Sunday, December 14, 2008

Finally. Meet Harriet Priscilla

This blog is to formally introduce to you my new "humanized object." Although I must apologize for downgrading her in my previous post, assuming the unit I'll be getting is this.

However, my tech-consultant slash loved one educated me that what I previously posted was "the Older Version." What he had in mind is a newest version that he just painstakingly researched and waited to be released last week. So, after lunch I went with him to Park Square, suffered through intense searching for a parking slot and we ended up at the rooftop, a place where I haven't parked or seen ever in my entire Makati parking experience.

Two words. Christmas Shopping. People going back to their cars were carrying loads of bags and purchases, but they just ended up unloading not entirely preparing to leave. So we ended up doing rounds in the lower levels until we accepted the dreaded fate and went to the top most level, which is both a wacky experience for us. But patience is a virtue and excitement just makes it irrelevant.

So, after parking, we headed straight to the shop without making any stops since Mitch has duly researched and most probably pre-transacted the order already. Upon reaching there and seeing the slim black, petite laptop, I knew I'd be needing a name.

So, meet Harriet Priscilla my new, fresh, mini, HP1001 TU laptop.

The keypads are excellent and the screen is wider than its counterparts. It's lighter, more updated, more powerful than ever. All other tech stuff, I leave it up to Mitch and he would be posting a more-tech savvy version of it in his blog soon. (

I had the whole day to sink it in. I'm not used to getting tech stuff often. Berta, my old laptop has been with me for more than 5 years, my phones have been with me for a couple of years, both hand me downs from Mitch because he just wanted to change my older phones and once upon a time he changes phones like he changes his briefs. And the fact that my needs are not that tech-savvy to begin with.

So it took the whole day of eating Jamaican Patties, finishing a pint of sugarfree BTIC, going to Boni High and Market Market swiping our credit cards like crazy for christmas-related purchases, having a sumptuous dinner of Jack Daniel's Burger and Tortilla Crusted Fish at Friday's, and ending it with a coffee-bribe at Coffee Bean.

Products of expensive productivity were were two tired adults with wallets waving flags of nearing bankruptcy. So we decided to go home at around 10 and showcased my laptop to my family, which my mom, Karla and JD immensely liked. Harriet spent the night at Mitch's house for further configuration.

Today, as early as 10 am, he went here to my house with my newly configured Harriet Priscilla and after a couple of turtoring and uploading stuff, I'm writing now the first Harriet Priscilla blog via 3G, which miraculously works very well in our area.

Too many great new additions, too many changes. Everything's going well so far.

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