Wednesday, July 9, 2008

SO I heard, there's a Fare Hike..

As expected, even weeks before, that there will be fare hike. We just didn't know the exact numbers yet, but pretty much it was expected.

My colleague even asked me to look at a report yesterday that suggested Jeepney fares to increase up to 12.50 pesos from 7.50 pesos. Initial reaction was shock and distress, not that I depend on Jeeps most of the time, but it signalled impending concern with the vans and the taxis that really have the knack to demand and dictate. Jeepneys are more nationalistic. But being an avid taxi passenger, I've heard several "styles" taxi drivers use. It's bad enough that these drivers choose passengers based on destination, but some couldn't resist blurting out statements like:

"Ma'am, dagdagan nyo nalang ng 30 pesos, kawawa naman po kami, traffic. Mataas na po ang gas."

"Ma'am, kawawa naman ho kayo, sige na nga po, 100 nalang papuntang fort" (And I'm Makati-Buendia Area)

Depending on the urgency, I usually go out of the taxi, slamming the door shut, or I just meet their demands halfway. And if I ever decide to acquire their services, I would not resist the temptation of explaining my sentiments regarding the issue. I would vehemently point out that I am not immune to the economic lashings and it's not fare for them to blackmail the passengers like that. I often engagage in a debate which makes them irritated, which usually results to faster driving skills to get to my destination before the targetted time. It always works.

So now that there's a price increase in transportation fares, I feel kind of settled in a way since they won't have any right to demand for more when a decision was already handed. The proposal was approved by NEDA that a:

1. PHP 1 Peso increase in standard Jeepney Fare from 7.50 to 8.50. That's for 4 kilomters.
Succeeding kilometers is PHP .25

2. PHP 1 Peso for Ordinary (No Aircon) Bus fare. PHP .20 for every succeeding kilometer. Airconditioned buses from PHP 11.50 to 12.50

3. According to LTFRB (Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board), an addition PHP 10 for taxi fares

4. Provincial buses weren't included in the adjustment.

5. MRT and other Train transit remain the same.

I was talking to my colleagues a while ago about a quick segment in the news about the massive increase in number of passengers of MRT and LRT. Statistically it has reached its heights; and some of my colleagues who depend on MRT every single morning can feel the difference. Passengers, especially boarding in crucial, busy points, need to wake up early to be at the station on or before 6:30 am just to be able to squeeze themselves in the first batch. An executive of a popular Airline company even braves MRT everyday since it's much cheaper going from extreme north to southern parts. He would only be fetched in strategic points in the North in the evenings.

We all have our different ways to adjust and adapt to the times. This is where personal strategies come in. We cannot deny it anymore as we are feeling every effects in every possible angles. This fare increase may be distressing and expected, yet we still refuse to surrender.

Full report here

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