of tickets. The guards, upon seeing Trip's wallet in their possession, gave the tickets to the four teenage die-hard kiss fanatics.

This movie is such a cult film that not everyone could appreciate it. But it draws special attention to some. It's definitely a teen movie with an edge. It shows ingenuity and passion in the eyes and perception of a high school student. It speaks of adventures that normally are not encouraged by the 'norms' of society, yet the characters in one way or another grew from the experience and eventually got what they wanted. Also, One major similar factor of these four teenagers is that they both got an opportunity to kiss a girl in their respective adventures.

The movie also showcases Detroit, the largest city of Michigan, as the "automotive capital" of USA. It is the home of three major American Car makers known as the Big Three: General Motors, Ford and Chrysler. These companies pumped up the American car demand and the strength of its business, globally, was felt more than ever. But with the US economic recession, global oil scarcity and price hike, the once "automotive capital" is facing a meltdown forcing its Big Three's to face profit loss. The US and global tastes in automotive have changed with the constant oil price hikes. The powerful and gas guzzling SUVs are being battled by the "lamb-ish," economical multi-utility vehicles and smart cars promising conservative gas usage. Throw in other factors of consideration such as high unemployment rates, environmental factors and inflation and you've got the unfortunate picture.

According to the NY times report, Ford Motor Company had the biggest falling sales of its pick-ups and SUVs which contributed to the quarterly loss in its 105-year history. According to the study, consumers are moving away from SUVs and trucks, which Ford greatly relied on. If you would remember here in the Philippines Ford Expeditions, Explorers, Honda CRVs in the early 2000 had a mushroom effect, but expect for a second hand Expedition to be sold in a profitable price now, I say pray for a novena. My dad estimated how 300 bucks in this gas guzzler only took him from Sun Valley Pque to Makati central, one way. With these concerns, Ford is now formulating new product plans in focusing on fuel-efficient and smaller cars. "They will convert 3 of its North American plants from truck-based products to small cars". General Motors, according to analysts, will follow suit. The challenges for these once confident car makers are the ability and availability of resources to transform their image to the market based on their new economical products to consumers, and sustaining growth in the process. Their success may affect the whole US economy, especially Detroit. In US, where they think Bigger is always Better, pickups sales are down by 25% and SUVs by 35%. According to experts, a 3 year old SUV is at its worst when you trade it in. The seller wouldn't be able to get the appropriate value for the car. But some couldn't sacrifice the necessity of living over SUVs and profits. Do not be surprised if SUVs are being sold cheaply, and I doubt if some would even bother to buy. See full article here.

It's always nice to look back. Detroit as the power automotive city and a "rock city" fueled industrialism and ingenuity. They pride themselves with a good city and a stable economy. If there's one thing that Detroit and all other states have to prove, it's adaptability.


Thursday, July 24, 2008

Burned, Under Meaningful Search

It's hard to be a bum. It's more complex since you have more room to think and ponder about your situation not unlike if you're just going with the usual daily routine flow. Newsflash, people are mostly afraid of themselves and they naturally avoid this situation. They get engulfed with what 'society' imposes on them and couldn't look at themselves in the mirror. (Sounds like me!) The situation being is that you're unemployed and the focus tends to magnify on the "lack" of what's happening in your life. The "lack of a job" might give the wrong signal of "lack of self-worth." You have no deadlines to think off. You don't have any bosses and officemates to consider. You don't have to wake up early and fight the marching crowd. It immediately sounds "lack of productivity" and "lack of focus." It builds up intense pressure on a person especially if he's trying to shield himself from society's "lack of perspective."

I've been a bum before and it's always by choice. I was drained from working my ass off eversince I graduated in 2003 and I felt that my body and mind screamed for a certain professional halt. Call this bumming a "sabbatical" leave. I visited my province. I went around cruising with friends. I became familiar with noon time shows, played SIMS like there's no tomorrow and focused on myself and my goals. After those 6 months of leave, I was calmer, more attuned to my needs and have a clearer grasp of my goals. I never saw myself, not even for one bit, unproductive. It was a positive thing.

Most people do not appreciate when this time comes to them. Most people fail to realize that we are the ones who create our own race. We can easily turn things around for the better or worse. Most people believe that being a bum accounts for something negative since it's a form of societal disgrace, but few think about it as a form of transition. It's great that you have a job and you're contributing to the economy, but who are you fooling if that job is merely a job created out of necessity. It's realistic, yet is it really the only life you choose to live? Some may have answered that question, but some never thought of that at all. It's great if you have a career that maximizes everything you have ever stood for, yet what good is there if your mental and physical health are sacrificed? It's good that you have a job in an industry that glitters in the sky, yet you come home unhappy. People fail to embrace being a bum because they might be scared about the realizations of the life they are living. It's scary to see society's expectations crumbling in front of you. It's painful, but if done right, it's a rejuvenating process.

I have been a bum once and now I'm a bum again. One instance is out of choice, and the other forced me to make a choice. I accepted it whole heartedly and made the most out of it. I never once saw myself worthless and I think I'm more powerful than what Society Expects me to be. Being a bum thought me a lot of things about myself; and I wonder how many people can go through the same experience.

Now that I have less than 30 days of becoming a bum again, I somehow felt boredom raining on my parade. For some reason, I missed the chaos and corporate warfare. I tried to channel it through going out, immersing myself with the crowd rather than being a hermit, which I'm always used to doing anyways. With the signs, I would go and involvein various projects like documenting our house, making a sort of indie film with a couple of bum friends, trying to see and make a paper of a bum's life and just enjoy nature and my loved ones doing simple things like cooking for them, having dinner with them, being their personal assistant, which I have already initiated yesterday when I was busy making medical appointments for my boyfriend. I'm trying to delve in things I wouldn't normally do and it teaches me new things about the world and myself. I get to share more and incorporate more to take me on my next challenging journey.

Being a bum is not something to be feared off if done right. I should be an expert in this. Being a Bum is really a transition of greater things to come. It's all in the mind and perfect timing of execution. And whenever you say the word BUMS, it goes beyond the concept of slacking. We are just people trying to prepare for a different flight. Do not ever pity Bums because they might be doing something greater and braver few have ever had the courage to do. Bums are more than just a segment of society. They are Burned souls Under Meaningful Search.

Batman: The Dark Knight

I woke up early today despite the vacation status. Blame it on Batman: The Dark Knight movie. I watched it with Mitch and with Sun Valley friends last night and it's as if we went on a drinking session. Just like when you get drunk and there's still residue of alcohol seeping through your veins; I have that kind of hangover with Batman. Putting it into extremes I've on and off dreamed about the movie, with emphasis on Christian Bale of course.

Probably this is the best, most complex and powerfully-casted Batman movie I've ever seen. This is not a beginner's best waters. Everything about it is redefined to utmost reality given all the necessary complexities of the human personalities. This is a movie wherein we see beyond the iconic characters that we've all grown to love. If you're expecting a simple climactic flow of the battle of good and evil, this is not the movie you're looking for. It takes you on a fast pivotal journey that defies the linear flow of what a normal movie should be like. This movie is beyond all the action sequences and the charisma of characters. This superhero franchise is a DAMN INTELLIGENT MOVIE that makes complexities and detailed use of intense sequences the main ingredients. I sincerely felt I was taken into a smashing rollercoaster ride that keeps on going on and on. I even told Mitch that Christopher Nolan, the story writers, the cast and the crew did a painstakingly brilliant job with this that no wonder some person's got a little bit intense. I cannot even begin to imagine how a simple Batman Movie of Schumacher's have transformed into a rich, complex and intense version of Christopher Nolan's.

Who would have thought that a simple Superhero franchise could come up with an intense and rich plot that really made the sole foundation of this brilliant movie? Usually some movies attempt to branch out sequences and disperse the story lines and character focus, but most fail to produce a concise and well-thought movie. Here, it's chaos with utmost sense that clings to the main plot that you would never get left out nor lost. It's intelligent in a sense that it gives the viewers the constant mental exercise and reflections of the story behind Batman, the Gotham society and the other characters. The action scenes, gadget scenes and even a little bit of romance scenes were mere accessories to the film. We got blown away by the originality and the breathtaking moments, yet we always went back and clung to the story, not the other way around.

Action scenes of individual combats were minimal. It's forgivable since Batman had already proven his ability in this genre, although you get to enjoy Batman's rage against Joker once in a while, see Batman irritated at its finest. But if you're seeking new Gadgets and Technology, there's this cool Sonar addition led by Lucius Fox, and not to mention the Lamborghini, Batmobile, Bat-cycle and the usual computer enhanced headquarters. Major sequences such as the building gliding, highway chase, Truck somersault, explosions fused with all other brilliant visuals, scores and sound effects support this brilliant creation.

Mentioning the brilliant story, the cool action and gadget sequences with the eerie ability of sound and effects, the actors also deserve an ovation. There were no bit parts here. Every part was important and brilliantly played by equally popular actors (Such as "mahone" in prison break, Cillian Murphy "Scarecrow" "Mr. Reese"). Heath Ledger's Joker gave more complexities to the already twisted complex villain. Here is he not the comical pompous character he used to be. Heath Ledger gave Joker a more human and intense side. He plays the character so well that you forget who's behind that messy make up. He easily stole the show and he gave justice to the Joker we all know. I kept on thinking with regards to the next Batman movie, the next actor would have LARGE shoes to fill.

Christian Bale's Batman is smashing as ever. But I've got to admit, because of the story, Batman's Character was not the glorious cape crusader he once was known to be. Here he has inner dilemmas with his own position in Gotham society and his presence were swayed by the various characters who make up the story. He is probably the most edgy Batman for me. His handsomeness is not commercial! He embodies the perfect Batman. Despite that synthetic voice whenever he's in a suit...I still adore him!!!

Gary Oldman as Gordon gives a consistent and strong performance. He is still freaking handsome by the way. Aaron Eckhart plays the blond debonair Harvey Dent opposite Christian Bale's dark and edgy appearance. He is very effective together with the other characters, and he introduces the twisted Two-Face, who was once played by Tommy Lee Jones. Morgan Freeman's Lucius Fox is also consistent, the usual performance you could expect from Morgan Freeman. Maggie Gyllenhaal's Rachel Smith is unexpected, yet perfect fit for the movie. Every character was pulled together by the story and they all played marvelously well. Good job to the casting directors and good job to these actors.

Some scenes I like are:

1. Ferry's Social Experiment. It really makes you wonder if you were in their position
2. Joker's true reason for his being. He is after beyond the money. He is smarter than you think.

3. Harvey Dent's real purpose in the story. He served as the turning point and proof of Joker's brilliant mind of turning Gotham's White Knight to the worst.
4. Batman's true level of endurance. (We're not talking about Physical here) Why he becomes the Dark Knight. Batman's role a the hero, changing the course of Gotham.

5. Peek of the next installment!!

6. ARROGANT lines that will leave you cracking. Only Bruce Wayne could pull it off:

Alfred: Will you be using the batmobile, sir?
In the middle of day, Alfred?
Of course not. The Lamborghini, much more subtle.

Bruce bumps into Rachel Smith and Harvey Dent in a crowded posh restaurant
Bruce Wayne: [after walking into his restaurant] Why don't we put some tables together?
Harvey Dent: I don't think they'll let us. Bruce Wayne: They should…I own the place.
Lucius on Mr. Reeds' accusation against Bruce Wayne
Lucius Fox: Let me get this straight. You think that your employer, one of the richest men in the world, is spending his nights running around the city beating criminals to a pulp with his bare hands? And your plan is to blackmail him? Good luck with that.

This is the perfect relationship of Batman and Joker:

Batman: Why do you wanna kill me?
The Joker: Kill you? I don't wanna kill you... you complete me.

Harvey Dent: It's either you die a hero or you live long enough to see yourself as a villain

Bruce Wayne: I knew the mob wouldn't go down without a fight. But this is different. They crossed the line.
Alfred Pennyworth: You crossed the line first, sir. You squeezed them, you hammered them. And in their desperation they turned to a man they didn't fully understand.

Waiting for more than 4 hours in the mall, buying an additional 6 good ticket seats for friends made it all worth it. The 190 pesos for roughly 3 hours ride didn't leave us hanging. All aspects of the movie were brilliantly done. Recommending it is already an understatement.

PS: People were asking me which one I'd pick or recommend more, Spiderman or Batman? Well just in case you're wondering....hands down I'm for the BAT. (Movie-wise and character wise)

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Exception Processing Shit

I've been very busy the past couple of days that I had no decent time to write. There were so many life changing and exciting things that happened that I couldn't even imagine how it all started. Last week started my official vacation/unemployment. Then just last weekend I got a call from another smashing opportunity, which I haven't actually applied for. My dad even insisted I offer something at mass. Yesterday, Monday, I grabbed it. I brought AJ with me as we cruised around Makati, had lunch at Pepper Lunch, saw a Vavavoom celebrity doctor and had a blast. My village friends and I succeeded until the evening as we have witnessed another couple meltdown courtesy of my friendly neighbor. Then I woke up, feeling refreshed to write and maximize my computer when this freaking message pops out every now and then: "EXCEPTION PROCESSING MESSAGE c0000013 Parameters 75b6bf9c 4 75b6bf9c. I just have to click cancel a couple of freaking times before it disappears and clears up my view. This paragraph took a few more minutes to write. It's just irritating and I tried to troubleshoot it by running myconfig and disabled all start up thingamagics. I tried, and the computer still failed me!

According to the forums I've read this is caused by a faulty installment of Norton Virus, which is just too technical for me to handle. Some say that's it's practically useless and caused by ITunes. I tried to follow specific instructions to the best of my IT abilities, but it's still in front of my face every 5 seconds!

I have to get to the bottom of this or someone's bound to get to the bottom of this. Computer problems really tick me off. Puts me in a bad writing mood. So I'll just stop for now until this problem's solved.