Sunday, December 14, 2008

Berta and Harriet Face Off

This morning Mitch and I were trying out what Harriet Priscilla could do. Mitch still has to figure out how to configure the bluetooth, but everything else according to him, is "shiznit?" From how he said it, I guess it was another term for "The bomb."

Harriet Priscilla is so powerful, sleek and fast that she reminds me of a dark, Russian, bombshell spy that appears in James Bond movies. Moving along, we ended up trying to take random pictures of ourselves using her. JD: Poor Harriet.

** Harriet Priscilla

*Good Ol' Berta
*Love you always, Berta! It was fun.

After that vain moment, we trotted across the other house to take Good Ol' Berta. Mitch offered to confine it in his tech-savvy home for rehab. Berta was obviously awaken from deep slumber complete with dusts and hardware stains that I thought that she actually gained weight. Having been accustomed to lighter weight Macbooks and Mini Notes, upon carrying and holding Berta, Mitch was instantly transformed into a rich socialite addicted to polyester. This really proves why I don't want to get a Mac. The users think they have license to transform to irritating elitists thinking they're masters of the universe. Pardon those who really know what they're talking about because others just go with the trend and flow.

So when we got back, I took my last remaining photos of Good Ol' Berta after which Mitch tried to test the features. Good Ol' Berta, as much as he hates to admit, is still good, fast and functioning. I even tried to take a picture of Harriet and Berta together. They looked like Mother and Child. Since Mitch has to configure the bluetooth feature for Harriet, I won't be able to post any heartbreaking picture here yet.

Berta as Compaq and Harriet as HP, they just come from one family tree of sturdy, dependable lineage. But as usual, he just had to insert how it cannot compare to his Mac. Yada yada.

So I'm happy Good Ol' Berta will be cleaned and energized in the hands of a faithful, mac-conceited tech-healer. While I'm enjoying Harriet, Mitch will be fumbling and upgrading Berta. Perfect. Out with the old, in with the new. I'm sure there were no hard feelings there.

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