Saturday, November 14, 2009

R.I.P. Oreo

This afternoon, my sister, mother and I decided to spend the day somewhere specifically at Market Market. My mom heard that they have good christmas decors there and since she doesn't have the inclination to go to Divisoria anymore, Market Market is a rough stop. Shopping? Irk. I just immediately planned to attend a cycling class before joining them in the afternoon. We were all ready to go when my sister insisted that we bring Harvey with us.

It's been a while since Harvey was able to "socialize" and go malling. Aside from the village park, I always find reasons to bring Harvey to outdoor events and chill public places. We usually end up in Serendra or Bonifacio High Street at the Fort. It's basically nearer from our place, and we all know that dogs are very welcome there. With Fully Booked, coffee shops and cool restaurants, it's also easier for me hang out.

I never have problems of bringing Harvey in a public place except for some extreme hyperactive moments when he ends up banging his head somewhere and spilling my coffee. Harvey, despite being active and playful, is such a sociable dog. He can never be a guard dog actually. He likes observing and playing with strangers. He flirts around and gives everyone that innocent dog-face that is sure to make anyone's heart melt. I usually answer queries about him, which is equally cool and annoying sometimes.

I also like walking Harvey in public places because I get a doze of human entertainment. Some people, when they see Harvey, knowingly tell their companions, "Oh Look, a CHIHUAHUA." Wrong. What an ignoramus. He doesn't look like one at all, but I admire their deluded conviction. Then there are others who expose themselves to be halfway men. I've had instances wherein Harvey finds himself drawn to a dog and the master is a clean-scrubbed, handsome and amiable fellow. Only that the fellow is 90% bound to be gay, calling their pet, "Come on, baby dear" just makes me cringe. There are others who are overreacting, surprisingly most of them are men. We were walking happily then suddenly we see men, catching the sight of Harvey, moves in such Keanu-Matrix motion, as they'll be put in harm's way. Err, right, when we're a good three to four feet away, when Harvey's on a leash, and when Harvey is practically as small as a puppy.

But in general most people like him and he likes them back. Some dogs bitch him around, but he never does anything about it. He never fights and he seldom barks. For a dog, he has breeding.

Unfortunately some men don't have breeding. They become lower than scums of beasts.

When I heard about Oreo, the terrier mix dog that was thrown by his owner in a 6 foot building, but miraculously survived, I appreciated Harvey even more. Oreo was euthanized last Friday based on professional recommendations because he cannot socially adapt anymore and may be a threat to society. He is highly injured and traumatized by the fall and in result, he distrusts humans immediately even his frequent handler. He bites people and becomes warfreak. Such a sweet faced animal has gone negative towards humans that dog experts were in unison to euthanize. Despite pleas from dog lovers, the procedure pushed through. Though, I do understand the move. I could just imagine that Oreo must be in physical and emotional pain. I initially thought that they should just take time for Oreo to recover psychologically, but given the factual risk and the limited resources, this had to be done. It's sad, but whatever happened to the 19 year old owner? I hope he was put on death penalty too. He deserves it. Fine, castration without anesthesia would be an equal punishment.

Rest in Peace, Oreo. May you find dog heaven and take all the bones that you want. It was just a shame you fell into the hands of that crazy 19 year old. You could've been Harvey's playmate. I would've adopted you.

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