Sunday, November 22, 2009

New Moon: Rise of Team Jacob

I've read the Twilight series. I was entertained and impressed, but I did not exactly become a die-hard fan same with Harry Potter's. Fine, I do watch the movies, but I'm not the one who's to worry and salivate. Probably these fantasy flicks appeal to me only at a certain level, but sometimes it's too funny and trivial when they happen in angst ridden adolescent stages. It's a certain muck that I want to skip. It's complicated to the nth degree and the fantasy aspect just makes it more 3 dimensionally messy. I guess that's the more profitable angle, the spice that makes it more interesting.

Nevertheless, the Twilight series were entertaining and fairly easy to follow. Though I do understand the sources of swoon and delight. It's generally about two extremely good looking teenage guys, who are natural rivals, fall for a human that could've technically been their dinner. The guys are actually magical creatures that history depicts to have been legendary rivals. A Vampire and a Lycan, just like classic rivals of La Salle and Ateneo.

The first book of Twilight was a rough introduction about the characters that would take you along the three other sequels. It was packed with visual candy and expectations. The movie delivered, although the effects were minimal and I kind of fidgeted because it's definitely a high-school type of movie, without queen bees and petty anxiety attacks. It makes one long for New Moon.

Frankly, not me. I'm not a fan of New Moon, which is also the same that I won't kill myself if I don't watch the movie. Reading it was depressing and sappy. Every chapter is like having to read and go over Bella's depression of missing Edward. Her whole world revolves around Edward whom she met just a year ago. I cannot just relate cause I find it mushy and exaggerated, teenageers. Also, the absence of a loved one is an opportunity of the other. In this book, there is more focus on Jacob and strengthening his opposite traits as opposed to Edward's cold, chiseled and pale looks. Jacob, from the book, is more human, ripped and "cozy." He is the ultimate fall back guy, the guy who makes the girl laugh and pulls her out from depression. The guy who wishes he could be more. Great. Here's something we have not seen before, a love triangle of a vampire and a werewolf. I think in this sequel, I wanted Bella to just disappear in Forks and be a banshee or something. Another interesting part in this book aside from Jacob's apparent transformation is the introduction of the complex Volturi clan. At least they took the spotlight away from the depressing teenage love triangle somehow.

But now that New Moon's out, everyone's been talking about it. My Facebook's been littered with reviews which are generally just about how much they love Jacob and his abs. Almost everyone is for Jacob now, like Team Jinkee against Team Krista. Now Edward who? New Moon what? I feel this movie is about Jacob. If that is the case, the title should be New Moon: The Rise of Team Jacob.

I admit I'm intrigued. Not by the story of course, but with Jacob's overly positive transformation. I heard there are more action scenes now. And I'm looking forward to meet the Volturi clan. Ironically Michael Sheen, who played a royal Lycan in the movie Underworld is now a royal Vampire in New Moon. That would definitely boost up his resume I think.

So with all I've written here, I might be watching New Moon after all, although not in a hurry and definitely not with Mitch. I would understand his male-ego agony. I think I would watch the movie next week when the hype's died down. Then I would get to form my own opinions on Jacob's abs and not just depend on a hundred hearsays. Probably I'll get to decided which team I want to join. Originally I'm for the pale, calculated and more mythical one. But since I have more affinity to dogs and less aristocracy, I might go for Jacob. But whatever I decide on, I'll just be a dot in a million.

Also, people just like to create rivalry and wear it on their sleeves literally. I'm sure Team shirts will be produced here soon. I can feel it.

Well hello there, Jacob.

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