Sunday, November 7, 2010

Comfort Food: With Anyone. Anywhere.

Everyone who knows me that well...or even not that much...know that I like food. I like eating out. Sometimes I do love to cook but it mostly requires a crazy mood and my cooking abilities aren't that reliable sometimes. I'm a certified eater. Sky's the limit when it comes to food.

That's why after a grueling battle at work, good food keeps me sane especially during the weekends. I look forward to the weekends because I get to eat out without a time limit. I go with Mitch mostly on dates of course. I remember him telling me once that when I left for the States, he got cut off eating at fabulous restaurants. When I came back, he had to allot a portion of his budget for eating out because of me, but admittedly he missed good food while I wasn't around. Good food is a requirement. I don't care if it's dirt cheap or served in a carinderia. I don't really care if it's somewhere far, I'll drive for it as long as it's that good.

But unfortunately, I haven't seen Mitch for two weeks now because he got Chicken Pox courtesy of his brother. Apparently his is a worse case. He had intense fever for days and now he has spots all over, more on his face. You see, I've never had chicken pox before. My sister had already and my mother locked me with her so that we could have had it together one summer when we were kids, but apparently my immune system was too strong. I doubt if it is the case now that I'm always stressed and I'm not a vitamin-gulping kid anymore. It would be depressing if I would have Chicken Pox now with all my work laying at my feet. I also have a Palawan trip in a few weeks. Plus, it's the Christmas season. I dare not go out with Chicken Pox scars on my face. I may not be shallow, but I draw the line sometimes. Also, how will I enjoy my weekends if I have to quarantine myself? I had to be honest and cautious even though it could come off as cruel. It was an intense decision of not seeing Mitch at all for two weeks. He understood perfectly well. This means my regular eating-partner and date will be MIA until further notice.

But I have backups. Thanks to my siblings, they have been my dates for the past few weekends. I also thank some colleagues who went with my on my spontaneous adventure, like a friend-colleague who joined my for lunch in Le-ching Greenhills last sunday, and of course our Persian Sunday late night dinner at Miraj with siblings and Nikkon after a defeat in Left4Dead2 in BF Paranaque. Friends have offered for night outs, but I'm more of a restaurant-coffee gal. I'm not much into drinking. Thankfully, my sister has a penchant for free gourmet food since she spends her money on gas and fashion. While my brother is young and still easy to bribe. Though I may be the one paying for it, it's fun treating them to a hobby that I love. It's time they get gastronomically cultured as well. I appreciate their simple company more than ever.

PS: Get well, Mitch. You missed this I'm sure.

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