Monday, July 7, 2008

Question on Immunity

Immunity is the best policy of surviving these times. I just thought of it this morning and I can't help but snicker. When we see gas prices go up, it's a ground topic for discussion. We voice out our concerns with friends and families and we never fail to agree. I'm sure even if you're on a date, this topic will always come up in a conversation. It's that reliable. What happens is that we share our views, talk about it and nowadays just make a joke out of it, as if there's something we can actually do. The more it's been publicized, felt and talked about, the more we get immune to it. Just like what a newscaster said in a segment while she was covering the diesel price hike. She said that the people, from jeepney drivers to professionals, are already immune to continuous torture. My sentiments exactly, and in any similar situation, it is expected.

Immunity just like in any medical context is often seen as positive. Immunity at some extent ushers us to forge on and think of better alternative ways to survive the unfortunate events. Immunity in a way eliminates pessimism and negativity as it concentrates on better life. Immunity may give us an illusion that everything is all right. Although, I'm not implying that we are physically immune to these global issues. There are thousand of painful ways we get affected that make our lives inconvenient. I'm referring to the immunity of the mind and spirit. Think about it, if we totally give in and surrender our mentality to the image of our future that resembles a doom; or curse and be consumed by the rage of whatever price increase that might affect us, we may end up hurting ourselves, hurting others and create massive disparity. Immunity of the mind and spirit helps us to keep it together and forge on with life. We are slowly being immune to sullen attitudes, negative vibes and aggressive counter methods that make our inconvenienced lives somewhat bearable. But the question is how long can we keep this immunity working for us? Others may have been immune at some point, but with the lack of solutions wherein the mind cannot appease the physical aspects, they may have already surrendered their whole lives to total uncertainty. Siddharta Gautama, one of the rarest people who have neglected the worldly conveniences of his life, was immune to the absence of comforts mentally and physically. Honestly, I doubt if most of us can tread the same path. We still depend too much on the wrong things and it took us this late to realize it.

Immunity may serve only to focus on searching for better alternatives so we may never be inconvenienced again or just maintain the current situation. But immunity can serve as an illusion, a cynical view that everything is okay. If the unfortunate time reaches a certain point will immunity automatically transcend to the physical aspects or if not will we just totally lose it? Immunity is good, but for how long and how far, that is the ultimate question.

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