Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Proud to say I lived for 2009

This is the time of year, around two to three days before people start jumping up and down to welcome the new year, when I get so anxious that I badly want to get things over with. I'm done with 2009. Kudos. Sayonara. Good Riddance, but with no hard feelings. I just want to pack up my 2009 and go.

I always like fresh starts. I'm not afraid of January or starting a new year, in fact, I welcome it. Nothing beats like correcting my mistakes, starting a new task and having an entire year to make myself a better person. But I'm no feng shui expert and I don't have a supernatural gift of foresight. I don't need extra knowledge to know that I should expect hardships along the way. True that it makes life sour and meaningless sometimes, but whatever hardships that don't kill you, just make you stronger. New Year also makes optimists thrive. Even I, a natural pessimist, crossover.

Starting should be phenomenal. In order to make it phenomenal, one should realize and accept that we all have to refresh, regroup and restart. Once we have acknowledged the need and the time, it harmoniously allows us to compartmentalize and clear our minds for new set of goals to settle in. Once we get organized and new goals will be set in place, the wheels of ideas and motivation will start turning, taking us through the first steps. Before we know it we're living a new year and we're more focused, determined and experienced than ever.

As I get to aggressively prepare for the new year, it's always comforting to know that I've survived another year. I'm still alive, blogging and sane. What more could I ask for? It's always nice to look at the good times, the past that made me who I am now. The moments that changed my perceptions and to the ideas that molded me into a better (hopefully) person. Experiences, good and bad, are priceless. The joys of celebration are gifts from heaven. Creativity, ideas and fantasies always keep us going. Hardships, challenges and sorrows make us tougher and stronger.

Cheers to the upcoming 2010. I can already smell and taste it.
Cheers to the year that was, 2009. Proud to say I lived!

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