Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The Rocky and Harvey Show

In my show in life, I would have segments dedicated to The Rocky and Harvey Show just like in The Simpson's where "Itchy and Scratchy Show" became popular. Only that they're both dogs and their plot is more of like The Entourage or The Sopranos.

Main cast includes a perpetual snob, intimidating dictator boss (Rocky) and his best friend, the wild, resourceful and wacky Starlet Sidekick (Harvey). Rocky adores and maintains a strict list of damsels, when it truth he very loyal to the yellow lab dog named Tisay, whom he fathered a dog name SOY. His only son, was a lovechild, a dog produced by that one interaction with Tisay. The three were separated by dog fate, but that is a completely different story. He secretely looks for higher fulfillment in life. Gone were the days of disco. He's gone nurturing.

Harvey in the meantime is a young, handsome and wacky dog from a kennel up north who has everything in life. Pampered, resourceful and streetmart, he parties all the time and finds every reason to taunt somebody or some dog. Challenges are his opium and the more he is restricted, the more he tests it. He doesn't recognize size and seniority, until he met his mentor Rocky. One of his individual dilemmas is trying to find his true love against his high level of promiscuity and lustful desires.

Well, that's how I love these two dogs. And I never realized I'm capable of such imaginative and distorted kind of love.

Presenting: Rocky Sampaguita (Rocky) and Harvey Cattleya (Harvey)

Thanks, Mitch!

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