Friday, December 12, 2008

SM Makati. I like.

It’s been so long since I went to the mall and actually harbored the desire to shop. It’s not really a secret that I don’t like shopping, but I don’t deny that sometimes (in very rare times) there is this urge for me to go spend and buy stuff for others and for myself. When I feel something to that extent, it's usually a must, and it usually just needs a day to accomplish. After that the desire just deflates naturally and I wouldn’t think of shopping for months or for even a year.

Christmas is usually the best date to trigger the spending impulse in me. I don’t like “shopping” per se but I do find more funky and cool stuff during Christmas. Everything always seems to be present and accessible. From cool dresses and funky clothes, to chocolates, to food, to gift items and even with appliances. There are a lot marketing and product factors that entice people to shop. The mood helps and the primary goal of this gift giving season encourages. I also like how money seems to circulate intensely that as a consumer, at least for once no matter how stupid it may sound, I’d like to contribute and keep the spending wheel running.

While I found myself in SM Makati this afternoon I saw myself browsing at the ladies section and began to marvel at designer dresses and clothes. Philip Tampus, the designer I identify with at Project Runway Philippines, has a section there. I seriously felt excited. But knowing me, I really couldn’t care less about clothes and bags. But I was amused how in every rack I wanted to buy something. Plus the fact that I also had to remind myself that I’m shopping at SM, a place where ONCE UPON A TIME stuff were robbed of coolness and were degraded to being produced in mass retail. SM, I am proud to say, has great selections now. They showcase really good dresses complete with other retail goods like accessories, wigs and shoes. Their products are not that outdated anymore. They do have hip, affordable and lovely stuff now. They almost have every brand for everyone. I am quite impressed with what SM has to offer. They’ve improved big time.

As I try to take note on the wonderful pieces that I would go back for this weekend, I would have to double check my credit card balance and finances though. As much as I want to be taken away on a spending spree this holiday, there are still a few things I need to get a grip on.

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