Monday, November 30, 2009

Defending Scrooge before Dec. 1st

I know a Scrooge thrives in me. I don't deny it. I even acknowledge the possibility that we are somehow related, personality wise. I know there are people out there who idolize and understand Scrooge. I'm sure most people beg to disagree. All they see is the evil side, the extreme version of heartlessness and cold. He might have gone astray and extreme, but he too has his truthful side.

In the field of managing finances, ethics and simple practicalities, he is an idol. In fact, this is the area where I need him the most. I willingly want Scrooge to thrive in me especially in matters of finances and hard work. I have to revive my financial health and brush up on my professional ambitions and career. I have to be more practical and surrender to the realities of life just like he did. It's also time to see what I ought to see and not find myself stuck in an idealistic midair. I need to balance my idealistic views and risk of being mediocre. I have to strive like he did. Save like there's no tomorrow and be strict with my principles and views.

What people find evil about him is how he took his positive sides to the extreme. His personality kills another. He puts out the light of optimism and cheer and spins it in his vortex of misery and solitude. He defies behavior of extreme happiness and kills it. He values practicality and reality more than optimistic charity. A man of action and solution, he never gives time to interact and daydream. For a moment, living the same world as he is living in, I would understand the reason of his existence. Although not entirely consumed by the jaded world...yet, I do understand his views on things, which makes my Scrooge mentality thrive in the first place.

Looking at my calendar and defending Scrooge, I just realized that it will be December 1st in a couple of hours or so. Amazing. The days will trickle fast from now on. May you be spared by the Christmas humbug and may you check and tame your inner Scrooges.

I can't wait to start 2010.

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