Thursday, November 26, 2009


An hour ago, I've completed a long post about the massacre that happened in Maguindanao. I had included my emotional, political and personal views on it with gusto. But with faulty and unreliable proxy connection in our office, the poetic words were lost to cyber oblivion. Instead of cursing and throwing my office laptop out the window, I will not. I glance and it's still 8 am. I still have a long way to go.

I'm not going to go on detail on this. If you're well-informed, you should be aware of the Maguindanao massacre now easily coined as Ampatuan massacre, where a convoy of civilians were abducted and killed while they were on their way to submit the certificate of candidacy of Ismael Mangudadato, a political rival of the Ampatuans. The Ampatuans are powerful political figures of the land. Ironically, the Ampatuans are also Arroyo administration allies. The convoy would've been strategic since they had media personnel and women on board. It would've have easily warded off ill-plans of abduction. But apparently, the strategy wasn't fool proof. All 6 vans were abducted by allegedly 100 gunmen composed of local security officers and individuals for Ampatuan. Some women were brutally raped, all victimes were mutilated and all killed in close range. They were dumped in a 20 feet mass grave along with the crushed cars with the help of a local government registered backhoe. It's not hard to pinpoint Ampatuans. There were witnesses, equipment and most importantly, there's a strong motive.

All I have to say is that the solid acts of violence shook our lands, which threatens what we preciously call democracy. Acts of murder, rape and mutilation done against unarmed civiliams, females, lawyers and media-men are almost unforgiveable. Because of certain people's lust for power, they have become barbarians. Because of this, our country's recognized as the most dangerous country for journalists, overtaking Iraq and Pakistan. Ironically in prepartion for the national elections, people died. The news continuously bring sadness, frustrations and anger to us all. The global community pressures what needs to be pressured while we weep for this tragedy.

For those who performed the murders, they're not humans, they're monsters, supposedly drugged to easily perform what is intended. Allegedly 100 Ampatuan gunmen, hired by a political rival of Mangudadatos, performed the heinous crime. Even local government equipment and local security personnel were said to have been used. There goes your murder and drug related charges.

But for those who ordered the killings, allegedly the Ampatuan clan, those who have strong motives and power, how could you? Civil society, global community and the law would easily serve death sentences to your doorsteps. If proven, I hope you pay hard in this life and in the afterlife. I'm sorry, but what you initiated was not something we could easily forgive.

I hope the government acts fast. According to Rene Saguisag, a popular political figure, this government acts too slow with regards to this issue. In previous administrations, a massacre of this magnitude and nature would not be easily tolerated. Law society agrees. I agree. While updated massacre pictures are printed to constantly remind us, we still find ourselves waiting. It's been more than 36 hours. Justice should be served.

Let's pressure who needs to be pressured. Let's pray for this country to pass the test and to sweep out the monsters in power that continue to harbor these lands. I pray for my country to unite and do the right thing. I pray for the victims and their families. I pray this will not happen again, anywhere.

Please wear black tomorrow as a sign of mourning and justice. This must not happen again.

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