Monday, December 14, 2009

Another Fast Triple Posts

As I type this entry that would officially break my one week hiatus from my beloved blog, a portion of my mind is still struggling what to get for dinner. I'm seated at the perfect table for two, al fresco, in one of the most reliable restaurants in the Metro, Chili's. This dinner is quite unexpected, but welcomed all the same. I couldn't complain, thanks to boyfriend by the way. He and God know I need this to relax; and a spontaneous good foodtrip seems to be the fastest pick-me-upper.

Truth is, last week's been pretty busy. It makes me wonder sometimes why people love Christmas so much. There are obviously tons of things to think about and depending on what those thoughts are, it could represent problems which highly result to this so-called seasonal stress. Having my birthday in the heart of this season doesn't do me any favors either.

From managing gifts, to securing finances to managing expectations with insurmountable temptations left and right, an average person could only take so much. My tolerance is low by the way. At the start of the season I have clearly accepted three things: That I've completely destroyed my appropriate diet in every possible way, efficiently erased all traces of money in my bank account and enduring my skin and hormones bitching in the most inconvenient time possible ironically when I am supposed to meet people and go to places. Everything is summed up in one word. Stress.

Happy stress if you wish to be less negative about it. But still, it's stress.


While this week people are busy wracking their brains out on what to get for their loved ones; and actually braving the malls and the hideously cramped parking spaces in the metro, I was busy with work. I'm busy trying to finish the heavy tasks and reports that would inevitably bog me for the rest of the year if I do not attend to it.

I'm focused on my work right now and making sure all the critical tasks are submitted on time. I don't mind going to the office a couple of days before Christmas as long I can be at the office on vacation mode. I badly need to submit reports and approvals to people concerned before they start to disappear. This is primarily the reason why I miss out on weekend dinners and even nightly checks on my blog. Pathetic. I know. But I'm thinking of my next 2-3 weeks when I'll be too dazed to think of any form of serious work.


Lastly, while all the serious stuff keep on coming in, there are a couple of intermissions that I have addressed. Since I rarely go out with friends anymore and usually my interactions are limited through texting and surfing (until I finish work), never in my wildest dreams would I find myself in a center of the seasonal buzz by just strictly being observant in Facebook. I was able to unravel a puzzle that involves relationships and reputation. The outcome is definitely bad because a friend's romantic relationship is in jeopardy, but can I help but smile to know that I am so right.

Frankly, I don't think I need to apologize for being attentive. It's not my fault that I figured somethings out. It's not my fault that Facebook has more CIA capabilities to me; and Facebook effortlessly shows patterns on a person's behavior as well as friends connected to him/her. In Facebook, one wrong move and you're on the market for CIA stuff. It's scary that this shit shows a lot of things that you don't know you're actually sharing. You'll know when the shit hits the fan mostly.

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