Thursday, December 11, 2008

I say just stick to Brownies

While I was waiting for my ride in SM Makati this afternoon, I passed by this nostalgic Brownies stall in 2nd floor, the exit connecting Glorietta. Anyone who grew up going to SM, especially in Makati, would know either the Scoopery or the Brownies Unlimited stall. You have to, or else you're not really paying attention. When the old (not yet renovated) SM Makati was still standing, as a kid I would let my mom bribe me with half dozen of Brownies Unlimited and I would just shut up and sit at some corner and let her shop peacefully. I just simply love their marble cheese brownies and the choco-buttery fudge that it majorly contributed to my ballooned phase.

Decades passed but the tastes of their brownies never change. They continuously introduce new brownie recipes, but pretty much the classics are still there. My mom still buys it for my younger brother sometimes, although not as much as she did for me. My brother's not into brownies anyways, but more into doughnuts and cakes. He doesn't care to know of my Brownies Unlimited fixation.

As I scanned their displays, I saw colorful tops at the other corner and finally saw their colorful selection of cupcakes. I wasn't surprised that they've ventured into making their own cupcakes version since it's the "IN" dessert right now. They apparently maximized their knowledge in making brownies for the cupcake's base. Same maker, same fruit. And I sincerely thought it would come out with the same satisfying results.

After choosing amongst yummy icing flavors of Vanilla, Choco, Blueberry, Ube (Akalain mo yun) and Strawberry cupcakes, I eventually chose Strawberry just because the picture in their ads are focused more on STrawberry, while all other flavors serve as the background. I figured it must tell something. So I paid 29 bucks for a cupcake, got a seat and prepared to take my first bite of heaven.

Which sent me back to earth with a loud thud.

I WILL NOT RECOMMEND FOR YOU TO BUY THEIR CUPCAKES. I wasn't satisfied to the tiniest bit. Gonuts Donuts' substantial cupcakes are so much better compared to theirs. The icing literally tastes like cold, colored BUTTER. The icing makes you want to gag and cringe your neck. IT's not even close to sweet. It's eating softened butter. Anchor even tastes better.

Next, the cake was so MESSY to eat. Aren't cupcakes supposed to be convenient desserts, but in this case, it was anything but convenient. I had chocolate all over my fingers and the cake was falling apart and crumbling! It was a total mess. In the end, I just took off the icing and ate unwillingly the ho-hum cake to drown my dessert sorrows.

Of all the good decisions I've made today, this one is CRAP. Wasted my 29 pesos, ate butter and provided stains in my fingers and shirt. An unsolicited advise...I hope they just stick to making Brownies.

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