Friday, December 12, 2008

Caveat on Potential Gift Givers

If someone asks me what I want for Christmas or for my birthday, most probably I wouldn’t say anything specific. I want so many things in private, but I can’t seem to find enough strength or desire to say it. I don’t want other people to SHOP for me. It wouldn’t make any sense. It robs the fact of gift giving.

This makes me a little bit difficult. I know some people who would want to know exactly what the person wants to make their lives easier. I do understand their part, who wouldn’t? Since someone would be spending money for a gift, might as well know exactly what the person wants to avoid unnecessary wastes. But if someone would want to give me a gift, I want it to be something I’m not expecting to get. I might drop hints that I need this or that I want this, but I’m not the type to say out flat. I want the whole “surprise” part, but when I say surprise it doesn't have to be entirely alien. It still belongs within the scope of something that they believe I should be happy with based on random observations and dropped hints. Much more if there is an additional effort that they’ve researched what I really wanted. I may be difficult in divulging information, but if people know me well they would find out that I’m not that difficult to read. They would instantly know that I don’t have much material desires, and usually the potential gifts they might give me are probably something that I NEED, realized or unrealized. So if I NEED the gift, the logic is that I would use it, and for a practical person like me, that’s more than enough.

Giving gifts shouldn’t be stressful. It should be fun, thoughtful and generous when it really comes from the heart. If not, I'd just settle for peace. :)

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