Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Last Blog for 2008

This would be my last BLOG for 2008. I've managed to create, roughly 500 blogs for the year? Wonderful. I enjoyed every moment. This would be freestyle now as I'm ready to join the party outside. I've got few more minutes...

Okay as I type...Harvey, my dog, is trying to chase the fireworks like CIA. We all want him to stop because he looks like a complete asshole, but he is in his own little world now. At least he gets to experience his first New Year's. Hopefully not his last.

As I type, my father is watching Pinoy Blockbuster channel, eating grapes and locking himself in his room hopeful that not a single loose firecracker might go in his turf and start a fire. He refuses to use firecrackers now, and he doesn't know I'll be leaving a little after midnight for some party. I hope the firecrackers shush up so he can sleep.

As I type, my mother is preparing her 12 different kinds of round fruits. I heard her talking to a friend about the necessary "new year's rituals." Whatever. We're not even Chinese, but fine. Ibigay ang hilig. All lights turned on, check. Doors are open, check. Cotton balls are ready to be thrown, check. Fruits..damn it we're short by 5 she says. If all else fails, there are round puto, pandesal, mamon, hamon, and one untouched cake as proxies.

As I type my sister is getting drunk in the bar. I'm not sure if that's her own ritual.

As I type, my brother is watching the last installment of the Pirates of the Carribean. Loser.

It's unfortunate we wouldn't be in Makati to witness the spectacular fireworks display, but there's a special comfort spending new years at home, at our new house with my old crazy family.

2008 was fine. It wasn't a blast, but it wasn't fatal either. There were lot of challenges I could scream now to forever be forgotten, but there are triumphs and opportunities that also came my way. What matters here is that I'm still blogging, hopefully sane after tonight and eager and stronger enough to conquer 2009.

So they say that 2009 will be a worse year economically. I've heard those findings before. I've even heard it on the most recent homily. SO what? Is it our nature to fear 2009, then? No. It's a fresh year. It's a fresh start. It should be challenging to conquer and not to be cowards of.

I'm not going to list down those who have wronged me and those who have made my lives special. I'm sure they know who they are. I only have 30 minutes before 2008 ends and I don't want to spend my last 30 minutes enumerating them.


To those who are dear friends of mine, thank you for being with me and understanding me. You have been my rock, my entertainment and my collective wisdom.

To those who have wronged me, naturally you suck and try to be good for 2009. I don't want you making such a fuss in my life the next year, please, don't demand such air time.

To those whom I've wronged, consciously or not, I'm sorry for whatever it is that would make you feel better for 2009. I'm not evil despite how I project myself, you know that it's my shield from potential creeps and bitches out there. Let's not add more headaches for 2009, shall we?


Good health for me and my family.

Wonderful career year, that means money-wise too.

To be able to write something I've been longing for

To make sure that I pay all my debts, credit cards and insurances.

To be able to blog in good condition for the exit of 2009.

2009, may you be kinder, challenging and better than 2008.

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