Wednesday, July 9, 2008

G-Shot for G-Spot?! Say What?

Necessity is the mother of invention. I think that statement has been used a thousand times and unfortunately it's stuck with me today. I've read three articles that already gave truth to it. One is regarding the invention and increase in telecommunication features with the rise of phone per person ratio that we Filipinos popularized. Another is the invention of other alternative transportation methods to ease up economic lashing. And lastly, on a more kinky, cosmetic note, enhancing a woman's G Spot.

G spot? Say what? My ears aren't that virgin about this, especially with my exposure to Sex and City shows and the crazy intense TV air times of Dr. Margie Holmes (who has her own official site by the way, learn from the expert people). G Spot apparently is very important for every woman. Women, especially men, should be aware of this. Apparently if you ask a man if he knows anything about a woman's G-spot, he's supposed to say yes, otherwise ask for someone to give him a crash course.

G-Spots are apparently important for women to achieve sexual satisfaction. Again, based on sexual oriented shows like Sex and The City, women aren't known to be as successful like men in the satisfaction department. Like a woman's psyche and personality, sexual satisfaction is often times complicated and less technical.

The article by Rhea Catada of Manila Times, quotes Dr. Marinduque in explaining that women's sexual pleasure is often complicated, like figuring out those buttons and levers in the airplane's cockpit, to get it working. It's not as idiot friendly as operating the man's side. The doctor cites three things that make women satistifed. The mind (woman's mental state during the act), the clitoris (for minor orgasms) and the G-Spot (for bigger, mind blowing orgasms). Okay there's a level???

The article says that the first two "levels" in acquiring satisfaction are no-brainers. It's usually the third or main level where men usually fail. Some women don't even know what a G-Spot is, including me. Researching, G-Spot is short for Granfenberg Spot, named after the German gynecologist Ernst Granfenberg. According to his findings in 1944, it's located in the anterior vaginal wall two inches from the opening. G-Spot satisfaction ofte relies on "positions" and "girth of the equipment."

Say if you've done all the natural methods to look and satisfy this certain G-spot and still efforts remain fruitless, this is where invention comes in. Beverly Hills 6750 Multi Specialty Aesthetic Institute, headed by Dr. Marinduque, is pioneering the G-Shot procedure in te country. To be able to cosmetically enhance the G-Spot, the woman should first identify where it is or best ask the assistance from her partner. Once it has been identified, the doctor will give the G-Spot a G-Shot and as a result, the G-Spot will expand to get more sensations in the future sexual activity. The procedure costs about 40,000 pesos and takes about 20 minutes to accomplish. Dramatic, positive changes in women's sex lives are promised. (Manilatimes)

Invention for sexual enhancement is a personal question if it's a "want" or a "need". Nowadays, with all the information at hand, this natural "need" is something most cannot deny anymore. Women are more empowered than ever. They are aware of their needs, and I believe this should be one of them. I'd hate to think that women do not get half of the bargain with all that effort and attachment. Some may even go on with their lives not acknowledging it just because they don't know that it actually exists. Well now they know how medical science has ushered this invention to help them enhance an aspect of their adult lives. And for women who believe and live in the philosophy of Samantha Jones of Sex and the city, "Sex without Orgasm is pointless," then the G-Shot invention might be something that's considered a need.

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