Monday, November 2, 2009

Hold that thought: November 27 is not a Natl Holiday

It's no secret that Philippines is a country that loves Holidays. We have invented a specific Holiday for almost everything. I believe that just comes with inheriting a beaten history marked by revolutions and nation-changing movements. From celebration, commemoration to mourning, name it and we've got it. Also, our geographical location adds up to the whole non-work and non-school fest as our country hardly ever misses any brewing storm. Factor in the unpredictable natural causes and pandemics. Though hardworking and efficient citizens as we are, admittedly we have caused businesses headaches.

I'm currently enjoying a free-day Monday due to the long weekend in reverence to All Soul's day, a holiday Filipinos greatly observe. Was looking forward to another long weekend on November 27-November 30. Make that Friday-Monday weekend. Special non-working holiday was declared by the government to celebrate the Eid'l Adha festival on November 27 and Bonifacio day on November 30th, a national holiday.

But wait. Before you try to book that flight and plan your vacation, I'd like to share the bad (for workers like me) news that Philippine Government takes back the Nov. 27 holiday for all Christian-dominated regions due to the requests of manufacturing and business sectors. This leaves us with only November 30th as a holiday, at least as far as NCR is concerned.

The Arroyo administration apologized Monday for declaring the Muslim festival of Eid'l Adha on November 27 and 28 as national holidays and then changing the proclamation to say that the holidays will only be observed in the Autonomous Region of Muslim Mindanao (ARMM). (
Bad vibes, but as adults we are expected to understand. It's just painful that most of us have already made plans or at least programmed our minds. But we do hear Philippine government's apology, something that we are getting used to. Let's just be happy that it would still be considered a long weekend. And if you can't alter your plans anymore, that's what VL's and SL's (Vacation Leaves/Sick Leaves) are for.

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