Sunday, November 22, 2009

Road Rage kills

I had dinner with Mitch and my sister last night at Sentro, Fort Taguig. We had fun and tasted heaven, but with our full stomachs, we landed right back to earth and decided to just go home (and sleep) ironically afer having our coffee stop. While trying to leave the amazingly far and muddy parking space, we were faced with unique heavy traffic in Fort. It's expeced. The grand pyrotechnics show just ended and the crowd was apparently eager to leave Fort as well. In this heavy traffic situation, we expected that we would encounter stupid and reckless drivers all gearing up for space. We did encounter a couple and Mitch was again on his usual road rage.

While stuck, my sister shared her dismay on the recent road rage incident that killed her friend's brother, Renato Victor Ebarle Jr., who is the son of a presidential staff member. It's an incident that depresses. Heavy traffic and road incidents are not sane reasons to hurt or kill anyone. People, who are consumed by their road rage, are mentally and emotionally deranged. It's one of those unfortunate losses; and compassion for the suspect is quite hard to achieve.

My sister is pissed because the suspect, Jason Ivler, is a stepson of an ADB executive, a high ranking global organization. Not necessaril with diplomatic immunity, but she realizes that in our present system, corrective justice won't be achieved by the victim's family knowing that the suspect has connections. The situation would just eventually cool down. The consolation is that the suspect would only be exiled; and the particular incident would just be added up to statistics, shoved and shelved. It's actually happening right now as I type. Presently, Jason Ivler, the alleged susptect, cannot be found in his city homes. He's in hiding. The stepfather is the one appearing in media, probably doing some "backroom" operations. Even the police can smell something fishy.

Now I remember the news that I saw about the incident. Same sentiment of despair was ignited. I even saw past footages of Jason Ivler, smiling, joking around while being interviewed about his 2004 road incident. This pathetic man has history and he was still set free. He looked like drugged, smiling and lifting up his shirt for national TV to see his brief's garter. I hope Karma bites him hard.

Currently, police is now looking for him. His family's not helping the situation because some say they are hidding him. Police force says they're verifying his whereabouts. I really hope they find him and let our justice system make him pay.

So for those easily roused by road incidents, please be mindful of your actions. Don't let road rage consume you. Scream, sure, but let it go. Just go play in traffic.

The suspected killer of a MalacaƱang official’s son during a road-rage incident in Quezon City last Wednesday remained elusive as government agents failed to catch him in raids during the weekend. (Gmanews)

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