Thursday, December 3, 2009

Finally. Coldness.

For a while there I thought we would never experience the seasonal coldness here in the Philippines. November was excruciatingly hot. The sun's rays were piercing. My colleagues and I would always find ourselves at Starbucks across our building to cool off and whine how we were not feeling the Christmas spirit due to the weather. In a way, we expected the worst since we are plagued by environmental degradation, which spurred the highly unpredictable weather conditions. Seasons change. Climates change across geography. Remember how it rained last April? Everyone was almost inconvenienced and caught by surprise.

But I'm glad to say that the coldness has finally arrived. According to PAGASA, the sun is going farther away from the equator, which means the nights would be longer and days would be colder. 20-30 Degrees Celsius is the range and I'm not the one to complain.

I love the cold. I'd like to think I'm a descendant of Snow Queen. I believe that I was born at the wrong country (climate-wise) and I'd rather freeze than stay in the sauna for more than 5 minutes. I'm not a fan of summer and the cold comforts me in every possible way. I love eating when it's cold. Food tastes richer and flavorful. There is more opportunity to snuggle and get together. I get to wear my favorite pieces of clothing: Jackets and sweaters. And the fact that I can get to sleep without air-conditioning is very empowering.

Finally the christmas coldness has arrived and I hope it would stay here till 1st quarter of next year. Suddenly the thought of buying those elegant surplus coats at SM Department Store is enticing. Maybe I'll drop by this weekend. I can't wait for my Winter vacation in Hongkong. I'd finally get to wear my favorite ear muffs.

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