Sunday, November 7, 2010

I'm still here

To end my work week, my colleagues and I, drove to Salcedo Park in Makati to eat and have our so-called "dinner" at 7 am. We latch on the weekend as if it's our last and what better way to start it off but with good feats on dimsum and the million dollar authentic paella. The paella was good, but expensive. PHP 280 per order in one styro foam is equivalent to 2 meals already, but I guess the owner, who served with her designer outfit, charged for her service. It was fun anyways. We get to talk and rant about work of course, but the food was yummy and it had to compensate.

As soon as dinner-breakfast was over, I drove home via skyway and crashed at my bed at 10 am. I let my phone go on silent and slept for 11 hours. I woke up at 9 pm on a Saturday night, energized. 11 hours of sleep is something I wouldn't normally do, but I guess my body really needed to recharge. I woke up with messages on my phone. Some people were asking regarding night out plans, Mitch still has chicken pox and sent miss-me-texts while some friends from work were looking for a drinking session. Though I miss Mitch and a few things went through my mind, nothing permanently registered. What I needed then was good food. I know I couldn't function well. I was so hungry and no...I do not want something that can be pulled from the pantry like canned goods.

I dressed, without taking a bath, bribed my brother to accompany me for dinner over Starbucks. Originally, we intended to go to Magallanes, but I was craving for good Italian food. We went to Bonifacio High Street instead much to my brother's dismay since he has a television show to watch.

We got desserts at Miss Desserts for a loved one who is sick. I got an oreo cheesecake as well. We passed by Fully Booked and couldn't get over my recent book adventure last week. I have three new titles egging at my bedside table and I'm currently hooked to Stieg Larsson's first book in his Millennium series. 4 books if you count the book, which I also bought for my brother, which I intend to read after he finishes. It was written by Neil Gaiman of course. After a quick trip to Fully Booked and Miss Desserts, we went to Italianni's where Italian food never fails.

Thank heavens for Bonifacio High Street restaurants. The whole place is lively and relaxing. What's nice about this place is the restaurants close late, perfect for night owls like me. We ordered my favorite Salmon Cream Cheese Pizza, which my father introduced. JD ordered his Chicken Parmigiana and I ordered my Seafood Cioppino pasta. Bill was 1,500 pesos, pretty steep but it was all worth it. My brother and I went back to Fully Booked after to get coffee. I have stickets to get for my sister. I don't have much care for planners anyway.

When I got home at 12, my brother slept immediately while I find myself fully recharged. I read a few chapters until the intense sugar from the sumptuous dinner took a hold on me. I slept for another hour until I woke up at 2 in the morning and read the rest of the morning away. At around 5:30 my brother and I met downstairs and off we went to look for his tennis lesson only to find out that the court was wet. We transferred to another tennis court within the village and the office was closed. We were informed that it will open at 8. So I'm back here at home having my oreo cheesecake breakfast in an early Sunday Morning. I feel recharged and still positive on what good things that could happen today. I don't know what it is, but I learned that it pays to be positive. I intend to go to Fort and visit Fully Booked again, which is reliving my long lost obsession or I might just be engulfed in my room finishing this book that I'm currently reading. It doesn't matter. Constant access to good food, good company and good hobbies make this often times busily-jaded life still enjoyable.

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