Monday, July 7, 2008

Car and Colds

I'm feeling under the weather lately. I've got colds that could inflate my head like a hot air balloon. My eyes are watery and droopy. I breathe through my mouth and my hearing sensation is fuzzy. I am close to finishing one tissue roll I just used this morning. This cold is not helping me at all and not helping the environment. Prepare for madame crankiness.

But a sort of memory cheered me up.

My father and I stopped by the gas station this morning and discussed the most profitable and convenient car we could buy. As usual, I'm for the Smart Car, but importing it here would be very difficult and he doesn't find it cute. He finds the Smart Car too small and weird looking. Fine. So we tried to do the process of elimination and we singled out these selections.

(SUZUKI Swift, comes in really exciting colors, form and features)

(TOYOTA Altis 2008)


Amongst the choices, I like Suzuki Swift best. Altis is also cool, yet in terms of gas consumption, might as well pick the more conservative car. Yaris is always a possibility, although lacking in marketing strategies. But I know too well that in the hands of my father, we're all best left to wait and see. You really don't know the level of my father's unpredictability.

Now back to gloomy, cold-stricken that Christian Bale I see? Blast the hallucinating! Blast this sipon!! (Colds)

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