Thursday, December 3, 2009

Celebrity Cheating and Not

On a global and celebrity level first it was Manny Pacquiao. He got himself in a heated and allegedly publicized triangle with Krista Ranillo. He vehemently denied it although there were times that the cat caught his tongue. But apparently all ended well as he focuses on his blooming political career.

Second, Tiger Woods, also a highly paid athlete and celebrity, got himself in the same heat as Pacquiao's. The rumors and news circulated when a voice message to his mistress was leaked requesting her to delete connections in fear of his wife's confirmation. But unlike Pacquiao, Tiger Woods admitted and apologized.

In local household news, my dad joins the bandwagon of encountering the same heat as Pacquiao and Tiger's. Just yesterday it was discovered; and a fiery session lasted till 1 in the morning. He shares the same anguish as of the high celebrity men, although definitely uninteresting and unnatural to most.

High profile or not, the reactions and feelings of these men are almost the same. Wives always seem to strike fear and be the upper hand of the situation. Men just result to three things. Deny. Admit or simply Breakdown. It's pitiful. And the supposed mistresses? They all achieve a 5 second fame sprung from hate and hopefully their lives back...if they're lucky.

Why do men cheat when they'll end up just scrambling like mice? And why do some women allow themselves to become objects of cheating when they know they're at the pathetically losing end? Mind you some unassuming women start early.

Celebrity or not, I guess this is something we can easily relate to.

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