Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Harriet's Coming Out

I did the inevitable. I took Harriet out. Not only that I surprised Mitch for chatting with him while I'm hooked via 3G in the middle of South Super Highway, but I finished my previous blog in the car as well. Ladies and Gentlemen, Harriet has officially left the building. I wanted to prove to Mitch that my over protective days (around 4 days to be exact) are over. I'm going to maximize Harriet to the best of what she's made of. There's only one thing for me to do though. Look for a reputable, durable and comfy sleeve for Harriet.

While getting out of the car, I felt so weird putting her with the rest of the devices in a big ziplock bag. Can you imagine? Putting Harriet in a freaking zip lock bag that fits her well should not be an option. Should never be an option. I could hear her screaming and complaining to death. But I had no choice. After putting her in the ziplock bag, I placed her neatly inside my tote bag, but still...inside the ziplock?

When I got to the office, I quickly set her up in my desk. Normally, I'd pull out my two big phones that are obviously for tech/net freaks, as encouraged for me to have by Mitch of course. I got out my ipod and turned on my office PC while I called a few people to discuss some work issues. After logging in, talking to a few people, my desk instantly looked like a TECH-DESK. People who would pass by my desk would instantly think the person's sitting here is a hardcore IT professional complete with wi-fi mouse, 3G equipment, phones and IPOD. My desk has become klepto heaven. But so sorry to say that I'm nowhere near techie.

Don't even try to ask me about the specs of Harriet and what goes better with what. I would still have to research on that and get back to you. Don't let me explain what goes in the Properties section. I would just echo what Mitch told me, whatever I can remember in the tech side. I would also say that it's the best there is for me. IT's commendable and oh... the LCD design and keyboard are great. Beyond that is alien to me. I would just have to say to you that it's a gift and I am still in the process of exploring.

So, the day started quite slow. My immediate boss just got back from her recent trip from the States and she brought us tons of chocolates that made me go ga-ga over KitKat White. TWIX. After lunch, I went back to my desk and started to feel sleepy. To avoid any 3rd caffeine fix for the day, I started to fool around with Harriet. I wanted to capture my desk, but my Cybershot is broken and will go under rehab, until I remembered that Harriet has a built in camera.

*So that's my desk littered with serious stuff like meeting materials and papers, and not-so-serious stuff with chocolates and Banana Flavored Chapstix on the side, given to me by my boss. For the tech Side, there's the IPOD, my desktop my two big phones and yes, my 2 "mice," one for the PC and one for Harriet. The hands really look weird and eerie, though.

*And if you're just tired of going to the bathroon to fix your hair, you can use Harriet as an instant mirror. As if naman I always fix my hair to begin with. I do look like cross eyed here. Nyahaha.

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