Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Sick Leave

My village friends and I had an impromptu drinking session last Sunday night. It lasted until 3 in the morning and I had to go to work in less than 6 hours. But only with a couple of hours of sleep, I managed to get my stuff together and go to work. But I knew then my morning will be exceptionally slow and uncomfortable. I had bloated stomach, my head hurt and I felt like I was nursing an impending fever. That just showed how weak I am with alcohol. Come to think of it, I was not even halfway drunk. My sister, who is much more of an alcohol expert than I am, tried to laugh off the fact that my hangover lasts after two nights when all I had were couple of glasses of cheap fruity vodka, some chips and coffee.

After work last Monday, I asked Mitch to pick me up at the office really early and asked the house to cook me some soup for dinner. After dinner, I went to bed early to catch up on sleep, but ended up waking in the wee hours because of some silly cold. I felt a lot worse and had no choice but to text my colleagues that I won't be coming to work. Good thing they easily understood. But right now I'm trying to stretch their mercy and understanding by filing for another rest day for ultimate recuperation. I plan to take a massage, a facial and some sumptuous meal. I plan to do a lot of relaxing things today. This opportunity in my case is rare. So let me be. Guilt has no room here.

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