Saturday, July 5, 2008

Back and Better: Also a WANTED REVIEW

I've come back from a quick overnight rejuvenation and I feel better, great even!

I've done what I needed to do. I've slept more than what is normally allowed for adults; and I ate more than what is normally allowed for anyone. I've become more than a one day millionaire. It was all worth it. I was happy.

Speaking of happiness, AIM Hotel was great. It was simple and accessible to the hot spots; and someone was extremely happy with the wi-fi. :)

And to totally fulfill my rejuvenation list, Mitch and I watched WANTED last night to catch up with our regular movie viewing. We tried to avoid the main crowd so we didn't go for Hancock only to find out that Wanted was already jampacked. Good thing we got there earlier and got tickets. I don't know what's with Greenbelt yesterday but the place was alive.

I do have a couple of expectations with WANTED. I'm expecting an action packed movie. Mind blowing even, basing it on the trailers. I also expected a good and unique plot, and for Angelina Jolie to be, well, Angelina Jolie. I'm not exactly too particular.

As we coursed through the first parts, I figured that the movie's editors and special effects head love slow motion sequences, mostly concentrated on the flow of the bullet to the designated targets. The action sequences were okay. Breathtaking to some extent, unbelievable and pointless in some. They have a penchant for guns, which reminds me of the movie EQUILIBRIUM wherein Christian Bale's character is performing the supreme, slow motion sequence, Gun Kata. Well, personally, Equilibrium's better. Some action sequences would tinker your mind, but don't expect it to be answered. I felt that it was a movie that wanted to showcase their brand of violence as an art, that it falls short. It's not something that would make your jaw drop to put it bluntly. Some of the scenes were messy. If they're trying to show the extremes, might as well go all the way, cleanly. Somehow the actions hang in the middle. The only thing I liked about it was the curved aiming of pulling the gun trigger. That was impossible, but really cool to watch. I even urged Mitch to try it with his Camera and still achieve the perfect centralized shot.

In terms of the plot, well it was simple. A guy who's trying to find his purpose in this world got eventually recruited by this elite to supernatural fraternity as an assassin. Gradually he finds out that he has an innate ability to be a master assassin himself care of his absent father whom he never met. Sloane, the head of the fraternity, and friends (including Angelina Jolie) trained Wesley (the main character) into being one with the fraternity to kill their arch enemy, assassin extraordinare, Cross. Eventually secrets were unfolded and a certain twist was presented at the end of the movie. The twist was a good effort, makes you think that at least something's new...finally!

The movie was like a rollercoaster...kind of literally. As you develop questions, and I'm sure you do unless you're watching it stoned, well don't expect everything to be clear and answered. The action sequences will just overwhelm you and before you try to answer questions lurking in your head, it's already gone because you're more interested on the bullet exchanges and bloody murders anyway.

James McAvoy, a European actor, plays a good Wesley with all his droopy, anxiety ridden portrayal. This movie welcomes him into the mainstream Hollywood genre since his last artistic, period-piece movie release, the Atonement. He quite reminds me of Tobey McGuire though, but a more jaded version.

Morgan Freeman plays the usual introspective mentor. You may watch his other movies and his role here is no different. Well if there's one thing, he is consistent.

Lastly, Angelina Jolie, well excuse this review but, I'm quite tired to see her portraying the same tough girl that kicks balls while looking like a sultry gypsy. Her character here is no different from her Lara Croft and Mr. and Mrs. Smith. She exhibits the same stares, the same aura and the same aloof and tough portrayal of the character. There's no room for more expectations. Even her physique makes it frailty or unbelievable. If you put Carie Anne Moss (Trinity of the matrix), I'm sure it would elicit the same feel as The Matrix. But Angelina Jolie? ig got confused and distracted because she's been, from time in memorial just, clinging to these characters. It's like the producers of this movie haven't had enough energy to tap other actresses and just relied on Angelina Jolie. Probably they might be suffering from too much Angelina Jolie exposure, or they've lost other resources and creativity. Nevertheless, she, as usual, kicked butt while looking gorgeous. But for once, I want to watch her and completely forget about her.

*pictures in the movies Lara Croft, Wanted and Mr. and Mrs. Smith

Don't expect the movie to offer some brain food. It has various attempts to entertain you, but do not expect something extraordinary. It would have been good if shown way before Matrix. There's nothing new and deep about this. But I do believe there's a humble merit in exerting effort. :)

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