Tuesday, December 9, 2008

A Bearable End to a Worst Weekend

POST WRITTEN: Dec. 8, Monday 1 pm

I forgot to mention. Last weekend was one of the worst weekends of my entire life because I went to the office and actually worked. Yep. Saturday and Sunday. I was all alone in our entire floor only having my monitor as the only source of light. Sure, I was bored to death and whined until I got tired, but I did try to amuse myself by checking out sites, having conversations with friends via loud speaker phone (rare opportunity), actually discussed Deus Ex Machina for some wild plot someone’s trying to develop. I was trying my best to entertain and scare myself, but by the third hour I was failing flat.

The martyr in me survived Saturday somehow, but not Sunday. When I was informed to report on Sunday for some data emergency, I was already losing it. My schedule has been compromised to the highest level and I felt restricted. Knowing the feeling of liberation is such a pain if one faces any form of restriction. But fine, being a slave to the faltering and needing financial industry, I went, fulfilled my duties to the best of my abilities and tried so hard not to curse every 5 minutes of my stay.

But screw this shit, I cannot afford to let the night beat me for 6 days straight. So, I coursed through the remaining parts of the report, managed to talk to my significant other who is by the way at the nearby mall window shopping and painstakingly waiting for me, got my things and made my way out of the very isolated building towards the very lonely car park. As soon as I fetched him, we started to maximize the last hours of the afternoon and decided to be daring enough to go to Greenhills.

Although, Greenhills + Sunday + Christmas season is suicidal. We knew what we were getting into since last weekend we went there with his brother and we weren’t able to park so we just kept circling around until we settled for Robinson’s Galleria (which also has a similar case) but we just ended up in Magallanes. But since we’re trying to break free from Makati and because I don’t want to be near my office building, we still braved the possibilities of accomplishing something in Greeenhills. But before traversing towards the north, we stopped over at Mitch’s ancestral house in Forbes and I scored 2 books from the garage sale. My day is trying to get better.

When we got to Greenhills, as expected the cars were bumper to bumper and no space were left out in the open. Sidewalks were practically covered, parking lots of nearby Greenhills establishments were maximized and we kept circling around accepting our fate. We ended up parking 2 blocks away from where Promenade stood and we’re trying to internalize that others were still out there searching for a spot. WE felt a little bit better justifying that long walk.

In Greenhills, we became optimistic, salivating fools on the way to our favorite dining spot, Le Ching. We devoured dimsum, noodles and rice toppings like crazy fit for a peasant’s budget. Again, my weekend is starting to feel like a weekend.

After our dinner, he went to the Phone section to accomplish his goal in looking for his dad’s Christmas present, whereas I went to the store that I intended to visit in Greenhills ever since I researched about it. This store, I’ve researched and was amazed by their unusual retail collections that I wanted to use for my upcoming party in three weeks. After much trial and error, I got myself the “PERFECT PIECE,” paid a staggering amount of 1,800 pesos, received compliments and laugh from an accomplished Mitch, and finally we headed home.

AT 9 PM, my family saw this “PERFECT PIECE” I bought and garnered some laughs from them as well. I can’t wait to let everybody see this treasured work of vanity. I will have to post this right after the party so that it won’t ruin anyone’s surprise. At least, my weekend ended with an accomplished smile, otherwise I won’t have any other good things to say in this blog.

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