Thursday, July 3, 2008

my WEATHER report

There are no rays of sun today.

The sky reminds me of Gotham City, the gloomy Gotham city with a low pressure area looming.

The color of the sky reminds me of the LEAD tip of any PENCIL. .


I cannot stop declaring my love for this weather! IT makes me nostalgic, believe it or not...adventurous and very calm. I may not like thrashing storms (arrogant weathers), but I certainly LOVE THIS.

If I'm not fulfilling my duties to my current company, here are the things that I would normally do: (not chronologically arranged)

1. Stay in my pajamas and watch Cartoon network, Discovery, Disney Channel or Nat Geo.
2. Catch up with my dad's TIME Mags
3. Read a good book
4. Organize my book database
5. Play SIMS, zoo Tycoon and Tekken
6. Do Wordsearch
7. Depends on the weather, I go out and take pictures for my blog
8. Depends on the weather, I go to a good coffee shop and go malling
9. Go on a diverse DVD Marathon
10 I blog of course...and surf


1. Lukyuen's Fish Fillet Congee with The Works
2. Lukyuen's Hakaw, fried meat dumplings
3. Big apple Pizza's Stromboli
4. Mexicali's Roast Beef Burrito
5. Miso Soup
6. Pancit Malabon
7. Hot pandesal with sliced cheddar cheese
8. Crab and Corn soup with squid balls
9. Double Fudge Brownie at Seattle's best
10. Bangus sisig with Java rice

On the serious side though, there's a LPA (Low pressure area) in the vicinity of MASBATE, embedded along the Intertropical Convergence Zone affecting Southern Luzon, Visayas and Northern Mindanao. Light to moderate rains.

See? I'm not making it up! My bliss has basis!


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