Monday, November 23, 2009

Coffee Talk: I hate these women

I think I should put up a Female Detective Agency.

Thanks to my unwavering intuition, diligence and meticulous research, I've consistently exposed shady truths about people; and based from experience I'm 99% right. And that is only through the help of the world wide web.

In complicated situations involving a person's life, I always observe and gather information first. I don't entertain frenzy and share it with others to plant a bad seed in their minds. I just observe, I analyze and I plan all by myself. This is the part that I keep my emotions at bay and always STILL give the person the benefit of the doubt, even if at times it's forced.

But when I receive a strong evidence, backed by a specific loophole, I attack with full conviction and accountability. If I have a sound case, this is where I survey and gather other people's insights. Gather, not influence.

My research and observations could take up months. It depends how the person, bound to be observed, can exhibit his/her level of stupidity and carelessness enough to get caught. And when they do, they always deny, cry and retaliate. I, of course, already built a strong foundation on my case and there is nothing they could do to win my favor.

I do not enjoy doing this. It's easier to be carefree and be neutral. To unmask the truth and to piece the puzzles in my head aren't fun. It's unsolicited headache and heartache. Whether it's happening to me or to a friend, it's always painful to observe. I'm not also a person who carry a pristine flag of morality, but I know, in my lifetime and capacity I won't do anything weak as CHEATING to the verge of losing my integrity, destroying relationships, being a hypocrite and being immoral. It's something that I DO NOT CONDONE and thankfully, I WON'T EVER COMMIT. I always have strong principles in this area; and so far it's unwavering.

So to observe and research from afar, I admit that it's painful, but a slow fruitful revelation. If the situation happened to me, I know when to act and how to take matters unto my own hands. But if it's a truth that affects a loved one or a friend, as much as possible, I stay a good distance and let him/her figure things out on his/her own. But my silence depends on the gravity of the evidence and research of course. If the situation is already staring at me, I might just go for it and tell the truth. The point is, I don't act when I'm not certain and without evidence; and I don't act because of desire. Usually my actions spring from the cerainty and the need to tell the person my concerns. That is how I am as a friend and this is how I am as a person.

People think that I might be self-righteous for assuming a role that is not really my concern. True, I have my own life and it's boring and messy enough as it is, but in this world, we are responsible for each other. If the act is out in the open and if there's a truth that I can slowly unmask, it's my choice to do something about it. I will use that opportunity to push people to be true to themselves if I have to. As a person, I do not believe in mitigating destruction by ignoring the issue.

Also, being self-righteous is maybe a good thing, if you know which aspect you're being self-righteous about. A person who cheats cannot have the license and credibility to lambast another cheater for the same reasons he/she exists. If you're going to hate and reprimand someone, just make sure that it's not you.

Time and time again I have been honest about this issue and I stand with full conviction that I loathe people who CHEAT and destroy relationships. For obvious reasons, my forgiveness is slim to women who cheat. I may listen and be familiar with what their going through, but my confidence and trust in these women will be lost nearly forever. This is a certain weakness of my gender that I cannot condone. I do not and will not associate with women of this kind, and if by being honest I may come out as self-righteous and mean, so be it. Life is too short to be pretentious. If you're going to do something, make sure you know why and you can be accountable for it. If you're going to hate or believe in something, make sure you know why and just be honest about it.

You might be wondering what I'm talking about while sipping my coffee on the side. I confess coffee makes me honest to a fault sometimes. But I'm not talking about Jinkee-Pacquiao-Krista issue, although you do know which side I am on obviously. This issue drives closer to home, to a friend. Based from experience, it's usually the unassuming people who commit cheating. Those who have to mask and project themselves to be the righteous ones when in fact they're not. Unfortunately most of them are women.

God, forgive me, but I really do hate these people.

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