Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Stay Happy and Keep it together

Are you familiar with the Death Note series, popularized and created in Japan? It's an anime about a very smart Japanese HS boy, who acquired a Death Note from a Shinigami (Death God). He then acquires the power to write the full names of those whom he wants to die on the notebook. Specifications, conflicts and rules do apply, but the point is, you get the picture of a death spree. Or what about he suicide club, a film, wherein massive school girls in Japan make a pact and commit suicide in public places like train stations and school buildings? Artistically it may merit distinction since materials and plots like these involve a highly complex, creative and bold mind. But sometimes it does freak me out how it may transcend to reality.

Most of us have been aware of the recent Japan killing spree, wherein a 25 year old guy, practically still has raging hormones left in puberty, randomly killed more than 5 people in the Akihabara district. The reason? Well he was depressed, neglected and out of his wits. The reason for his depression? Probably, the normal shit that 20 year olds go through, or to be more specific, maybe there's a truth in quarter-life crisis after all. I would understand the pressures of committing suicide in the confines of one's own place (sparing everyone of the drama and gory deatails), but killing others, who are managing to stay positive and alive, is so unforgivable.

Japan is a very cultured and an amazing country, but sometimes they tread the concept of Death in a realm I find strange at some extent. Death is easily portrayed as a quick escape and more of a sensation that makes you think of how their psyche operates. There must be so many psychological factors that might have been triggered either in their culture or lifestyle that made them let go of their sanity and lacking of remorse.

There's a new report now that as many as 300 internet warnings of mass murder and other death threats have been posted in Japan online after the knifing rampage by Tomohiro Kato. - Manilatimes. Police forces have been constantly tracking the offenders and have gotten some reports that these offenders, including a 16 year old girl full heartedly declared their desires to kill and commit suicide. They even see Kato as their "idol". Kill the negative brainwaves, why don't you? Whatever happened to perfect role models and the honorable concept of harakiri? At this regard, I'm blessed to be surrounded by Filipinos, at least no matter how stuck to the mud we are, we still manage to laugh and be merry. Yes, merry we must amidst so many painstaking issues like the resounding 144 USD dollars to an oil barrel, gas per liter is 60 pesos in June and might reach a 100 during Christmas. Inflation is set to a 10-high and even Sugarfree cookies from 87 bucks rises up to 97 bucks. Blast, see what gas can freaking do? Killing ourselves and killing them might prove very unsatisfactory. What we do is to strive and make things work somehow...with a smile of course. I guess in this regard, it pays to be a little bit crazy.


Anonymous said...

honestly, japan should have psychology subject in middle school... or in junior high!

opinionatedbanana said...

I hate to say that you're right. I believe we are all going through similar hardships one way or another. I just don't understand how come they can easily break. We all break, but their numbers and thinking are extremes. Indeed something must be done.