Sunday, November 8, 2009

Political Jumpship

There was a time that President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo was an answer to all our prayers. Suffering from an obviously corrupt government, we thought that an educated, firm, a woman could strengthen Filipino's nationalism and lead us away from the political scum that hinders us to move ahead and excel. But just like what Fantine in the Les Miserables musical would sing, "...there was a time when it all went wrong."

Whatever happened to the glorified name that Pres. GMA started with? She was once a favorite because of her intelligence and banner of hope. Her motherly image and strong mind made us confident citizens. That was before exposes upon exposes continue to shock us that made us frustrated and angry. In truth, nowadays we are not surprised if something else comes up; and frankly we have become negative. We're sick of what we have become. Now, I don't really know which government is better, ERAP's or Hers, a comparison I never thought I'd make. In terms of ratings, she's not surviving either.

Whatever happened to that first family? Listening about the ZTE scandal just made my stomach cringe and what about the San Francisco home that Mikey Arroyo, a presidential son, bought along with the so-called "corporation?" Now that's stupid. For all we know, we, the citizens, are the corporation he was referring to. If Pres. GMA is a lousy, unclean leader, her family never failed to echo the same footsteps.

Whatever went wrong? Technically, she's now just a president for formality's sake until that most-coveted position will be handed to another aspiring, hopefully better, candidate next year. To say that Pres. GMA is to run again for higher office is a joke and something that I'm not worried about. Even if it's for local office I doubt if she or any of her family members would survive the heat once power has been stripped off from them, thanks to the countless administration scandals.

There's no question that the wind is veering towards the Opposition and that's why I understand why her own political party mates are jumping ship.

Probably sensing that President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo and imminent administration presidential bet Defense Sec. Gilberto Teodoro Jr. would not be potent forces in the 2010 elections, members of ruling party Lakas-Kampi (Kabalikat ng Malayang Pilipino)-CMD started shifting allegiances to rival parties. (

These political ambitions made administration candidates to be strategic. They know that to associate themselves with the dying, highly unpopular administration is a kiss of death to their own political careers. And in due respect and honesty to the admin-presidential bet Gilbert Teodoro, it's high time to accept that Noynoy and Villar can easily leave anyone eating dust.

All you can do but sigh and reminisce that it all started okay, but then it all went crumbling down in the end. Now we're seeing the demise and gradual political exit of a president that once became our hope against corruption, stagnation and immorality. We are also witnessing her party mates jump ship to the other side of the fence, which makes the scene sad and pathetic. Now we, even THEY know, that it all went terribly terribly wrong.

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