Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Last Blog for 2008

This would be my last BLOG for 2008. I've managed to create, roughly 500 blogs for the year? Wonderful. I enjoyed every moment. This would be freestyle now as I'm ready to join the party outside. I've got few more minutes...

Okay as I type...Harvey, my dog, is trying to chase the fireworks like CIA. We all want him to stop because he looks like a complete asshole, but he is in his own little world now. At least he gets to experience his first New Year's. Hopefully not his last.

As I type, my father is watching Pinoy Blockbuster channel, eating grapes and locking himself in his room hopeful that not a single loose firecracker might go in his turf and start a fire. He refuses to use firecrackers now, and he doesn't know I'll be leaving a little after midnight for some party. I hope the firecrackers shush up so he can sleep.

As I type, my mother is preparing her 12 different kinds of round fruits. I heard her talking to a friend about the necessary "new year's rituals." Whatever. We're not even Chinese, but fine. Ibigay ang hilig. All lights turned on, check. Doors are open, check. Cotton balls are ready to be thrown, check. Fruits..damn it we're short by 5 she says. If all else fails, there are round puto, pandesal, mamon, hamon, and one untouched cake as proxies.

As I type my sister is getting drunk in the bar. I'm not sure if that's her own ritual.

As I type, my brother is watching the last installment of the Pirates of the Carribean. Loser.

It's unfortunate we wouldn't be in Makati to witness the spectacular fireworks display, but there's a special comfort spending new years at home, at our new house with my old crazy family.

2008 was fine. It wasn't a blast, but it wasn't fatal either. There were lot of challenges I could scream now to forever be forgotten, but there are triumphs and opportunities that also came my way. What matters here is that I'm still blogging, hopefully sane after tonight and eager and stronger enough to conquer 2009.

So they say that 2009 will be a worse year economically. I've heard those findings before. I've even heard it on the most recent homily. SO what? Is it our nature to fear 2009, then? No. It's a fresh year. It's a fresh start. It should be challenging to conquer and not to be cowards of.

I'm not going to list down those who have wronged me and those who have made my lives special. I'm sure they know who they are. I only have 30 minutes before 2008 ends and I don't want to spend my last 30 minutes enumerating them.


To those who are dear friends of mine, thank you for being with me and understanding me. You have been my rock, my entertainment and my collective wisdom.

To those who have wronged me, naturally you suck and try to be good for 2009. I don't want you making such a fuss in my life the next year, please, don't demand such air time.

To those whom I've wronged, consciously or not, I'm sorry for whatever it is that would make you feel better for 2009. I'm not evil despite how I project myself, you know that it's my shield from potential creeps and bitches out there. Let's not add more headaches for 2009, shall we?


Good health for me and my family.

Wonderful career year, that means money-wise too.

To be able to write something I've been longing for

To make sure that I pay all my debts, credit cards and insurances.

To be able to blog in good condition for the exit of 2009.

2009, may you be kinder, challenging and better than 2008.

Happy New Year. Welcome 2009

WE have 1 MORE hour left before we bury 2008.

I can't wait.

As I hear firecrackers outside, I couldn't have agreed to start the first seconds and minutes in a loud bang. Every bang signifies the death of the old, the birth of the new. Good job to the year that brought me some sufferings I've never imagined I'd conquer. Good bye to certain perceptions in life that seem to hold me back. Good riddance to those people who tried to make my life miserable. Forever they would be marked in my year end book of 2008, and that book would be kept in the deepest recesses of my memories.

The firecrackers, the champagnes, the food the parties are all for you 2008. You may not be perfect, but thank god I'm still here making a blog about you and thanking you for making me get through your thorns of anguish, anxiety and horror. But you also hold special memories that I would like to cherish. A new job. A new house. A new set of friends. A new pet and new perspectives in life. Cheers to you.

And cheers to 2009. I welcome your clean slate for people to trample on, to mark on and to cherish. May you be kind and hold as many blessings, opportunities and breaks for all of us. May you not totally submerge us with your economic turmoil. May you not break nations into wars. May you be kind to my family's health and to mine that we may still celebrate your exit. May you be an answer to my prayers.

Goodbye and Welcome. May this night be a transition of sorts.

Happy New Year.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

A Holiday with Robin Cook's Works

I'm sure you've either heard, seen or READ works of Robin Cook. If not, well just to inform you that he's been making medical-thrillers since 1977. He is an effective suspense novelist playing with the genre of medical science. Any controversies, issues, and twisted plots move around premises of either genetics, managed care, fertilization, organ donation, medical malpractice and drug research. If being a brilliant and knowledgeable writer isn't intimidating enough, he is also a licensed doctor by profession.

There are tons of suspense books lying around and before I felt that every suspense book of an author is the same with his other works. I believe an authors' works are limited to only one formula and only the characters, settings and targets change. Plus the fact that I'm not instantly a fan of mainstream titles, I've managed to know Robin Cook's name, but always passed by his works.

I was in High School then and I was waiting for my sister's classes to end. Out of boredom and lack of reading materials, I would ask our driver to drop me at Harisson Plaza, a desperate mall near our school, to bum around. I'd usually go to National Bookstore, buy an 80 pesos book of RL STINE (or whatever my allowance would permit) and read at McDonald's till it was time to pick up my sister. Then one lucky day there were piles of books on sale. At that time I was already familiar with the author Robin Cook. I would always see his works together with the works of Dean Koontz, Stephen King or Tom Clancy. I know my book collection might be eclectic, but I wasn't really much of a fan of suspense novelists. I felt they write too many books that each novel is just a rehash of the other. That goes the same with Romance-Erotic novels. Glad to report that I proved myself wrong on two counts.

As I picked up Robin Cook's book, I noticed it didn't look really brand new at all, probably because people were always touching or contemplating about it. Since the price was slashed and the summary had more twist than usual, I bought it. I read it and I liked it. After genuinely liking the book, the twist and the whole plot, I still wasn't transformed as a die hard fan. I appreciate his books though. I might read one of his works again, but I wasn't in a frenzy. I just thought I was plain lucky. I bet all of his books are about patients undergoing specific medical conspiracy with plain medical drama on the side anyways. I was wrong. If not for anything, his books are educational as much as they are thrilling.

I later on read some of his books like Harmful Intent, Outbreak, Acceptable Risk, Vital Signs and Blindsight. Yesterday I just finished on Fatal Cure. I agree that he has a formula, but that formula is not something anyone could be tired of. Also, some people might be intimidated since it's a thriller and much more a medical one. Characters often involved are those in the medical field and we are much worried about how a normal person could relate to the conspiracies, solutions and medical issues. That's where his brilliance comes in. Robin Cook is a naturally good writer. He tells the story so fluidly and so easily that I completely forgot I almost flunked Chemistry. Every chapter or every timing results to a page turning event that I would entertain a schizo moment to either slow down and cherish or be an insomiac. He doesn't use complicated jargons and euphemisms. His books won't leave you in a pool of complexities, but it also doesn't condescend its readers. The book is intelligent as well as enjoyable.

One other pertinent thing I like about his works is that as easy and interesting they all are, the reader would really feel educated and challenged to delve more on issues concerning medicine and health. One would feel while reading the book that the author is very knowledgeable and knows what he's talking about. Health issues and being in the hospital once in a while are somethings we can all relate to. We may not know how to be a spy or to be a kickass lawyer, but we have all been patients at some point in our lives. The plots of his books would definitely open everyone's minds on how medical care, scientific procedures and hospital bureaucracy work. These things we tend to ignore because we feel we are not empowered to understand. What his works does is to expose our dowsing minds a bit and in a way tells a story on how medical issues and procedures work in a language that universal readers will appreciate.

I just finished Fatal Cure yesterday, thanks to Mitch's mom for giving me her books, it kept me from eating those few cupcakes left at the fridge and easily fought the urge to go down to fix something to eat at night. As usual, the book was entertaining as well as educational. I am now with deep sympathy on philosphical issues doctors face and how the hospital bureaucracy works. What his stories do are to encourage us to investigate and not be totally intimidated by things we don't know. One of the most important aspects of our lives, which is HEALTH is something we should all give a chance to ponder and understand, even if it's through fiction.

Best Time To Shop: Choose

If you ask a person like me on when's the best time to shop, I would definitely answer:


1. The Day After Christmas
2. The Day After New Year
3. The half day of Black Saturday
4. The Day After Halloween
5. Whenever Pacquiao has a match
6. The day after a certain coup or mall threat-scandal
7. A week after payday
8. Tuesday 10 am - 3 pm
9. Monday 10 am - 3 pm
10. Thursday 10 am - 3 pm

Other than that, I suggest you go shop online if you're walking on a thin thread of what you would identify as "patience."

However, if once in a year, you are most willing to sacrifice your time and effort just as long as you will be able to maximize your resources, then you wait for the opportune times. Thanks to my mother, I know that she's already scheming for these:

1. AFTER CHRISTMAS SALE (End December to Mid January in leading malls and retail outlets)
2. AUGUST SALE (Pay day weekends that target recent summer collections)

Other random sales just pop out within the year, but in an annual shopping calendar, this is the best time to shop if you want to slurp on wonderful finds and enticing discount prices. There's only a catch though. People, which I have addressed in set A.

I am a cheapskate in shopping and I hate crowds. I guess I can't have both. Something has got to give.

Christmas BOO BOOS: Fart-icles

After my day-long stint at the office yesterday, I went to Villamor driving range to rescue Mitch who was post processing his photos (not into golf, whew) while our friend Nikkon was having his own roller-coaster fun doing amateur (premature) golf. After our usual debate, we decided to have dinner somewhere and leave Nikkon to his devices. We decided to hit SM Bicutan since we were already on our way home, but on the way decided to have dinner in his home instead. Since his mom cooks with restaurant quality I was the first one to agree.

On our way to the village Mitch did a nasty deed. He loves to pester me by releasing his "ghastly" (Gas-tly) weapon while we're inside the car. Good thing I was driving and I controlled the windows. I've experienced worse as a passenger. Unfortunately when I put the windows down the scent outside of Merville, all the way to Raya Gardens, didn't help at all. In fact, it was FATAL. It's a scent of canal, mixed with age long trash and some poo. We hurriedly closed the window and it somehow morphed his own FART to times 10. I started to lose my cool.

"You and your fart mixed with all of these scents burst into a fatal orchestration of deadly FARTI-cles in the air!"

Then silence, and silly, hysterical laugh afterwards.

Did I just say FARTICLES?

I am quite aware of the Filipino Speech Syndrome of P and F, but I always keep myself in check not to fall into that trap. I think I can pride myself for people having comfort in me not to mix these up. Hearing a speech full of conviction with the P and F syndrome is just too much for my EGO.

I just ended up laughing as it would tread down to the book of boo-boo's.

FARTI-CLES?? What was I thinking?

Monday, December 29, 2008

No Resolutions

I don’t make resolutions. I did when I was a kid, but admittedly broke it off on the exact New Year’s day. I figured resolutions do not necessarily have to happen on the start of the New Year. Resolutions can be done when you wake up in the morning in the middle of the year and it’s something ridiculously challenging that it often requires too much effort and time. What I make at the beginning of the year are goals.

Goals are more precise and more time-bound as compared to mere resolutions. Resolutions are ideal changes that we want to adapt in the New Year whereas Goals are something that we want to achieve throughout the year. Adapt is something that happens gradually and naturally. Achieve is something that we work for, that we target for. And seriously, resolutions always break without harboring remorse. Goals when not achieved, resounds failure, which has more impact for me at least. That’s why we always tend to break (forget) our resolutions. We would always feel that we have a year to try it again and our egoes aren’t penalized. But to have missed a goal in a particular year means losing target. Time and effort were spent out of a failing outcome. There are more things at risk in goals than in resolutions. Call me sadistic, but goals are the real thing for a fresh year.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

The thing on Overclinging couples is..

There is something weird about over clinging couples. Not that I outwardly hate them, it's just distracting. I quite understand that in the first phase of a relationship there is a need to develop that level of simple intimacy together. Both are still trying to familiarize with each others' physical comfort and the knowledge that they are officially "attached" with someone would make the groping, clinging, petting happen naturally.

It's understandable. True, but I cannot say that I, as a public viewer, appreciate the amount of distraction. Engaging in a conversation with full knowledge of the present relationship is enough than to have the additional actual arm-clinging and pulling and the petting and the nudging. It's verging towards PDA and instead of focusing on the conversation, I would at the end feel really uncomfortable. It's not as if I can blurt out this 'personal inconvenience' that would have been too rude and off the charts. So public would have to swallow it in. Clinging couples should think about the intensity, propensity and specific acts they may display in public.

A quick kiss, a purposely given hug are totally okay, rather than have couples finding each others' warmth in each others' body constantly. I believe I've been like that in my early years with my boyfriend. I'm not a hypocrite, but I never expose it in public. Gosh no, I would slap myself. It would be just too weird for me knowing I can put myself in the public's shoes and would end up puking. Or it's just that I'm not that mushy and sweet person to begin with.

Over clinging couples are irritating but something that I could bear. I could easily understand the intensity and the overflowing of emotions that transcend to physical actions. These feelings for the couples are priceless and I would just have to be the public that has to adjust. This comes with a person's personality and overflowed joy. Everyone has a choice and I respect theirs. I just don't want to reach a point wherein I have to choose to talk to them lest I puke or wag my flag of submission.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas Boo-Boos: Bitch Fit

Last Monday I went to Powerbooks Greenbelt to look for specific titles for our exchange gift. Sadly, the titles were hard to find so I just bought a 500 bucks worth of gift card. I could've given her my old copies of the books if I actually have one and probably throw in a new book I would highly recommend, but my collection of Nicholas Sparks' works is very limited. So, I got the card, had a quick filling of dessert and decided to wait for a taxi at the nearby Greenbelt Drop off point.

Upon going down the escalator I already sized up those who were flagging for taxis. All in all they were two, which makes me the third. Some few souls were just waiting for their private rides since sights of taxi do not unnerve them. So I waited in the middle spot being mindful of the two others who got there first. It was not a surprise for me to wait longer nowadays for a taxi being that almost everyone was out on lunch or people were just generous enough to take cabs to lessen forms of inconveniences in whatever Christmas rushed shoppings they had to do. But in roughly 20-30 minutes the two groups already got their taxis and I patiently waited for mine.

Suddenly there were two guys with manageable packages who appeared a few feet away from me obviously trying to look for a taxi. The younger one was in Barong and the other guy was wearing a tight fitting shirt and I'm guessing plucked eyebrows. They looked ridiculous together and they didn't even once smiled at each other nor talked. I guess they were having a rough day. I've been waiting for roughly 30 minutes already, standing on my heeled shoes, praying for a taxi to show up. Pleasantly there was one that came in the driveway. The taxi stopped short and it was practically in between the "guy group" and I. I prepared my things and moved on to the taxi hoping that the two degenerates would get the idea that I was there first. They must have seen me, unless they're blind or walking on cataract; and being men they would give the ride to me. Apparently they weren't half of the man I envisioned and they're a pair of ignorant assholes that should have acids poured to their eyes.

They swiftly got hold of the taxi and went in while I was outside the door looking at them conspicuously. If looks could kill I would have had darts piercing their membranes at that point. The gay looking guy looked at me and I didn't release my pissed stare at him. The younger guy saw me too, but sheepishly looked away knowing that they're at fault and whispered something to the gay looking guy. Mr. Gay looking guy threw a fit at the younger guy and the taxi sped away.

Now, I'm in a foul mood.

I vowed to myself that the next taxi that comes around, I don't care if it was a president of some god forsaken wallstreet bank forcing himself to get in, but it would be my taxi. Another 15 minutes from the horrible incident there were three middle-aged ladies carrying boxes of appliances with them, obviously looking for a taxi. With their packages, they should've known better than to walk around and look for taxis in a very unfortunate time. I made my presence known just to make sure and immediately saw a taxi pulling over. I quickly welcomed the taxi as if I'm the valet who will open the door when the NERVE OF ME the dark chubby girl followed my movement and positioned herself at the edge of the backseat door. She beckoned to her group to follow her because obviously "may taxi." Morons.

I just looked at her and why is it that she didn't look back when she can feel my nostrils steaming hot? I still stood silent. As the passenger went out of the opposite door because obviously we were blocking the other, the dark chubby girl extended her hand to the door handle completely ignoring my presence. Then I snapped.

"Excuse me, but I was here first."

Wala parin. NO effect.

In a louder tone. "Excuse me, if you have respect for yourself and enough common sense, you will let me go first because I've been standing here for almost an hour and this is obviously my taxi."

She just stared at me like I was some kind of diva. Actually, I felt it was just so right to let her feel that way.

I grabbed the handle and finally said without looking at her anymore. "Maghintay po kayo ng turn nyo." And went inside and offered directions to the driver. Unbelievable. People could be really ruthless and it's supposed to be Christmas. Come to think of it, as I shared to the taxi driver, I would've let her go in first if she had just politely asked me (then I would kill myself for letting her go). She has lots of packages, in polite democracy, I would've understood. But she just forced herself, completely ignoring my presence, and felt that I would back down. She was such a plain stupid ass bitch taking advantage on Christmas, and I just happen to be at that time, morphed to a bitch myself.

Merry Christmas.

Friday, December 26, 2008

What a Beautiful Day

AWW Shucks!!!!:D

A while ago I was grouchy to the extremes why I'm spending my Friday here at the office when I'm supposed to have lunch with my girls (Caan, Rosella and Leslie). I wasn't really in the mood to enjoy food or eat out when I skipped our annual Christmas lunch, which I NEVER DO. It also didn't help that they kept calling me to know if I could still make it to the point of letting me know that they ordered at CPK. They were all hoping to see me and offered wonderful temptations imaginable, but there are just some things that I have to sacrifice.

So I submitted to the fact of rotting my dull day at the office, but little did I know they were planning something for me. While I was reading some random blogs someone approached me and told me that someone was looking for me. I instantly assumed it was Mitch since he called me up that he's already at the nearby Starbucks and I invited him to keep me company at the office, but an officemate told me that a group was looking for me. It only took a few seconds to register that it was them!

I quickly got my badge, went to the main door and saw my girls at the lobby waiting for me with a small BANANA cream pie with a candle and prepared cameras. They literally surprised me! I was especially elated with the dessert they picked and the take out from CPK they wanted me to have. Bad luck that I ate at Chowking, I would've devoured it there and then.

These girls are wonderful. Even though we carry on with our busy schedules we're still there for each other, carrying out lunches and surprises just to make our group special. I'd like to think we'd still be like this in the next 20 years to come. Maybe we'd get filthy rich then and we'd have lunches all over the world. Whatever happens I'm here for these girls as they have proven time and time again that they're always here for me.

You guys are the best!

I was supposed to have lunch with Rosella, Leslie and Caan today. It was already planned and I honestly thought that holidays still exist in our office, but unfortunately not in my department. What really pisses me off is that we are only 4 in the entire floor. The empty desks signify that most people are currently enjoying their free time while we are here slaving our ass off to work because we don't have any choice in the matter. It's this or our performance and dedication.

That is why looking at those empty desks, an image popped to me. What if I smash their computers, rearrange their things just to drive them nuts next year for leaving few of us to work. during the holidays. Wouldn't that be nice and encouraging? Scrooge.

Jeans, an inspiration

I got my reliable, dark, sassy jeans out of the cabinet and tried to wear it today as I would drop by the office. This particular jeans has been my gauge if I have gained an inch or not around the waist and thighs just because this jeans fits so right and it's not made from any stretchy materials. This is considered a nerve wracking experience because whatever will come out of it is the truth.

Well, I was able to wear the jeans, but my stomach was bulging at all sides. I can't breathe easily. It's not a pair of jeans I could squat on. Before, I can run in this jeans, but now I can't because it's snugging my butt and crotch. It is the worst fitting moment I have ever had in this pair. That only means one thing though. I've gone way bigger and stockier during the year and two days of gluttonous activities during Christmas drove home the point. I won't deny the fact that I don't go on any type of diet and I eat whatever I fancy, which are mostly carbo-licious food like rice, bread and pasta. I shouldn't be slightly bit surprised.

This is what I get, a pained motion in sitting and PMS to fill in the days before New Year. If not for this, I would happily go on with my life, but there are things that I shouldn't take for granted, like my pair of fabulous jeans. It serves as motivation for next year's goal, which hopefully to lose accumulated weight. This is my twisted inspiration. For the meantime, I'll be switching to skirts.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Noche Buena Must Haves

My dad wanted to go out for dinner on the 24th. But we were all so tired due to our most recent house parties and from my party which lasted until morning of the same day. The whole day of the 24th ended up a time for recuperating and being catatonic with only limited activities such as eating, sleeping and watching TV. Aside from massive hangovers, we didn't have enough courage and strength to shop and go out, but STILL a Noche Buena is always a must even if we only get to spend it within our relatively small immediate family.

Since most of our relatives are in Cebu and Roxas, we don't have clans here like everybody else. Christmas is spent with only our unit unless we find ourselves spending Christmas in Cebu, which as a kid I've always been accustomed to. But Cebu or not, we always have the same sumptuous food every noche buena. It will never be complete without these.

1. Nanay's seafood paella
2. Nanay's lechon
3. Nanay's Roasted Chicken
4. Walang kamatayang fruit salad
5. Banana loaf or muffins
6. Pancit Malabon
7. Crispy Pata
8. Ham with Cheese
9. Pizza
10. Mango Float
11. Ice Cream
12. Chili and Garlic Shrimp
13. Chili and Garlic Crabs
14. Leftover Lechon / Paksiw
15. Inihaw na tilapia or bangus
16. Spaghetti with Meatballs
17. Softdrinks
18. Wine
19. Luk Yuen Dimsum (Hakaw, fried meat, siomai)
20. Minute Maid

Dinner starts at 8 pm, from then on, it never ends. It's amazing though, without Nanay, we would be having Purefoods Luncheon Meat and corned been for Noche Buena.

Her royal chef highness, nanay!

Look up, ladies

Never Been this good

I'll forever have the sequences, all the preparations and the outcome in my memory. From dress to shoes to guests to tents to supplies, everything was close to perfect.

To those who came and got wasted, thank you for coming. To those who squeezed this to their already busy schedules of Christmas gatherings, thank you. To those who tried, but couldn't make it, I truly understand. To my official dj, photographers, entertainers and drink mixers, wonderful!

It was intimate and sublime. 25 is indeed the perfect time. Glad that I have reasons to celebrate, ways to celebrate and people to celebrate it with on a year full of surprises and triumphs. Embracing life at 25 has never been this good.

I think I still have a box left of untouched Blacks, Vodkas and Beers. I think my being clueless in Liquor got the best of me. Christmas is down and there are still "dull days" before New Year. There are lots of opportunities to consume them all. All I need is to gather people around, without any more detailed preparations. We shall keep the party going.

Merry Christmas. Get bloated. Get drunk. Get Happy.

I'll face it. One thing I like about Christmas is food. There is an endless supply of food, infinite and justifiable reasons to eat, and the knowledge that almost all, in any way they can, have the right mood to enjoy food. Food tastes better during Christmas and it comes in endless stock. Our fridge works doubly hard to cool almost all tupperwares and boxes of goodies for future consumption. Thank you to neighbors and friends who have the brilliance to give food as Christmas presents. Wine is always a pleasant drinking choice even if I'm just eating Purefoods luncheon meat. Breakfast lunch and dinner do not exist at this time. They all mesh together and we eat whenever we can. Unlike any normal days, food is always made available.

Christmas is another perfect excuse to get yourself bloated. If you never allow yourself to entertain food tripping for the entire year because you have a certain image to project, now is a perfect time to let go and blame Christmas for your added weight. Almost everyone has the tendency to increase their weight anyways. What's the point of depriving yourself? It just goes to show the effects of a jolly, prosperous, year ender for you.

Christmas is also a perfect time to get drunk. Parties are everywhere whether you're with friends and relatives. Parents are also forgiving, this is the season that almost everyone is legal to drink. It's a season to celebrate and it's barely complete if there's not even a cold champagne lying around. It might contribute to your weight, again, so what? Reasons to celebrate are endless compared to the reason of deprivation and rigid control.

Christmas also gives us infinite reasons to eat with all the visitors that come and go and the parties we are "obliged" to go to. I've always found happiness in eating alone, but in this special holiday, eating with someone always gives you the motivation to forget control.

Probably this is one of the best Christmases for me ever. Our new house is always alive with different kinds of parties, showcasing different types of food. For today, I don't need a weighing scale to tell me I've gained at least 5 pounds in 2 days. Ever since the 23rd I've literally bloated myself to eternity. Breakfast is always followed by brunch and in less than 2 hours is followed by a decent lunch, 2 sets of Lunch usually. Snacks in the afternoon are optional, but been a regular for the past 2 days and dinner is always the best part on a cold night. Food is always carbo heavy with Paella, pasta, cupcakes, cakes, dimsum, pancit. As I type, my stomach is digesting a helping of Nanay's paella, Brooklyn White Cheese Pizza, Pancit Malabon palabok and a glass of iced cold minute maid. My desserts are leftover cupcakes, Conti's Mango Bravo and a slice of apple cheese bars (all consumed in gradual pacing of course). As you've read, almost every food I've eaten belongs to the GO Group of food that in a matter of minutes, you would find me propped for a quick 15 minute nap that even reaches an hour until I get hungry again. I think I've mastered to live in pig-style.

I'm not really proud of it, but I'm happy. I guess in some ways it counts.

Merry Christmas to all!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Quick Birthday Recap

This is the first hour of the day that I feel quiet capable of carying an adult conversation. I've been like a walking, sleeping and eating zombie the whole day as I suffered from a major hangover.

I celebrated my birthday yesterday and I'd like to think of it as a success or something I have magically pulled off. There are minor glitches along the way, like the uncooperative weather and the minor boo-boo of some food selections, but all in all it was something I'd remember for the rest of my entire adult life.

Needless to say, I got drunk, I think most of my guests who stayed at the 'bar' at some point got wasted. People who are known for their tested drinking tolerance were smashed by Bacardi and Black Label and endless supply of beer. I am surrounded by wonderful people who just let go and fooled around, as I did too, at least once for this year. And what a year ender it was for me.

I slept at around 5 am, but before I went to my room, I managed to eat a couple of cupcakes and played with Harvey. When I got up, I closed the door to my room, washed my face, changed into my PJs, turned on the airconditioning, made sure I have my phones with me and slept like it was my last.

Until I woke up at 9 am with a scorched throat. NO matter how my head was throbbing and my stomach bloated, I got up like a robot and went straight to the kitchen to get me a glass of cold water. I finished two glasses and ate Shrimps and rice. After a full meal, I went straight to my room and didn't even bother to look at my phones. I slept like dead. The next time I woke up it was at around 12:30 as I was thirsty and hungry again. My instant remedy was a glass of cold Minute Maid Pulpy orange and Purefoods Luncheon meat with scrambled eggs just the way I like it. Then I was heaven. I was immediately comforted. After three hours, my sister woke up and ordered Brooklyn's famous White Cheese kickass pizza. Partnered with ice cold Coke, which is a guilty pleasure, I got again a glimpse of heaven. I know now a perfect remedy for hangover.

Eat whatever I like, get my nails done in the comfort of my own home while blogging, having a visit from a loved one and not having any plans at all, anticipating the fabulous noche buena of paella and dimsum while our house is at total peace.

I wouldn't have it any other way.

Other more sordid details to follow when I've already organized my thoughts and files.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Quick quality time

Talk about Busy partnered with Stress. I think this is the only quiet time I will have for today before my guests will actually arrive in less than 30-40 minutes. I never realized that organizing for a party is so time consuming, tiring and expensive.

All my time for searching, for communicating, confirming and managing workload really takes time from my family, from Harvey, from myself that it ends up being tiring. Not to mention it's very expensive, if you have the same wants as I have. Don't get me wrong. I'm good with making budgets and getting things mobilized and paid for, yet I go beyond the intended budget, that's the thing. many to say and do and so little time. I think someone's here cousin, I guess. Now I have to take a shower, another quality time for me.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Sisterly Benefits

And so it was again a loaded day. I've never had enough time to rest my wallet for this weekend, but the main consolation is I've become ultra-productive. I've managed to check out main tasks for the week and I've gotten specific orders confirmed. Pimples were already starting to show due to extreme anxieties, but I've already bought some remedy and have learned to calm down by constantly accomplishing things that haunt my dreams at night.

Today, my sister and I went to Boni High after lunch bringing Harvey along. Our main tasks were to buy a decent pair of shoes and some make-up stuff my sister needs for the party. If there's one thing that I appreciate and totally trust with my sister, it's this. Shopping She would tell you outright if something doesn't work for you. She's also not the type who would focus on one garment. She sees everything and learns how to make it work. She is flexible and very open minded in clothes and shoes, unlike me, the forever grouch and moron in this department. Beside her Multi-media profile, she is an underground stylist / shopper. Even though she has diverse taste, she adjusts to my personality and suggests things that I have a chance to consider. She sometimes does the sales talk too, which I end up falling for.

While I was having a hard time figuring out what goes well with my feet, she immediately singled out one pair that constitutes a modern Mary Janes with triple straps. In a matter of minutes, I bought it. Then we went to a make-up store and I ended up playing with Harvey outside as she does the selecting and picking of hues and types of products that wouldn't aggravate my sensitive skin. I only ended up going inside when it was time to pay. It was convenient. If she wasn't with me, I would've ended the whole day there and still messed things up. So, she is considered my personal shopper from now on.

As much as I hate to admit it, with the help of Harvey, my sister and I for more than 2 hours together didn't attempt to kill each other. What Christmas with inevitable shopping could do to me.

The Graduate-University Theory

I just don't get it. Why is it that some people try to associate a person's overall personality and aptitude from his or her alma mater? It doesn't really make any sense. It sounds stupid, especially if some people rant about it in public.

I had dinner with my officemates last Thursday and upon entry to the pantry, three unguided, ranting souls (gay, two girls), were discussing something passionately about a person they seem to hate. When we entered they paused for a bit and my team mate swore she saw one of them (the gay in particular) roll his eyes. I was too hungry to notice then.

We sat and they resumed talking in loud voices about this one person, a boss, that they hate. There were no names mentioned, but all the negative attributes were discussed. With how they described their hate and how they narrated the torturous graphic scenes they would love to do to that particular boss, left my team mates and I distracted in our entire meal.

But that wasn't the real issue. This gay blurted out. "San ba sya nag-graduate?" (Where did she graduate?) Until all of them started bashing La Salle, UP and UST. Some said they didn't dare envision themselves studying in Lasalle because people there are elitists and very laissez faire. Lasallians, for them are deemed passive, unintelligent and just good with presentation skills. UST is always seen as their last resort, a perpetual fallback, while ATENEO against UP seems a much safer (physically safer) choice. Needless to say they are all from ATENEO and the three of us, my team mates and I, represent the three universities they shamelessly bashed.

It's been a constant human fallacy that most people enjoy to associate and generalize people coming from specific universities. Companies and people discriminate graduates of specific universities which forms biases. One failed move of a graduate means the overall failure of the institution and the students that are associated with it. It is sometimes an easy explanation to understand things.

I understand that we all are support for our alma mater, but isn't it childish and narrow-minded for some people to assume everything is associated with their respective universities? If these people in the pantry, these specific Ateneans, have forgotten the role of external factors like family, influence and years of stay in the institution, then I think they have no idea what they're talking about. It's true that there are known traits of students that the institutions produce, but it's not an end-all explanation of the person's existence.

To ask where the person graduated in attempt to explain the unexplainable seems a little bit childish and lame. The success of an individual might be fueled and supported by the institution he or she graduated from, in terms of prestige and branding, but that is not the ONLY factor to consider. The person should be assessed based on his personality and capability that are willed and executed to the best of his abilities. If the person succeeds in something, the success coupled by his own will gives pride to the institution, but most importantly gives pride in himself.

AS Humans, we shouldn't be LIMITED in groups in any ay. We are of our own making and we are individuals who make our own decisions in life. We do not depend on associations and institutions to make the decision for us.

Also, for those 'educated' people who might act so high and mighty, I just wish they would be considerate with their surroundings. Their private opinions may be respected, but there is nothing attractive listening on how they bash institutions and create a conversation based on fallacy. They should be mindful of their actions lest they be branded as the "uneducated ones."

Truth be told, I really don't care where the person graduated. I'm facing the person here and now and that is all that I will ever need. The institution might help further explain his personality, but I don't rely on it like how I don't rely much on horoscopes. It's stupid to think that way. I would feel I'm being superstitious.

Also relating to some Ateneans whom I've had a couple of bad experiences with. I've met the egotistical ones at the pantry. I've also met immoral syndicates that shamelessly embrace their alma mater when they should have been spewed to the filthiest muck. But you know what, I don't hate them because they came from Ateneo. I hate them because of whatever they did. THEM. I also consider the fact that I have good, intelligent friends that are from Ateneo who are NOT like those unfortunate souls I mentioned. In fact they despise those, even if it's from THEIR own beloved institution. It's proof enough that the person-university theory should not exist.

Signed Sealed Delivered


Excuse the language because I didn't realize that it's already 1 am. Today's been so overwhelmingly busy that I didn't notice the time. I've been up and about at around 11 am, been walking, shopping till 8 pm. In between that I had lunch at 3 pm in a Chinese Restaurant alone, then left Greenbelt to check some files at the office at 6 pm, then went back to Greenbelt 7 pm and had dinner with my family at an Italian restaurant. By around 9-11 pm, my sister and I had coffee, passed by my friend's house to get the luscious Banana Loaf from Purple Oven, entertained a visit from Mitch, and enjoyed watching a ridiculously wacky video by Shane Mercado dancing to the tune of Single Ladies by Beyonce. At around 11:30 pm, I locked myself up in my room, dressed in my pajamas and went to work. I arranged gifts, giftwrapped them to the best of my ability and did some torturing financial calculations. By 1:00 am, I decided to check my email and felt the need to sleep and rest due to some piercing back pain, only then that I realized it's 1:00.

Unbelievable. Even though I knew since yesterday that I'll be busy accomplishing some "last" rounds of shopping for myself and for those remaining on my list today, I never realized that I'll be losing track of time. My body was tired from walking and carrying heavy loads, but so far mental strength and perseverence got the best of me.

I've accomplished (Spent) so many things today and it's not only for gifts, but also for me, which goes beyond books and food. At least once a year, I can say I've shopped for clothes, as in really shopped to the point of coming in and out of stores, trying various outfits without any apparent cause. It's a new form of reward I can see myself doing for at least once a year.

I've also, for some reason, remembered the remake version of SIGNED SEALED DELIVERED by a British boyband, Blue, circa late 90's. Stevie Wonder, I believe, sang the original. I choose that as my themesong for what happened to me today, specially dedicated to the items that I bought and to that plastic card that I used to buy them with.

SIGNED: I kept looking at 5 receipts with my signature on it, as proof that I did use my already bleeding card to its limit. Signing like there's no tomorrow, wishing there would be a technical crash where the card transaction system just forgets all the transactions in the world. That might eventually lead to the world to go from RECESSION to DEPRESSION, which is not very nice even to think about.

SEALED: Sealed in bags, there is no more turning back. I've already purchased something whether because of the need or the want, it doesn't matter. I would just have to wait until my credit card bill gets...

DELIVERED: To ensure that my fate is secured, I made a preliminary calculation with regards to my credit card expenses to date, which is not very appealing.

Nevertheless I'm happy that I've made good finds for today. I've scored almost half with some clothes and shoes that's on sale and saw a completely better version of the gray dress in Landmark by at least 70% less compared to what I saw in Tango. I think I've made good steals for today. It was productive and busy, but I do need to rest for tomorrow. Because tomorrow is completely a new day to shop for things that I still need, but I'm doing it Cash-style from now on. I cannot fool myself around with credit. It's not healthy singing to the tune of BILLS BILLS by Destiny's child. There is still Christmas to enjoy.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Surprisingly Shoe Day. Mission Accomplished

And so after four hours at the mall today, I went back at my office victorious. I did what I intended to do and crossed my family and precious loved ones off my imaginary Christmas list. I had to do this because there was no other time. I have a scheduled lunch with Tim on Saturday and my sister and I have to discuss and do something this Sunday while my parents will have their own shindig. Shopping this weekend, the last weekend before Christmas, when today was close to unbearable would be commercial suicide. Tomorrow is out of the question. I can't go on gallivanting tomorrow because I have important stuff to do at the office and after that, the night is reserved for Karla's birthday bash. So I'm left with only today, and thank god I maximized it.

I've also maximized my credit card. If I have to humanize it, I would say I've bled it to death. I can see it attached in tubes of oxygen under ICU. No, I have to leave it home for the weekend. I can't wait to see the bill next month.

But before going to the mall, I already researched and know which stores to go to and which stores to refrain from, especially if it's personal stores that I want. I need to accomplish my primary tasks first and no room for distractions. So I went to a couple of shoe stores and got travel shoes for my mom and aunt. I also got shirts for cousins who are visiting from the province, and funky small-sized shorts and tops for our hardworking household helpers, Ate Ne and Ate Michelle. Aside from my younger brother, they're the only ones I'm confident buying clothes for. They're petite and lean, any small size apparel could fit them magnificently, unlike me who takes a whole day to look for a perfect shirt.

But I'm not looking for a dress and I'm not looking for shoes and I'm not looking for bags and accessories for me. In short, I shouldn't be entertaining anything that IS anything to do with me, but I saw separately saw four amazing pairs of shoes that could easily sum up to 10 Grand. Yeah for some this is just equivalent to a pair of shoes, but 10 Grand from a non-shopper of clothes is TOO much. So, I went out of those shoe stores to avoid temptation, but listed some reminders in my phone just in case my financial outlook would be positive.

Probably the most surprising thing I bought today is my sister's birthday gift, a pair of heeled Gladiator sandals. It's quite the opposite from something I intended to give her like like a good work planner (assuming she will choose to work next year). So I ended up passing by a store on my way to Rustans when I saw a couple of New Arrival Gladiator themed heels on display at a hip shoe store. I don't know if it was the metal-brown color, the design or the attention it garnered, but I was hooked. I went inside and pondered on it for a bit.

People would think that my sister and I are lucky to have each other because we could borrow each others' shoes. We are almost the same size and shoes for us are important accessories. But unfortunately we don't share. It's not that we don't like sharing (for her because I tend to destroy her insubstantially made shoes), it's because our taste in shoes is so diverse that I cannot imagine myself wearing majority of her shoe collection, and she would puke if she wore mine. Her taste for me is far too hip, outrageous, high-heeled and contrasting to my personality. My style for her is simply boring with a capital B.

There was this time when she went to the States with my family and I was left behind due to work. I only asked her for pairs of good shoes as "pasalubong," something I could wear at the office and some gimmick. It has to be leather and it has to be preferably from these pre-selected stores. When they got home, I was unpacking her suitcase when she told me she got me 5 pairs of shoes. I was excited. Upon seeing the shoes, I nearly freaked. The colors are far from what I like. The prints are outrageous and the corporate shoes are just too "kittenish." I demanded her to explain and she said that it was the best there is. It was fine that it was leather and the brand is adequate, but I cannot trot around town with these shoes. I would feel like an imposter. It's not me. That's when I figured that our tastes are completely different and buying shoes for each other is not anymore entertained.

But I saw this particular Gladiator heels today and I liked it. It was too much for me. I don't believe anyone could easily pull it off. There are only limited events one could wear this and most importantly it catches attention. I was somehow possessed because I instantly thought it was something that my sister would like. So I asked for the saleslady to bring me some size and I eventually tried it on. Surprisingly it wasn't as bad as I'd expected, only looking at myself in the mirror, I thought of myself as an imposter, a partyphile that I'm not. But it looked nice.

Before I even argued with myself, I unstrapped the heels and grabbed my card for the last swipe. I've totally gone way over budget, but I just know that my sister would (Should) like it. What's one time of being nice to my sister for a year, right? SO I bought it and would give it to her tomorrow for her birthday.

Who knows, maybe I could even borrow it one day...if I get immensely drunk.

Thursday Shopping

I will go to work now, but not technically.

Log in and leave then just go back.

Tons of Christmas shopping to do. No more time on the weekend. Less people preferred for a faster and more pleasant shopping experience.

Well, Today is the day.

It's now or never.

Next year though, I would have to try to do it online.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The Rocky and Harvey Show

In my show in life, I would have segments dedicated to The Rocky and Harvey Show just like in The Simpson's where "Itchy and Scratchy Show" became popular. Only that they're both dogs and their plot is more of like The Entourage or The Sopranos.

Main cast includes a perpetual snob, intimidating dictator boss (Rocky) and his best friend, the wild, resourceful and wacky Starlet Sidekick (Harvey). Rocky adores and maintains a strict list of damsels, when it truth he very loyal to the yellow lab dog named Tisay, whom he fathered a dog name SOY. His only son, was a lovechild, a dog produced by that one interaction with Tisay. The three were separated by dog fate, but that is a completely different story. He secretely looks for higher fulfillment in life. Gone were the days of disco. He's gone nurturing.

Harvey in the meantime is a young, handsome and wacky dog from a kennel up north who has everything in life. Pampered, resourceful and streetmart, he parties all the time and finds every reason to taunt somebody or some dog. Challenges are his opium and the more he is restricted, the more he tests it. He doesn't recognize size and seniority, until he met his mentor Rocky. One of his individual dilemmas is trying to find his true love against his high level of promiscuity and lustful desires.

Well, that's how I love these two dogs. And I never realized I'm capable of such imaginative and distorted kind of love.

Presenting: Rocky Sampaguita (Rocky) and Harvey Cattleya (Harvey)

Thanks, Mitch!

Harriet's Coming Out

I did the inevitable. I took Harriet out. Not only that I surprised Mitch for chatting with him while I'm hooked via 3G in the middle of South Super Highway, but I finished my previous blog in the car as well. Ladies and Gentlemen, Harriet has officially left the building. I wanted to prove to Mitch that my over protective days (around 4 days to be exact) are over. I'm going to maximize Harriet to the best of what she's made of. There's only one thing for me to do though. Look for a reputable, durable and comfy sleeve for Harriet.

While getting out of the car, I felt so weird putting her with the rest of the devices in a big ziplock bag. Can you imagine? Putting Harriet in a freaking zip lock bag that fits her well should not be an option. Should never be an option. I could hear her screaming and complaining to death. But I had no choice. After putting her in the ziplock bag, I placed her neatly inside my tote bag, but still...inside the ziplock?

When I got to the office, I quickly set her up in my desk. Normally, I'd pull out my two big phones that are obviously for tech/net freaks, as encouraged for me to have by Mitch of course. I got out my ipod and turned on my office PC while I called a few people to discuss some work issues. After logging in, talking to a few people, my desk instantly looked like a TECH-DESK. People who would pass by my desk would instantly think the person's sitting here is a hardcore IT professional complete with wi-fi mouse, 3G equipment, phones and IPOD. My desk has become klepto heaven. But so sorry to say that I'm nowhere near techie.

Don't even try to ask me about the specs of Harriet and what goes better with what. I would still have to research on that and get back to you. Don't let me explain what goes in the Properties section. I would just echo what Mitch told me, whatever I can remember in the tech side. I would also say that it's the best there is for me. IT's commendable and oh... the LCD design and keyboard are great. Beyond that is alien to me. I would just have to say to you that it's a gift and I am still in the process of exploring.

So, the day started quite slow. My immediate boss just got back from her recent trip from the States and she brought us tons of chocolates that made me go ga-ga over KitKat White. TWIX. After lunch, I went back to my desk and started to feel sleepy. To avoid any 3rd caffeine fix for the day, I started to fool around with Harriet. I wanted to capture my desk, but my Cybershot is broken and will go under rehab, until I remembered that Harriet has a built in camera.

*So that's my desk littered with serious stuff like meeting materials and papers, and not-so-serious stuff with chocolates and Banana Flavored Chapstix on the side, given to me by my boss. For the tech Side, there's the IPOD, my desktop my two big phones and yes, my 2 "mice," one for the PC and one for Harriet. The hands really look weird and eerie, though.

*And if you're just tired of going to the bathroon to fix your hair, you can use Harriet as an instant mirror. As if naman I always fix my hair to begin with. I do look like cross eyed here. Nyahaha.

A Cold Manila! I love it!

It's so cold, like a mild Baguio coldness happening in Manila! And I love it!

I find myself having occasional coffee breaks across my office with my colleagues for the past few days while it's abnormally pleasant in Manila. We ended up ordering hot drinks instead. The breeze was just fantastic.

And I was still at the office at around 11 pm last night just occasionally going down to meet Mitch at Starbucks and it was so damn cold. At home I didn't turn on the air conditioning, yet found myself grasping for the comforter. I'm not even sure if I turned on the electric fan.

This morning, I woke up at around 9 am and the sun was (still is) shining brightly. Like a dream that I never want to end, I made sure to feel the weather first and was happy that it's still cold. I went to take a shower hoping that the sun warmed the water a bit, but unfortunately not. I saw Harvey, an ever so energized bunny and found himself constantly snuggling and lazy. He likes to play in his bed and just curl himself like a ball in the dirty kitchen. My sister's gone lazy as well. My mother realized she was moving in slow paces finding herself lying down in their bed, just thinking. I would've stayed in my bed too. I just find myself getting gracefully used to this than any other season. I hate to think that summer comes next. It might be an extreme version of this, which I naturally dread.

My friend Tim, who equally likes cold weather, told me to wake up early in the morning like around 5 am and go out of my house. He said I'd be slightly shivering. I asked him if I could see my breath just like what happens in movies. He said, I should just bring a flashlight to savor the ultimate experience and just to make sure.

5 am? Hmm....I'll just take his word for it.

PAGASA: METRO MANILA 19 C - 31 C (Not bad, manila with a possibility of a 19 C?? Yahoo)

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

My top unwanted situation

I’m currently viewing TIME’s TOP 10 of everything for 2008 and found myself glued to the top 10 news makers. To name a few, Mumbai’s hostage is on top 3. Obama’s victory is on top 2 and the shocking Wallstreet company layoffs, specifically at the start of Lehman’s announcement in Sept 13, clinched the number 1 spot.

It’s depressing. It’s too depressing to think that at this state, we are considered blessed and lucky. At least my city’s not littered with dead bodies due to a wrath of any storm, or firing of bullets due to civil war. At least I’m lucky that we were not directly hit by the melamine scare and officials immediately took actions to regulate milk products in the country. At least we are still lucky to be able to harbor such feelings for some people, without any other further inconveniences in life, except for those people that we hate of course.

The picture on Top 1 spot made me really feel loopy and sad. It was a guy in his 40’s impeccably dressed, executive-looking, carrying his moving out box and painting frame out of Lehman Brothers’ building in New York. Based from the reflection seen on the glass doors, at least a swarm of people and paparazzi were waiting on him, asking for further details. Ouch. He doesn’t need to publicly represent those who have lost their jobs in an expensive city no less, and at that age at that.,30583,1855948_1855945,00.html

I guess if I were to be drastically “laid off” without having any warnings or time to think of where to go, I’d probably wish for it to happen when I’m still at my primer years rather than being laid off at the time when I should be already thinking of my retirement.

I believe if anyone has to be “laid off,” I think younger people could survive the storm better. Younger people have a larger ideal well which fuels resourcefulness, creativeness and determination to succeed. Being laid off in around 20’s is just like quitting a job you don’t like. AT this age, people can always start fresh in their careers and people wouldn’t really mind or pass you by. If you start careers at late 30’s, 4o’s or 50’s, I don’t think there is enough room for energy and vitality in learning new processes, being outwardly creative and mainstream, and doing more flexible things like what a 20 something could do. By this age, I’m sure most have more serious responsibilities with their families and truth is it could be a form of liability to the company. Why hire people with baggage, they would say?

Also, being laid off in 20 somethings, one can still catch up with the race. Theirs is still room within reach and still give that ladder another try even though you have to start anew granting that the situation is practically hopeless. In this age, we can still be able to swallow our pride and do what needs to be done. In 40 somethings, pride, professional achievements and stature are already taken into consideration. Years of knowledge and experience would make ones market value higher. It has to be. Therefore pride in doing greater things and moving on towards the next level are something “senior professionals” are expected of. But being laid off in more senior years would make it more difficult to swallow just any types of jobs. Granting that the economy is slow and there are limited ‘appropriate’ opportunities, some jobs would just have to do to make ends meet. It’s a demeaning feeling of worthlessness after all those years of hard work. And even if they did get over the feeling of starting over, I’m not so sure if working with a bunch of fresh graduates on the same level would make it any better.

Lastly if worse comes to worst, the younger individuals still have the immediate assistance of parents and relatives. In older individuals, they cannot expect their parents to still shoulder them. It wouldn’t feel entirely right. They only have their partners, friends, siblings and the younger generation to hold on to, which is a case far worse than being in the age-radar of running towards parents.

As much as I hate to discuss this, I never thought that the picture could immediately impact me as such. I just don’t want to see myself in the same situation. I would most probably have a family or someone that I support by then, my bills would’ve gone bigger and I would have been maintaining bigger things in life. My pride and self-worth would’ve been devastated with any layoff past my prime. I could blame a thousand organizational crap that has gotten the company sick, but I would look intensely silly at that age. I cannot afford to lose track and walk out of the building, a 40 something and forcibly unemployed. That would’ve been too tragic. I don’t want to make the headline news.

*These doesn't apply of course, if you're already a multi-millionnaire by the age of 20, an artist or have become a legend. This applies to me and other struggling individuals who just try hard to build empires from scratch and reap the fruits of labor as early as 40...granting something doesn't f*ck up.

Being Garfield

The thing about not having any strict time frame or schedule, your day gets warped into non-productivity and sometimes you like it too much that everything else gets justified.

Like me...right now. I'm supposed to be at work, but I'm here justifying my glued ass on my bed, finding so many things to explore with my Harriet and still has time to squeeze in Harvey as a responsible pet owner that I think I am. I'm making every minute count by doing activities and tasks I'm not supposed to do with my pjs, being today is a valid workday.

That's why as much as possible, I wake up early and leave the house before 8 am just as long as I find myself in the city so I'll be motivated to work. But today started really really really insanely off...

Garfield is such my idol right now.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Busiest season of all

Mitch and I were supposed to eat at a nearby restaurant from my office building, my treat, since it was my fault that we would be spending more hours in the office due to my over-Harriet exposure. He insists that I am already addicted, but I still feel it's too early to tell. He called me up to already prepare to go down at the lobby where the breeze was cold and christmas lights were flickering. I happily went down until the sight of the staggering, deadlocked traffic in Paseo-Villar-Valero-Leviste and Makati Ave sections, unnerved me.

We have become familiar that Citibank-Chinabank section in Makati is always busy. There are shitty days, and there are not so shitty days, but I have never seen it so shitty and deadlocked until tonight. People waiting for their rides at our building were easily surprised as I am. I could even see the look of impatience and frustration in some of their faces when they obviously had plans for the night. They couldn't get a taxi or their respective rides had not arrived yet. And that even if they did, I doubt if they could instantly get out of the deadlock situation.

Mitch called me up when he was still stuck at Paseo De Roxas and planned to make a u-turn and escape the torture and have dinner in Glorietta instead. We followed his brilliant plan and gracefully got to Glorietta where in return there was intense human traffic. At around 8-9 pm people were still shopping, fitting shoes and roaming around the mall. Probably they were like us waiting for the traffic to wane down, but Mitch and I ended up looking around ourselves. We went to a couple of shoe stores, which are on sale and even found the courage to fall in line just to get into SM Department Store. As much as we'd want to maximize the opportunity, we cannot see ourselves falling in line in the discouraging lines already circling the check out counters so I just took notes with my phone of the potential stuff that I saw and will try to get back to this weekend.

After glorietta, Mitch and I treaded back to my office to attend some remaining business. Good thing the streets were already semi-deserted and while we were there, we enjoyed our coffee night cap and discussed how he'll be super busy this week with Christmas parties and weekend family reunions with photoshoots here and there. I figured with Karla's birthday looming and other minor parties this coming weekend, I'm pretty much looking at a busy week myself. I guess, if not all, almost everyone has their schedules cramped till Christmas. With the lowered gas, mushrooming retail sales and dinner/lunch invitations, no wonder this is the busiest season of all.

Shoes to you, Bush. Umm...

I got this from TIME.

It's a reporter with a Cairo-based TV network, hurling two shoes at Pres. George Bush during a Dec. 14 press conference with Iraqi Prime Minister in Baghdad. According to Bush, his only reaction was "It was a size 10." -

Well, I guess as perfectly educated, passionate adults, we just have moments like these. I think that he was at the right venue to express himself though.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Transition Pictures

Mother and Child



Poor Little Harvey

When we were at mass my sister pointed out a flyer about spiritual blessing of dogs in our village. I quickly ran to her and saw that the flyer was outdated. Out of annoyance, I quickly said "Harvey is blessed in a way. I think he's going to be fine."

What a way to teach me a lesson.

When we got home my aunt and helpers told me that Harvey is sick. He may be actually having a fever. I quickly examined him, as if I would really know better, hoping for the best. I carried him and tried to initiate one of our plays together but I am so sure he is not in his 100% spirit. He is still responsive, but he's not as wild as he used to be. He's not as wild as yesterday or early this morning. His eyes are droopy and he likes to shut them all the time. He likes to sleep more than usual and squeeze himself in the tiniest and cramped up spaces. Although he ate his dinner, drank some water, he didn't finish it. He usually does.

My dad wanted me to quickly drive him to the vet. My mother said to wait till morning since they already gave him a doze of paracetamol. I called Mitch to confirm if dogs do have fever. I couldn't recall any experience of having dogs with fever. I think this happens rarely. What really worries me is that dogs are naturally warm creatures. If ever they have fever that's left untreated for a bit, is there a possibility they could fry their brains or organs?

I quickly called my vet's office and the staff informed me to call his cell phone. I did and I think he was attending some function at that time. He told me to observe and feel his nose. IF the nose is dry, most probably he has fever. As long as he still eats and responses to basic commands, then it's best to observe other signs. He also said that Harvey should be given a paracetamol, which we already did. If he becomes worse in the morning I would probably have to take him to the vet.

Harvey is really adorable. I can't think of anything bad that would ever happen to him. I wish I could still could play with him though, but I'm scared of tiring him out. Maybe I could sneak him up in my room till he gets better.

Shopping made easy

I did some shopping yesterday at Boni High, which is a far cry from my original plans of shopping next week in Glorietta, SM or Rustans. Even though I already have a few items playing in my head, I couldn't imagine 'buying' something at Boni High since I'm a practical nut and I hate spending for things, which I think are overpriced. Boni High just means a classy row of establishments with overpriced things as far as I'm concerned. For the record, I just like the ambiance and coffee experience it gives. It's also a perfect place I could expose Harvey, but aside from that, stores there (except for Fully booked) are something I'd just pass by.

I only have a very short christmas list, but those people on my list are challenging. They make me end up feeling like a failed bankrupt mind reader. My brother has vocally expressed his disdain in receiving books from me. My father never used any gift that I gave. My mother has so many specifications that I always go for safer gifts. My sister wants something that I obviously couldn't give her. All in all they're really hard to please. I always dread Christmas because I would have to exhaust my efforts thinking of something that I know would end up in the storage room. Might as well just give them something that I know they could use minus the extra effort.

That's what I love about retail stores and department stores every Christmas. Most stores offer packaged and pre-selected goods that make shopping easier and budget friendlier. It eliminates the sifting and rummaging through stocks, as long as you already have an idea on what to give may it be make-up, shirts or body wellness products. Yesterday I already got gifts for my dad, my brother, my sister and cousin, which enabled me to cross out half of my list.

It did cost me to really pay up, but what I got came from trusted stores promising quality without entirely going over board. Since it's pre-selected, I could never go wrong. I only have remaining gifts to search for my mother, my aunt and my random friends whom I'll be seeing in a few weeks, and they're far easier than the three-troublesome I know. At least I still have next weekend and an SM trip to look forward to. In these moments do I sincerely enjoy shopping.

Berta and Harriet Face Off

This morning Mitch and I were trying out what Harriet Priscilla could do. Mitch still has to figure out how to configure the bluetooth, but everything else according to him, is "shiznit?" From how he said it, I guess it was another term for "The bomb."

Harriet Priscilla is so powerful, sleek and fast that she reminds me of a dark, Russian, bombshell spy that appears in James Bond movies. Moving along, we ended up trying to take random pictures of ourselves using her. JD: Poor Harriet.

** Harriet Priscilla

*Good Ol' Berta
*Love you always, Berta! It was fun.

After that vain moment, we trotted across the other house to take Good Ol' Berta. Mitch offered to confine it in his tech-savvy home for rehab. Berta was obviously awaken from deep slumber complete with dusts and hardware stains that I thought that she actually gained weight. Having been accustomed to lighter weight Macbooks and Mini Notes, upon carrying and holding Berta, Mitch was instantly transformed into a rich socialite addicted to polyester. This really proves why I don't want to get a Mac. The users think they have license to transform to irritating elitists thinking they're masters of the universe. Pardon those who really know what they're talking about because others just go with the trend and flow.

So when we got back, I took my last remaining photos of Good Ol' Berta after which Mitch tried to test the features. Good Ol' Berta, as much as he hates to admit, is still good, fast and functioning. I even tried to take a picture of Harriet and Berta together. They looked like Mother and Child. Since Mitch has to configure the bluetooth feature for Harriet, I won't be able to post any heartbreaking picture here yet.

Berta as Compaq and Harriet as HP, they just come from one family tree of sturdy, dependable lineage. But as usual, he just had to insert how it cannot compare to his Mac. Yada yada.

So I'm happy Good Ol' Berta will be cleaned and energized in the hands of a faithful, mac-conceited tech-healer. While I'm enjoying Harriet, Mitch will be fumbling and upgrading Berta. Perfect. Out with the old, in with the new. I'm sure there were no hard feelings there.