Friday, December 25, 2009

Gift of Clear Sight

In matters of gift giving, between Mitch and I, I'm the one who is more dramatic, sentimental and traditional. When I give gifts, I undergo painstaking research on what the person needs then perhaps list down alternatives of what the person wants. I weigh things. I surf and I canvass. Then I buy and undergo the whole gift-wrapping session complete with ribbons and curls. The package in itself should provoke excitement and I always like the face of an excited and surprised recipient.

Mitch and his kind like to be straightforward. Their mantra says: "Skip the wrapping and skip the drama." Their research involves asking the would-be recipient point blank. For instance, Mitch would ask me what I want as if asking for my schedule. Vague answers do not work with him. It stresses him out. He doesn't get the element of surprise and the suspension of the surprise. If he could get the targeted object three weeks before the exact occasion, he would do so and give it to the recipient. Waiting for the exact and perfect date is irrelevant.

But I do understand this philosophy of his. In a way we are the same. We both like giving gifts that the person really needs and something that could be used. We don't give gifts for displaying purposes. While I do the traditional way of researching and giving gifts, he would just ask point blank, buy the gift and give it raw.

This year I find myself adapting his methods. While we were window shopping he saw this comfortable Huarachi Nike Rubber shoes. He liked it so much that I offered to buy it for his Christmas present without the gift wrapping and barely two weeks before christmas. I ended up surprising myself more.

Now for my birthday gift that coincides with Christmas, he started to ask what I need and I knew better than to give him a vague answer. I thought hard of things that I wanted to receive. I honestly couldn't think of anything and I figured I would just have to settle for a GC in Fully Booked. I was about to end the mental battle when I got distracted because I couldn't find my eyeglasses on my way to work. That was my eureka moment right there.

I bought my beloved Blue-Gray 2 toned FX glasses when I was still in Accenture,which was three years ago. I fell in love with that pair because of it's weight, the durability and the whole design without the nose pads. Before I obtained that glasses I searched every optical shop in three different malls in Makati and two malls in the South. There were a few things that I liked, but I wasn't 100% sure or excited. There was no connection. One Sunday afternoon, feeling hopeless, I passed by Sarabia, looked around and saw their FX collection. I immediately singled out one pair, the 2-toned plastic, no-nose pads with metal slides. I liked the frame and the 2-toned color scheme captured me. When I wore it, I fell in love with it. I bought it like how I would buy something that is life-changing or important to me. I depend on the bond and the unspeakable connection.

Now it's been three years and I've moved to two organizations since then. A lot has happened and my eyegrade got worse. In fact I'm aware that it's worsening, but I didn't bother to change the lens. For 2009 I was already struggling with reading far off words. I found it difficult to see details even with my glasses on. Mitch would often scold me to get a new pair or just change the lens. I failed to prioritize.

When I told him that I wanted a pair of eyeglasses for my birthday this year, he couldn't have been happier. We searched optical shops and even online. He wanted to give me Oakley like his, but I'm never intimidated with brands. If ever I was brand conscious, I was leaning towards FX Creations, my trusted brand for 3 years. And in matters of buying personal things, I choose and depend on specifications and irrational methods like bond and the so-called unspeakable connection.

After searching and trying out different pairs in different optical shops, I finally saw my new pair. A Periwinkle Blue rectangular glasses by Public in Sarabia Greenbelt. I wore it and I fell in love with it. The structure is almost the same as my old one, but the color blew me away. It was bright blue, a periwinkle type of blue that livened up my face so I believe. Strangely, blue is not my favorite color, but for some reason I'm drawn to this shade. I feel good about it. I believe I look good with it and Mitch firmly agrees.

Upon the routine eye exam, I wasn't surprised that my eyegrade skyrocketed after three years of not consulting and changing lens. My optometrist even had the liberty to scold me, but I know I deserve it. Mitch joined the parental exercise when he confirmed my worsening eyegrade, but just like a kid, the scolding didn't matter. I was excited with my new pair.

Everyone meet Percival Clearance, my new sight. Now I see the world in magnificent clarity. I can now see car plates and vivid lines and colors.

The camera or rather the photographer didn't give justice to Percival. In real life, the color is much more vibrant and perwinkly. 250 and 200 grade.

Since my old FX glasses is still standing. I couldn't have the heart to dispose it. So I bought new lens to match it to Percival. It will now act as my reserve.

To people not good with details, they will miss the new eyeglasses. It looks the same as the old one, but admittedly the color is more pronounced like what most people say.

*the old one with new lens

Don't they look like twins? Strong similarity doesn't matter. I formed a bond and that is the important part. It will be part of me like an extended organ for a very long time at least I should be connected and happy with it. Percival will put things in a clearer perspective. Special thanks to boyfriend for the Birthday gift by the way. This is one of the best presents ever.

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