Sunday, December 21, 2008

Signed Sealed Delivered


Excuse the language because I didn't realize that it's already 1 am. Today's been so overwhelmingly busy that I didn't notice the time. I've been up and about at around 11 am, been walking, shopping till 8 pm. In between that I had lunch at 3 pm in a Chinese Restaurant alone, then left Greenbelt to check some files at the office at 6 pm, then went back to Greenbelt 7 pm and had dinner with my family at an Italian restaurant. By around 9-11 pm, my sister and I had coffee, passed by my friend's house to get the luscious Banana Loaf from Purple Oven, entertained a visit from Mitch, and enjoyed watching a ridiculously wacky video by Shane Mercado dancing to the tune of Single Ladies by Beyonce. At around 11:30 pm, I locked myself up in my room, dressed in my pajamas and went to work. I arranged gifts, giftwrapped them to the best of my ability and did some torturing financial calculations. By 1:00 am, I decided to check my email and felt the need to sleep and rest due to some piercing back pain, only then that I realized it's 1:00.

Unbelievable. Even though I knew since yesterday that I'll be busy accomplishing some "last" rounds of shopping for myself and for those remaining on my list today, I never realized that I'll be losing track of time. My body was tired from walking and carrying heavy loads, but so far mental strength and perseverence got the best of me.

I've accomplished (Spent) so many things today and it's not only for gifts, but also for me, which goes beyond books and food. At least once a year, I can say I've shopped for clothes, as in really shopped to the point of coming in and out of stores, trying various outfits without any apparent cause. It's a new form of reward I can see myself doing for at least once a year.

I've also, for some reason, remembered the remake version of SIGNED SEALED DELIVERED by a British boyband, Blue, circa late 90's. Stevie Wonder, I believe, sang the original. I choose that as my themesong for what happened to me today, specially dedicated to the items that I bought and to that plastic card that I used to buy them with.

SIGNED: I kept looking at 5 receipts with my signature on it, as proof that I did use my already bleeding card to its limit. Signing like there's no tomorrow, wishing there would be a technical crash where the card transaction system just forgets all the transactions in the world. That might eventually lead to the world to go from RECESSION to DEPRESSION, which is not very nice even to think about.

SEALED: Sealed in bags, there is no more turning back. I've already purchased something whether because of the need or the want, it doesn't matter. I would just have to wait until my credit card bill gets...

DELIVERED: To ensure that my fate is secured, I made a preliminary calculation with regards to my credit card expenses to date, which is not very appealing.

Nevertheless I'm happy that I've made good finds for today. I've scored almost half with some clothes and shoes that's on sale and saw a completely better version of the gray dress in Landmark by at least 70% less compared to what I saw in Tango. I think I've made good steals for today. It was productive and busy, but I do need to rest for tomorrow. Because tomorrow is completely a new day to shop for things that I still need, but I'm doing it Cash-style from now on. I cannot fool myself around with credit. It's not healthy singing to the tune of BILLS BILLS by Destiny's child. There is still Christmas to enjoy.

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