Sunday, December 14, 2008

Shopping made easy

I did some shopping yesterday at Boni High, which is a far cry from my original plans of shopping next week in Glorietta, SM or Rustans. Even though I already have a few items playing in my head, I couldn't imagine 'buying' something at Boni High since I'm a practical nut and I hate spending for things, which I think are overpriced. Boni High just means a classy row of establishments with overpriced things as far as I'm concerned. For the record, I just like the ambiance and coffee experience it gives. It's also a perfect place I could expose Harvey, but aside from that, stores there (except for Fully booked) are something I'd just pass by.

I only have a very short christmas list, but those people on my list are challenging. They make me end up feeling like a failed bankrupt mind reader. My brother has vocally expressed his disdain in receiving books from me. My father never used any gift that I gave. My mother has so many specifications that I always go for safer gifts. My sister wants something that I obviously couldn't give her. All in all they're really hard to please. I always dread Christmas because I would have to exhaust my efforts thinking of something that I know would end up in the storage room. Might as well just give them something that I know they could use minus the extra effort.

That's what I love about retail stores and department stores every Christmas. Most stores offer packaged and pre-selected goods that make shopping easier and budget friendlier. It eliminates the sifting and rummaging through stocks, as long as you already have an idea on what to give may it be make-up, shirts or body wellness products. Yesterday I already got gifts for my dad, my brother, my sister and cousin, which enabled me to cross out half of my list.

It did cost me to really pay up, but what I got came from trusted stores promising quality without entirely going over board. Since it's pre-selected, I could never go wrong. I only have remaining gifts to search for my mother, my aunt and my random friends whom I'll be seeing in a few weeks, and they're far easier than the three-troublesome I know. At least I still have next weekend and an SM trip to look forward to. In these moments do I sincerely enjoy shopping.

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