Sunday, December 6, 2009

Top 10 Mistresses

Look what I read in TIME.

Imagine that. They have a ranking now, which is fairly interesting because mistresses are pretty rampant these days and they now transcend the lowlife image that old times depict them to be. Mistresses nowadays are educated, skilled professionals and even have the unassuming personality of a cheater. They mold a certain group in society; and like most groups, there are just some people that tower above the rest.

In terms of ranking, I believe there are three obvious factors to quickly identify that may greatly affect their ranks:

1. Knowing the person the mistress is having an affair with

Being a mistress attracts public attention, but the number of people who would be interested and the retention of said interest depends on the disposition of the person who the mistress is having an affair with. Being a mistress of a popular and powerful person instantly gives the ranking a solid boost. I'm sorry, but no one really cares if you are a mistress of your next door neighbor that breeds labradors as a hobby. There are tons of mistresses in this world, but no one could instantly give a mistress a national attention like what Krista Ranillo did in allegedly being involved with Manny Pacquiao, a globally popular and highly paid athlete.

If the mistress is attached to a popular and powerful person, many people would be intrigued by her and how she is able to capture the guarded man's heart. Since people are familiar with the powerful person, they would have expectations on the mistress. Mistresses should at least offer something new or better than the man's legal significant other. It puts mistresses in far more scrutiny than an amoeba in a microscope.

2. Mistress' charm and looks

The mistress should offer something new to the table. It should be far different from the legal partner; and in a nutshell these mistresses should somehow project to be "better." There is no other explanation why the cheating goes around. The man may see his girlfriend or wife the lady of his universe. All beauty, attention and affection should be centered to her, but when cheating occurs it is assumed that the man is distracted and attracted to a different brand and level of beauty, attention or affection supplied by the "mistress."

If the mistress looks like Megan Fox, the sultry, sexy and almost perfectly feminine vixen, most women could never contest the obvious traits their men got distracted/attracted to. The public would also be enamored by the mistress and become more interested in her. Conclusively, the looks or charm should be a determining factor of man's decision to risk his relationship against odds. Just imagine that if the mistress resembles a less unattractive version of the legal wife/partner, and looks and thinks like a classic moron, there would be less excitement. Even the wife would find it ultimately ridiculous. The public would just pity and loose interest because the mistress in itself is not that interesting to look at.

3. Mistress' Will Power

Let's face it. No matter how we're all used to them, mistresses aren't really welcome in this world, yet they've been here since medieval times. I'm afraid women should just accept the fact that mistresses thrive wherever there are relationships. It just depends on the societal tolerance or the willpower of men to crush or stay away from them. But sometimes the love triangle reaches uncontrollable circumstances that involves the public. Ultimately the legal wife or partner would be the one to fix it and put the mistress in her place, but little do they know that some mistresses are just feline bitches that won't stop in getting what they want no matter what the cost. Some mistresses have so much willpower and aggressiveness in their blood that every chance they get they would attract attention by creating scandals. Since most people do not see them in high regard and obviously puts them at the losing end, they are left to project to the public the last remaining power that they have. They create scandals and desperately turn things to their favor no matter what the cost. These types of mistresses gather attention and people would be interested on what scandalous moments they would be creating next.

So for those mistresses out there, do consider these factors. Since you're going to commit one sin after another, why not do it in the most effective sense? If being a mistress is your thing, I'm assuming you would want attention, might as well be good at it. Prove to yourself that you deserve to be on the top spot to at least receive gratification and be acknowledged for your hard work and natural efforts. Or just be satisfied with the thought that you're just a mistress whom everyone hates, who loved and hoped to gain your man's heart exclusively.

But if you ask me, if you're planning to be a mistress, read the top 10 mistresses' stories. It might change your perspective. This could give you pointers on how to do it right, but just like what Monica Lewinsky said: "Don't be known for something isn't great to be well-known for."

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