Thursday, December 18, 2008

Surprisingly Shoe Day. Mission Accomplished

And so after four hours at the mall today, I went back at my office victorious. I did what I intended to do and crossed my family and precious loved ones off my imaginary Christmas list. I had to do this because there was no other time. I have a scheduled lunch with Tim on Saturday and my sister and I have to discuss and do something this Sunday while my parents will have their own shindig. Shopping this weekend, the last weekend before Christmas, when today was close to unbearable would be commercial suicide. Tomorrow is out of the question. I can't go on gallivanting tomorrow because I have important stuff to do at the office and after that, the night is reserved for Karla's birthday bash. So I'm left with only today, and thank god I maximized it.

I've also maximized my credit card. If I have to humanize it, I would say I've bled it to death. I can see it attached in tubes of oxygen under ICU. No, I have to leave it home for the weekend. I can't wait to see the bill next month.

But before going to the mall, I already researched and know which stores to go to and which stores to refrain from, especially if it's personal stores that I want. I need to accomplish my primary tasks first and no room for distractions. So I went to a couple of shoe stores and got travel shoes for my mom and aunt. I also got shirts for cousins who are visiting from the province, and funky small-sized shorts and tops for our hardworking household helpers, Ate Ne and Ate Michelle. Aside from my younger brother, they're the only ones I'm confident buying clothes for. They're petite and lean, any small size apparel could fit them magnificently, unlike me who takes a whole day to look for a perfect shirt.

But I'm not looking for a dress and I'm not looking for shoes and I'm not looking for bags and accessories for me. In short, I shouldn't be entertaining anything that IS anything to do with me, but I saw separately saw four amazing pairs of shoes that could easily sum up to 10 Grand. Yeah for some this is just equivalent to a pair of shoes, but 10 Grand from a non-shopper of clothes is TOO much. So, I went out of those shoe stores to avoid temptation, but listed some reminders in my phone just in case my financial outlook would be positive.

Probably the most surprising thing I bought today is my sister's birthday gift, a pair of heeled Gladiator sandals. It's quite the opposite from something I intended to give her like like a good work planner (assuming she will choose to work next year). So I ended up passing by a store on my way to Rustans when I saw a couple of New Arrival Gladiator themed heels on display at a hip shoe store. I don't know if it was the metal-brown color, the design or the attention it garnered, but I was hooked. I went inside and pondered on it for a bit.

People would think that my sister and I are lucky to have each other because we could borrow each others' shoes. We are almost the same size and shoes for us are important accessories. But unfortunately we don't share. It's not that we don't like sharing (for her because I tend to destroy her insubstantially made shoes), it's because our taste in shoes is so diverse that I cannot imagine myself wearing majority of her shoe collection, and she would puke if she wore mine. Her taste for me is far too hip, outrageous, high-heeled and contrasting to my personality. My style for her is simply boring with a capital B.

There was this time when she went to the States with my family and I was left behind due to work. I only asked her for pairs of good shoes as "pasalubong," something I could wear at the office and some gimmick. It has to be leather and it has to be preferably from these pre-selected stores. When they got home, I was unpacking her suitcase when she told me she got me 5 pairs of shoes. I was excited. Upon seeing the shoes, I nearly freaked. The colors are far from what I like. The prints are outrageous and the corporate shoes are just too "kittenish." I demanded her to explain and she said that it was the best there is. It was fine that it was leather and the brand is adequate, but I cannot trot around town with these shoes. I would feel like an imposter. It's not me. That's when I figured that our tastes are completely different and buying shoes for each other is not anymore entertained.

But I saw this particular Gladiator heels today and I liked it. It was too much for me. I don't believe anyone could easily pull it off. There are only limited events one could wear this and most importantly it catches attention. I was somehow possessed because I instantly thought it was something that my sister would like. So I asked for the saleslady to bring me some size and I eventually tried it on. Surprisingly it wasn't as bad as I'd expected, only looking at myself in the mirror, I thought of myself as an imposter, a partyphile that I'm not. But it looked nice.

Before I even argued with myself, I unstrapped the heels and grabbed my card for the last swipe. I've totally gone way over budget, but I just know that my sister would (Should) like it. What's one time of being nice to my sister for a year, right? SO I bought it and would give it to her tomorrow for her birthday.

Who knows, maybe I could even borrow it one day...if I get immensely drunk.

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