Wednesday, December 2, 2009

The Christmas Spirit

I may come off as a war freak these past few days. I don't know if it's the stress that comes with this season, but recently a lot of people ticked me off; and it's not some random thing that can only be explained by racy hormones. It's because of legitimate reasons of someone doing something stupid to me or to society. And majority of these selected few have no idea on what they've done. It's on a national and personal level by the way.

I admit that I'm not a cheerio type of person, but I'm also not that negative. I'm real and by being real I get to swing at both sides, happy or sad/mad, I never hide it. If I'm having one of those normal days I appreciate life as it is. I get detached and not trouble with the little things. But I do have relationships and social connections, so there's no way for me to be detached forever. I'm bound to clash and get irritated by things beyond my control.

And recently I do observe that a lot of people get on nerves. This is reflected in my strong status statements in Facebook that get people reacting. Although I'm not denying my posts, I will never initiate wars. Facebook is just an avenue for me to let out steam. But if there are people who will challenge me, I won't stop them. I just want them to make sure they know what they're fighting for.

See what I mean? I talk about fights and negative things like I'm talking about the weather. I'm not having fun at all. I don't know if this is a challenge before the good christmas spirit will visit me, but I'm trying my best to stay happy all the time. There's an effort on my part, but there are just things that go beyond season and reasoning. Unfortunately they are non-stop this past few weeks and I can't wait for the Christmas Spirit to take over soon.

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