Friday, December 26, 2008

Jeans, an inspiration

I got my reliable, dark, sassy jeans out of the cabinet and tried to wear it today as I would drop by the office. This particular jeans has been my gauge if I have gained an inch or not around the waist and thighs just because this jeans fits so right and it's not made from any stretchy materials. This is considered a nerve wracking experience because whatever will come out of it is the truth.

Well, I was able to wear the jeans, but my stomach was bulging at all sides. I can't breathe easily. It's not a pair of jeans I could squat on. Before, I can run in this jeans, but now I can't because it's snugging my butt and crotch. It is the worst fitting moment I have ever had in this pair. That only means one thing though. I've gone way bigger and stockier during the year and two days of gluttonous activities during Christmas drove home the point. I won't deny the fact that I don't go on any type of diet and I eat whatever I fancy, which are mostly carbo-licious food like rice, bread and pasta. I shouldn't be slightly bit surprised.

This is what I get, a pained motion in sitting and PMS to fill in the days before New Year. If not for this, I would happily go on with my life, but there are things that I shouldn't take for granted, like my pair of fabulous jeans. It serves as motivation for next year's goal, which hopefully to lose accumulated weight. This is my twisted inspiration. For the meantime, I'll be switching to skirts.

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