Tuesday, July 8, 2008

The 4 in a night incident

I call this incident just because it wasn't planned and certainly it wasn't what I wished for to happen. I always try to plan for more relaxing, economical and healthy activities on stressful weekdays especiallyMondays. But last night it was everything but "relaxing, economical and healthy."

At around 6 in the afternoon my unfortunate cold struck me hard to the point of me hallucinating. I felt I couldn't stand crowded and polluted places anymore, yet I have to fix my errands and pay my phone bill. I trotted to Globe Business Center in Greenbelt after trying to sweat the cold out of my system. Since it was agreed that I was to wait for Mitch until he finishes his tech business, I decided to follow my cravings and have dinner. I went to Cafe Bola just because I was craving for their tomato meatball sandwich; and meatball sandwich I did get despite the fact that I just ate the same dish last Friday night. Good thing the restaurant was partially spotless of noisy groups means less demanding groups and faster delivery of orders. After Cafe Bola, I longed for hot vanilla coffee and was aiming to read my book. I went inside Coffee Bean and found out that my favorite spot was already taken. There were no available sofas in sight, so I went to the next comfortable spot that happens to be direct to the air conditioning. I know that yesterday was sweltering hot, but the air conditioning in Coffee Bean was crazy. I can see people inside the store, in strategic spots, wearing knitted sweaters and funky coats whereas I only had my old cardigan. Nevertheless I sat on the spot and tried to enjoy my coffee for about, well 10 minutes. I couldn't stand the piercing cold anymore and my once hot coffee was already on the road to becoming an iced latte, so I transferred seats. While I was there I sipped my coffee like crazy to generate whatever heat's left. This was the time my condition's gone from bad to worse. I felt I couldn't move anymore that every means of transportation should be done through teleportation. I've always mentally managed and controlled my colds ever since I was a kid, but this particular bug that hit me last night was intense. I was already ready to give up and to sleep on the couch when Mitch called.

Mitch told me that he'll finish in a few minutes and asked if I had dinner already, because apparently he hasn't at 8 pm. I couldn't make "tiis" (Couldn't stand the thought) when he requested if I could get him a quick dinner somewhere near from where I was. So I finished my coffee and immediately went out. For a few seconds I underwent system malfunction because I realized that McDonald's or Jollibee was quite far from where I was. It's either I go to the AIM side in Greenbelt 1 or I just cross the Landmark bridge and to go to Glorietta. Since the Landmark passageway was still open and Glorietta's more promising when it comes to food choices, I hauled my ass there. My dinner and coffee somehow helped and I feel slightly better.

So, I went to McDonald's and purchased his meal only to find out there was no diet coke available. I went out and directed myself to some independent stall to buy some water when I saw Burger King. I've been craving for onion rings since last week and I think I read an information that eating onions might help alleviate colds...or I was just looking for an excuse. So I went to Burger king, purchased diet coke and large onion rings and ate some while waiting for Mitch.

I realized I literally went restaurant hopping in 2 hours finishing a record of 4 restaurants in 2 malls. Computing how much money I've spent made my head ache worse and I suddenly felt that my cold's coming back in full force. Good thing Mitch was already there as I trotted to my salvation. While in his car I think I was hallucinating already. It's funny that the car lights in front of me were like disco balls and I speak with a drunken slur. He was pretty worried as he didn't think I'd be this "wasted" and decided to make things lighter. But I was still in my cranky disposition and mind you...hallucinating at that.

When I got home I washed up for 5 minutes, changed clothes for 2 minutes, grabbed the remote, watched the Forbidden City in Nat Geo. After 10 minutes it was Blackout. I know I had random dreams that I couldn't remember as I slept like a baby. For a minute I thought the 4 restaurants in 2 hours was just a dream, but then I saw the receipts in my bag and an unappealing roll of tissue paper at my side. Unfortunately the incident was no dream nor a hallucination after all.


kegler747 said...

It's just a vitamin C deficiency syndrome :)

opinionatedbanana said...

I need CELINE ascorbic acid! 1 bottle to go please!!